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McGee has/had a lot of nicknames throughout the course of the series, most of them from DiNozzo and most of them only once in one specific episode. Here's a small list:

When McGee joined the team as a probationary Special Agent, Tony began calling him "Probie" (including versions of "Probie", such as "Probie wan Kenobi" and "Probalicious"). Some of Tony's other nicknames for McGee are: "McGeek", "McBarfbag", "McKill Joy", "McNerd", "McGeekal", (in "Witch Hunt"), when McGee told Tony he really must have been three beers short of a 6 pack, Tony's response was that she/Abby must have been referring to his 3 pack) "McFlabby", "McGoogle", "McMuse", "McFlower Power", "McLawyer", "McSneaky", "McFreaky", "McGnome", "McGruff" or "McGoo".

In later episodes Tony has referred to McGee as "McTardy" (a reference to McGee being late) and "McCheat" (a reference to McGee supposedly cheating at Scrabble). In one episode, (under the influence of painkillers) Tony referred to him as "McGiggle", "Probie Wan Kenobi" in "Corporal Punishment", and, on another occasion, "McProbious". In the fifth season episode, "Internal Affairs", Tony calls McGee "McZero", after Tony's statement "I'm the ones, and you're the zeros," which referred to binary code. In one episode he also refers to McGee as "McRomeo".

In the episode, "Judgment Day Part 1" Tony refers to McGee as "The Great McOz" after McGee agrees with Tony on a subject that he and Ziva were arguing about. In the season premiere, "Last Man Standing", over a webcam chat with McGee, Tony greets McGee as "McShipmate", in an Irish accent. The only nickname that the rest of the team adopt, though mostly used by Gibbs, is "Elf Lord", noting McGee's fondness for online gaming.

In the episode "Nine Lives", when McGee is having trouble researching the suspect's phone records, DiNozzo asks, "What are you McDoing, McGee" and "I thought you already McDid that McGee".

In "Dagger", Tony calls McGee "McScout", "McGPS" and "McGullible".

List of Nicknames

  • Elf Lord

  • Picklehead
  • Prince of Darkness
  • Slim Tim

  • Special Agent Goodwrench
  • Sleeping Beauty


  • McAnal
  • McBackstabber
  • McBarf Bag
  • McBartlett
  • McBlivious
  • McCasanova
  • McCheat
  • McChittyChat
  • McContrary
  • McCranky
  • McCurious
  • McDetail
  • McDigit
  • McDrowsy
  • McDutch Boy
  • McEgghead
  • McEnvy
  • McFlabby
  • McFever
  • McFlower Power
  • McFreaky
  • McG
  • McGarnagle
  • McGeek
  • McGemcity
  • McGeekgle
  • McGiggle
  • McGnome

  • McGoblin
  • McGoo
  • McGoogle
  • McGoon
  • McGPS
  • McGruff
  • McGullible
  • McGyver
  • McNickname
  • McGreek
  • McHelen Keller
  • McSecurity
  • McKillJoy
  • McLawyer
  • McLovin'
  • McMoneyBags
  • McMotherboard
  • McMounty
  • McMuse
  • McNerd
  • McNopoly
  • McNosy
  • McOz
  • McPanic
  • McProbie
  • McProbious
  • McProof
  • McQueen

  • McRomeo
  • McRuff
  • McScooby
  • McScout
  • McShipmate
  • McSidekick
  • McSnapper
  • McSneaky
  • McSniper
  • McSoftie
  • McTaco
  • McTardy
  • McTattle
  • McTective (in the diner in the episode Better Angels)
  • McTimex
  • McTim
  • McZero
  • Major McThom
  • McRangerRick
  • McWorry Wart
  • McMeachum
  • McStaken
  • Nanny McFeeble


  • Probie
  • Probie Pan
  • Probie wan Kenobi
  • Probilicious

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