Tobias Fornell
Gender: Male   Male
Portrayed by: Joe Spano
 First Appearance
  ●   NCIS: Yankee White (episode).
 Last Appearance
  ●   NCIS: n/a- recurring character.
List of Appearances

Tobias C. Fornell or "T.C. Fornell" is an FBI Special Agent who occasionally collaborates with the NCIS Major Case Response Team and who is also good friends with the team's leader, Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

In addition, Fornell often works alongside the NCIS team if a case crosses over into the jurisdiction of the FBI.



Much of Fornell's past is unknown but at some point, he met and married Diane Sterling with the two having a daughter named Emily Fornell.

Unfortunately, the two later divorced, parting on bitter terms.

At some point, Fornell also joined the FBI and rose up through the ranks from being a Junior Agent to Senior Agent and then finally, a Special Agent.

NCIS Season 1Edit

Fornell made his debut appearance in the NCIS Season 1 premiere episode, Yankee White (episode). He and Caitlin Todd were arguing about jurisdiction over the body of Ray Trapp, a Marine commander who died while in flight on Air Force One carrying the launch codes for the U.S Nuclear Arsenal. NCIS usurped jurisdiction from both, seizing control of the plane with Todd's assistance. Fornell was trying to board the plane when Tony DiNozzo closed the door and they took off.

He got in touch with Agent Baer, trying to force him to turn jurisdiction back over to the FBI. Baer reluctantly agreed, but warned Fornell he had no control over NCIS. When Fornell recovered the body from NCIS, he discovered too late that it was actually Agent DiNozzo. He promptly threw him onto the freeway. NCIS, FBI, and the Secret Service agreed to a joint investigation after Thomas Morrow contacted the directors of the other two organizations. Fornell worked with them to resolve the investigation, though Gibbs deliberately kept him out of the loop when he could. This would be the beginning of a long friendship between the two.

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NCIS: New Orleans Season 1Edit

Fornell appeared in the NCIS: New Orleans Season 1 episode, "It Happened Last Night" where he traveled down to New Orleans to help the NCIS New Orleans Team to help the team find Marilyn Reid, the kidnapped wife of murdered Chief Warrant Officer, William Reid with Fornell reuniting with Christopher LaSelle and meeting Meredith Brody for the first time.

After the case ended, Fornell returned to D.C.

NCIS Season 13Edit



Fornell is a man in his early sixties with slightly graying/white hair and brown eyes.

He often wears a suit consisting of a single jacket, trousers, a shirt, tie as well as shoes.

Wherever he's in the NCIS Building, assisting the NCIS team with a case that has usually crossed into FBI jurisdiction, Fornell is seen wearing the NCIS Visitors Badge which he applies to the left side of his jacket.

In the field, Fornell is often seen wearing a bulletproof vest with "FBI" stamped on it, revealing that he's an FBI agent.

He also originally carried a Glock 17 as his main service weapon before exchanging it for a SIG-Sauer P228.


As one of the most senior agents associated with the FBI, Fornell is highly skilled in interrogating and also using firearms.

Interrogation Edit

Fornell is a highly skilled interrogator capable of getting whatever information he requires out of whatever suspect he is interrogating.


  • In the Season 1 premiere episode, "Yankee White", William Baer was heard calling Fornell "Tom" which hinted that it was "Tom Fornell" although the NCIS writers presumably later changed it to "Tobias" to avoid confusion between Fornell and Thomas Morrow who was NCIS Director at the time.
  • At thirty-seven episodes, Fornell is the longest-running recurring character associated with the main NCIS series itself to have appeared in various episodes across NCIS Seasons 1 to 14. In addition to this, Fornell is also the only recurring character to appear in every season of the main NCIS series.

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