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Trent Kort
Gender: Male   Male
Portrayed by: David Dayan Fisher
 First Appearance
  ●   NCIS: Smoked (episode)- (name wasn't revealed)
Blowback (episode)
 Last Appearance
  ●   NCIS: Pyramid (episode)
List of Appearances

Trent Thomas Kort is a British national and a CIA operative.



Born October 21, 1967, Kort grew up presumably in England and he also ran track at Oxford during the 1980s.

At some point, Kort emigrated to the United States, ultimately joining the CIA.

NCIS Season 4

Kort first appeared in "Blowback" where he was seen at the airport greeting arms dealers Martin Quinn and Regine Smidt. He was later revealed to be an undercover CIA agent working in Operation Lodestone (the objective of which was to make La Grenouille the biggest arms dealer in the world and use his position in the organization to benefit the Agency).

He intentionally blew Tony's cover as La Grenouille's daughter's boyfriend to compromise NCIS because Director Shepard was jeopardizing Operation Lodestone. He plotted to undermine Jennifer Shepard by faking her father's survival in order to make her fail a polygraph to protect La Grenouille and his business.

Working outside of the agency, Kort may have tried to kill Anthony DiNozzo by blowing up Tony's car. It is unsure who exactly blew up Tony's car. He lost La Grenouille in the confusion and turned to NCIS for help. Later on, La Grenouille was killed. After his death, Kort purged his organization of all his old lieutenants and took control for the CIA.

When the FBI investigated NCIS for being behind La Grenouille's murder, Kort took the blame to stop the investigation as he didn't want Agency involvement to be brought up.

In Season Six, Leroy Jethro Gibbs turned to Kort to bring him files on Ducky about his time in Afghanistan. He brought Gibbs two files: one on Donald Mallard and one on Leon Vance. He said that Vance's was "on the house". Kort made Gibbs remember that he would collect his favor. Later on, Kort was suspended from the CIA for unknown reasons. To gain back favor in the eyes of his masters, he planned to bring down Jonathan Siravo, a known crime lord, and seize all his money for the Agency. He killed two of Siravo's men and made it look like a battle for control between them. He called Gibbs and asked him to help him, calling up the favor. Gibbs and his team agreed, despite their hostility towards Kort. Kort later double-crossed them and used the CIA's authority to seize Siravo's three-hundred million dollars. He was wounded in the shoulder by the true mastermind behind Siravo's organization but was saved by Gibbs. He left NCIS by saying that he had a debt towards Gibbs.

It was revealed in the Season Eight episode Swan Song (episode) that the eye the Port-to-Port Killer left for Tony and Ziva belonged to Kort, as Kort is shown meeting with Gibbs's team and Agent Barrett in MTAC with a bandage over his left eye.

Kort is later kidnapped by Cobb, and is tortured before the Port-to-Port killer is finally killed by gunfire from Vance and Gibbs.

The last known information about Kort comes from a CIA directive to his colleague, Ray Cruz. A text message is sent to Cruz, reading "Kort in Tel Aviv. Handle ASAP."

Kort did not appear in Season Eleven, although he was mentioned twice in Page Not Found (episode) both in relation to CIA agent Jim Brisco.

In the Season 13 episode, Sister City: Part 1 (episode) after Abigail Sciuto] states that Gibbs doesn't shoot spies right on the spot Tony mentions that he hasn't heard from Kort lately.



Kort is a tall, lean man in his late forties, early fifties with a shaved head and blue eyes.

He also wore numerous business suits composed of a single jacket, trousers, a shirt, a tie and shoes.

Upon losing his left eye in a fight against Jonas Cobb, Kort begins wearing an eyepatch, presumably on a permanent basis.


Hand to Hand Combat




Leroy Jethro Gibbs

Known Kills

  • Nine unnamed arms dealers- (all killed with car bombs).
  • Henri Rousseau- (killed with a car bomb while also trying to kill Jeanne Benoit and Anthony DiNozzo).
  • Eric Killian- (shot twice in the chest).
  • Andre Vogel- (shot to death).

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