Zulu News Network, Satellite News Network, or ZNN, is a cable news network (similar to the real-life CNN).

Unlike JAG, where ZNN played a major role and also where reporter Stuart Dunston had a habit of getting involved in the stories he was working on, ZNN has a smaller role in NCIS with one such appearance being the Season 10 episode, Prime Suspect (episode) where Bart Crowley was a reporter at the group, although he ended up receiving down time in airings, where he ended up becoming a copycat of the Dead Rose Slasher in an attempt to boost his ratings.

ZNN is often seen in the background of both series, representing the information made available to the public.

It is sometimes seen in the NCIS Bullpen with news describing a case that the team led by NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs are currently working on or have solved.

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