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This article is about the Special Agent. You may be looking for other uses of the term.
Timothy McGee   Nicknames    

Timothy Farragut McGee
Full name: Timothy Farragut McGee
Alias: Thom E. Gemcity
Gender: Male   Male
Born: September 13th, 1978, Bethesda, Maryland.
Status: Alive
  Occupation Affiliation Rank / Title
 ●   Federal Agent   NCIS   Special Agent
            ●     NCIS: MCRT       Junior Agent
 ●   Federal Agent   NCIS   Special Agent
            ●     NCIS: MCRT       Senior Agent
 ●   Federal Agent   NCIS   Special Agent
            ●     NCIS: MCRT       Probationary Agent
 ●   Federal Agent   NCIS   Trainee
            ●     Norfolk Case Agent
Portrayed by: Sean Murray
 First Appearance
  ●   JAG: n/a
  ●   NCIS: Sub Rosa (episode).
  ●   NCIS: LA: Random on Purpose- (mentioned).
List of Appearances

Timothy "Tim" Farragut McGee is an NCIS Special Agent and also the current Senior Field Agent assigned to the main NCIS Major Case Response Team in Washington D.C. under the command of Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

McGee previously worked as an NCIS Special Agent at the Norfolk Naval Base and regularly assisted Gibbs's team with occasional cases before joining the main NCIS team on a permanent basis which occurred in September 2004.

Following the resignation of his colleague, NCIS Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo in May 2016, McGee was promoted to the rank of Senior Field Agent.



The son of Admiral John McGee and an unnamed mother, McGee also has a younger sister Sarah McGee and as such, the family lived in various military bases all around the world.

As such, McGee can be presumably be referred to as a military brat, a trait he shares with NCIS: Office of Special Projects agent Kensi Blye.

At some point after finishing high school, McGee attended John Hopkins University and MIT, graduating a B.S. in bio-medical engineering and an M.S. from MIT in computer forensics from both colleges. He later applied to join NCIS and received the necessary training before being assigned to the Norfolk Naval Base.

NCIS Season 1


McGee's debut appearance in the Season 1 episode, Sub Rosa (episode).

McGee made his debut appearance in the Season 1 episode, Sub Rosa (episode) where at the time of his first appearance, he was an NCIS Special Agent assigned to the Norfolk Naval Base.

A young, inexperienced, rookie agent, McGee had his own office which was full of papers and as such, difficult to move around in.

He usually worked there, spending most of his time going through paperwork but got his first official taste of fieldwork when he was called to the scene where a body had been found in a barrel acid during "Sub Rosa" although he was left with a weak stomach and presumably threw up elsewhere to avoid ruining the crime scene which showed just how unprepared he was.

This prompted him to call in the NCIS Major Case Response Team led by NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs which was in Washington D.C.

Gibbs arrived along with Agents Anthony DiNozzo and Caitlin Todd, Medical Examiner Donald Mallard and Medical Examiner Assistant Gerald Jackson to help him in investigating the death.

During "Sub Rosa", it was revealed that McGee is left-handed.

After the case was solved, McGee returned to his position at Norfolk but made regular appearances during Season 1 as he was often summoned to Washington D.C at Gibbs's request to help them work a case.

In UnSEALed (episode), McGee was first seen at the back of the bullpen at the desk that had a closed-off wall from the rest of the area but in future episodes like Dead Man Talking (episode), he was seen at the unused desk opposite Gibbs's which would later become his own when he permanently joined the team.

He also proved to be extremely helpful in uploading new photos to Gibbs's computer to help him look for the terrorist who had caused a hostage situation in Bête Noire (episode).

In the Season 1 finale episode, Reveille (episode), McGee finally uncovered the terrorist's name: Ari Haswari and also found knowledge of Haswari's past.

NCIS Season 2

In the Season 2 episode, See No Evil (episode), McGee aided the team in regards to the kidnapping of a Navy captain's wife and daughter and at the end of the case, was set to return to Norfolk but Gibbs announced that McGee had been promoted to full-time Field Agent and as such, was now on Gibbs's team.

He also claimed the desk he had originally used in "Dead Man Talking" which had belonged to Vivian Blackadder as his own.

As a result, McGee resigned from his former position at the Norfolk Naval Base and permanently transferred to the Navy Yard in Washington D.C where he has remained to this day.

In The Good Wives Club (episode), McGee uncovered another missing persons report, this concerning a young female Petty Officer assigned to the Jacksonville Naval Base who had disappeared. McGee along with the rest of the team later flew down to Jacksonville to meet Agent Jane Melankovic and although they weren't successful in arresting the serial killer who had committed suicide upon being exposed, the team successfully rescued the missing Petty Officer.

In Vanished (episode), it was revealed that McGee was scared of Gibbs's reckless driving, even going so far to ask Gibbs if Gibbs wasn't sure if he wanted McGee to drive instead.

NCIS Season 3

Like everyone else on the team, McGee was left shocked and devastated by Kate's death.

In Switch (episode), McGee went undercover for the first time.

In Untouchable (episode), McGee revealed that he was allergic to cats.

NCIS Season 4

With Gibbs having departed from NCIS and with Tony having become the team's new leader, McGee was promoted to Tony's original position of Senior Field Agent.


McGee in the Season 4 episode, "Suspicion".

NCIS Season 5

NCIS Season 6

In the Season 6 premiere episode, Last Man Standing (episode), Director Leon Vance revealed that he had transferred down to the Cyber Crimes unit in NCIS so that McGee could work on cracking some codes on Petty Officer Steven Nicholas Fargo's computer with Vance commenting that every code that McGee had worked on was harder to crack than the last.

McGee was later called in to help determine the identity of the NCIS mole who had killed Fargo and with his assistance, Gibbs and Vance were able to eliminate Agent Michelle Lee before settling on Agents Daniel Keating and Brent Langer.

During Keating's interview, things took a turn when Lee came under attack from Langer. causing Gibbs and Vance to stop the interview and head to the scene. After determining that Langer had been the mole and that Lee had acted in self-defense, the case was closed although in the last seconds of the episode, it was revealed that Lee was the real mole and that she'd killed Langer in cold blood, presumably to protect her cover.


McGee with his SIG-Sauer P228 during a security breach in the Season 6 episode, "Murder 2.0".


McGee on a stakeout during the Season 6 episode, "Dead Reckoning".

In Hide and Seek (episode), McGee demonstrated his Boy Scout skills.

In Legend Part 1 (episode) and Legend Part 2 (episode), the backdoor pilot episodes for NCIS's first-ever solo spin-off series, NCIS: Los Angeles, McGee along with Gibbs headed to Los Angeles to work with fellow agents assigned to the Office of Special Projects.

While there, McGee formed strong friendships with the OSP team and even began working alongside OSP's Tech Analyst Eric Beale.

NCIS Season 7

In the Season 7 premiere episode, Truth or Consequences (episode), McGee was the second agent alongside DiNozzo to head to Somalia in the hope of avenging Ziva's death.

Unfortunately, both McGee and DiNozzo were ambushed and captured by Saleem Ulman's men with McGee being knocked unconscious in the process.


McGee in the field in the Season 7 episode, "Jet Lag".

In Jet Lag (episode), with Tony and Ziva in France, McGee assisted Gibbs in investigating the death of a Marine who was revealed to be a hitman.

Later, while in the process of arresting a man who was engaged to the witness Tony and Ziva were tasked with escorting back to the United States, McGee along with Gibbs fired on the fleeing car but to little or no avail with Gibbs ultimately taking the hit of the car when it struck with McGee being pushed to the ground thanks to Gibbs's actions.


McGee during the gunfight between the NCIS team and Jason Paul Dean's men. From the Season 7 finale episode, "Rule Fifty-One".

In the Season 7 premiere finale, Rule Fifty-One (episode), McGee along with Ziva assisted DiNozzo in the attempted capture of disgraced Army Ranger, Jason Paul Dean who had arrived in the United States. Unfortunately, the supposed arrest resulted in an intense gunfight breaking out which pitted Dean and his own men against the NCIS agents.

In the process, McGee was left temporarily injured after being struck by flying glass caused by Dean's men shooting at him. The injuries were present when McGee was at Ziva's ceremony but presumably healed over the next few months.

NCIS Season 8

Prior to the Season 8 premiere episode, Spider and the Fly (episode), McGee was sent to Canada after NCIS received word of activity concerning some products that had ties to the infamous Reynosa Cartel.

NCIS Season 9

In the Season 9 finale, Till Death Do Us Part (episode), McGee was caught in the bomb blast at NCIS HQ, falling to the ground just as the bomb hit.

NCIS Season 10

In the Season 10 premiere episode, Extreme Prejudice (episode), McGee was taken to hospital after Gibbs discovered a shard of glass in McGee's lower abdomen.

McGee was released from hospital the following day and upon returning to work, helped catch the terrorist responsible for the bombing.

He later showed that his shooting had greatly improved which was seen in the Season 10 episode, Phoenix (episode).

NCIS Season 11

In the aftermath of DoD agent Richard Parsons saving Gibbs's life after Gibbs got caught in an ambush while in Iran, both DiNozzo and McGee were permanently reinstated as NCIS Special Agents, officially reclaiming their badges in the Season 11 premiere episode, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (episode).

When Tony headed off to Israel to track down Zive in Past, Present, and Future (episode), McGee stayed behind in the United States and helped Gibbs stop a businessman with links to the terrorist group, the Brotherhood of Doubt.

NCIS Season 12

McGee later went with Gibbs to Russia in the Season 12 premiere episode, Twenty Klicks (episode) and after their plane was shot down by forces loyal to terrorist Sergei Mishnev, the two NCIS agents were forced to go to ground until help could arrive.

NCIS Season 13


Before joining the main NCIS team in Washington D.C., McGee previously worked as an NCIS Special Agent assigned to the Norfolk Naval Base.

In September 2004, he joined the NCIS team permanently, becoming the Probationary Agent, a rank he held for six years although he was later promoted to the rank of NCIS Special Agent after Ziva David and Eleanor Bishop both became respective Probationary Agents.


Originally shy and quiet, McGee has come out of his shell in recent years, gaining confidence in himself and his own abilities as an NCIS Special Agent.

He is also capable of standing up for himself and has occasionally gone head to head with his colleagues.


McGee is a tall, lean man with short blonde-brownish hair and bright green eyes.

In his debut appearance in the Season 1 episode. Sub Rosa (episode), McGee wore a business suit composed of a single jacket, a shirt underneath the jacket with a tie in place as well as trousers and shoes.

Even after being promoted to a full-time field agent, McGee continued on wearing the suits.

He often wears his watch on his right hand and has his holster containing his SIG Sauer and his NCIS badge on his left hip due to the fact that he is left-handed.

Three years after joining the team, McGee stopped wearing ties altogether, opting instead to wear a single jacket, shirt and trousers and shoes.

Despite no longer wearing business suits, McGee occasionally dons suits should he be attending an important event, examples being the memorial service for Jenny Sheppard and also while attending a black tie-gala event with his girlfriend, DOD agent Delilah Fielding.

In the beginning, McGee also wore a silver watch on his right wrist before switching it to a golden and silver version during Season 4.


McGee's new sports watch. From the Season 5 episode, "Leap of Faith".

From the Season 5 episode, Ex-File (episode) and for most of Seasons 5 and 6, McGee wore a sports-styled watch of some sort on his right hand.

In Season 7, McGee returned to wearing his original silver watch once again and which has continued to this day.

McGee has also grown significantly in recent years. He is a few inches taller than Gibbs and roughly the same height as DiNozzo as revealed during the Season 7 episode, Reunion (episode) with his height currently standing as 6'1.


Originally an Agent assigned to the Norfolk Naval Base, McGee's skills were poor considering how his overall strengths at the time appeared to be his intelligence and also his ability to use computers and any kind of technology.

Since joining Gibbs's team, however, McGee has undergone training with his own abilities rapidly improving to such an extent that others including NCIS Director Leon Vance believe that in the future, McGee himself may even become Director of NCIS.


McGee's prime specialty is computers and he is capable of using any kind of technology to the advantage of his or his team. He is often seen building or working on computers, repairing them if they're damaged.

In recent years, he has constantly changed his monitors, presumably so that his computer can keep up with the amount he has to handle.


McGee is capable of virtually hacking into any database in the world including government agencies so that he can acquire the information necessary for a current case although this has gotten him into trouble in the past.


Although originally not capable of interrogating suspects, McGee's skills have grown to the point where he is often able to conduct solo interrogations or interrogations with the team, McGee often being partnered with either Gibbs or Tony.


As an NCIS Special Agent, McGee is trained in the use of firearms and is capable of shooting a suspect, usually dead and in self-defense or wounding them non-lethally if the need arises.


As the third most experienced Agent of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team, McGee will often take charge of the team in the rare cases both Gibbs and DiNozzo are absent, a prime example being where McGee was seen leading a single team of NCIS Special Agents in the Season 11 episode, Past, Present and Future (episode).


With Co-Workers

Abigail Sciuto


McGee and Abby in the Season 4 episode, "Trojan Horse".

McGee had an extended relationship with forensics technician Abby Sciuto in season one, but there is no direct reference to their relationship ending.

However, despite this, they are still very close and often tease each other about their previous relationship/dates (sexual jokes, suggestive comments, etc.), and in some instances Abby has shown jealousy of attention women have given McGee. In contrast to Tony DiNozzo, McGee has had few relationships, or possible ones, almost all of which have begun and ended in the same episode.

In Season 5, McGee has issues with a girl who stole his heart and his credit, when he asks for help from Abby she tells him "I love you McGee and that should be enough", which hints that Abby still has feelings for McGee.

When in stressful or uncomfortable situations, as seen in the episode "Grace Period", while trying to deal with the death of a friend, McGee will often retreat to the forensics lab for reassurance from Abby.

McGee owns a dog called Jethro, that was accused of murdering a Petty Officer during the Season 5 episode, "Dog Tags". Abby looked after him and named him after Gibbs, but because her landlord wouldn't let her have a dog in her apartment, she forced McGee to take him much to his dismay as the dog had attacked McGee at the beginning of "Dog Tags", forcing him to shoot it in the leg.

Aside from Gibbs's basement, McGee's home has been shown in the most number of episodes of all the series's characters. Various characters have been inside at one point or another; namely Tony DiNozzo, Ziva David, Caitlin Todd, Sarah McGee, Abby Sciuto and Abby's previous boyfriend/stalker, Mikel.


McGee in the Season 8 finale episode, "Pyramid".

At the end of Season 8, however there is a very tender moment between the two of them and McGee tells Abby 'If something ever happened to you I would..." which indicates that he still has feelings for Abby and worries about her while also giving the hint that he cares and wants to protect her.

Their relationship is coined McAbby.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs

McGee lives in awe of Gibbs, and like the rest of Gibbs's team he is very loyal to him. They have a father/son relationship, as evidenced by the episodes "Probie," when Gibbs actively seeks to protect McGee from the Metro PD who are set on charging him with a crime, and "Twisted Sister". During the first season, Tony complains to Kate that Tim gets a pat on the back when he does something for Gibbs, while Tony gets slapped on the head. Gibbs is often confused by McGee's answers to questions, which typically involve technical computer language. Gibbs also gives McGee tests to give him more confidence. In the episode 'Witness,' Gibbs assigns a case to McGee and lets him make calls, and in 'Caged,' Gibbs gives McGee the job of getting a serial killer into confess (although that may have been because DiNozzo and Ziva were vying for the assignment, and Gibbs simply wanted to teach them a lesson).

Despite his great respect for Gibbs, McGee is not afraid to stand up to him as shown when Gibbs strongly interrogated McGee's grandmother. McGee is confident to overrule Gibbs and take over the interrogation. After their conversation, Gibbs is seen smiling, impressed by McGee.

McGee's rule number one is "never lie to Gibbs". McGee told Ned Dorneget this and other rules in Season 9, Need to Know (episode).

The two are often portrayed as father and son as well as lovers with the romantic pairing being called McGibbs.

Anthony DiNozzo

McGee and Tony have an older brother/younger brother relationship. Tony antagonizes McGee, calls him names (such as McGoo and McGeek), and generally annoys him. This initially started off as newbie hazing but has grown into more.

When Gibbs left the team at the end of Season 3 and Tony took over, Tony made him a senior field agent, showing his trust and respect in McGee. Tony may call McGee names, but he refuses to allow anyone outside the team to do so. In "Guilty Pleasure", when Tony befriends Philip McCadden, he soon becomes annoyed and hurt by McCadden continuously joking on McGee.

In the episode 'Probie' Tony went to McGee's apartment to cheer him up after he accidentally shot and killed a cop, even going to the point of telling him an embarrassing story about himself to make McGee feel better. In the episode "Frame Up" McGee shows he cares for Tony by going to visit him while he was in jail. In 'Witch Hunt' the two are driving to a crime scene and Tony tells McGee about the last time he dressed up for Halloween and it ends with the two of them laughing, showing their real relationship.

In Season 2 episode 'The Bone Yard', McGee makes a judgmental comment about Italians and the Mafia, which offends Tony, who is of Italian descent. Tony points that he is 'Italiano', but isn't Mafia material. McGee apologizes, Tony replies 'Prego' and slaps McGee Gibbs-style.

At the beginning of Season 7, Gibbs promotes McGee to be Tony's partner in replacement of Ziva. His junior status is revoked and he becomes a Field Agent. During this time, Tony's respect for McGee grows and, while he still calls him names and antagonizes him, he hasn't called him Probie since the season began and the two have shown to be a lot closer, like when they hang out together after work.

However, Tony does call Ziva a "Probie" in Season 7. He and McGee brought up that Ziva was the Probationary Special Agent to avoiding searching a dumpster while investigating the murder of a former Navy Commander.

The romantic pairing for Tony and McGee is often McNozzo by fans.

Caitlin Todd


McGee and Kate in the Season 2 episode, "Witness".

Although their working relationship was somewhat short-lived, McGee and Kate worked well together despite Kate having on the team much longer than McGee. They formed a temporary partnership during Dead Man Talking (episode) and again in See No Evil (episode) where McGee who was still not a full-time field Agent was required to have someone accompanying him if he ever went out into the field and while McGee found Kate intimidating, they still managed to get the job done.

"You've been a naughty boy, Timmy."
—Ghost Kate talking to McGee while they're in Abby's lab during "Kill Ari Part 1".

Kate in a cat suit.


Kate in a BDSM outfit.

Following Kate's death in Twilight (episode), McGee, like the others struggled to cope with her death and while in Abby's lab, he had two images of Kate first wearing a PVC bodysuit similar to Trinity from the Matrix movies and then, her clothing changed to form a single BDSM suit complete with a whip which left McGee stunned and causing him to remark to himself that he was becoming Tony.


McGee's third and final vision of Kate talking to him from a drawer in the squad-room.

"Why haven't you come down to see me yet? If you peak at the back of my head, it'll just look like I'm asleep. I'm so lonely. I'd even welcome a visit from Tony."
—Ghost Kate talking to McGee in "Kill Ari Part 2".

However, McGee's third and possible final image of Kate had him seeing her lying in a drawer in the bull-pen where she encouraged him to visit her.

The pairing between McGee and Kate is referred to McKate.

Ziva David

McGee and Ziva have a sister/brother relationship, with Ziva often joining Tony in picking on McGee, but also with the two of them joining up to pick on Tony as well. For example, in the episode Bait, Tim and Ziva asked what movie Tony had gotten an idea from. Ziva goes out of the way to give McGee more confidence in 'Caged,' when Gibbs gives the task of getting a serial killer to confess to a murder to McGee. When Tony asks when was the last time McGee talked a woman into doing anything, Ziva comes to his defense, saying that McGee had asked to borrow her last $10 and she let him. Ziva is protective of McGee in 'Caged', when she and Tony see McGee coming out of the prison and Ziva asks if anyone hurt him, so she could 'kick their ass.'

McGee also goes out of his way to make Ziva feel better after killing a man in 'Jeopardy.' However, McGee is still willing to pull rank on Ziva occasionally. When the team had to search a dumpster at the Naval Academy following the death of a former naval commander, a colleague of Vice Admiral Chase, McGee and DiNozzo forced Ziva to search the dumpster, noting that she was the Probationary Special Agent on the team.

In Baltimore (episode), Ziva says that even if she lost contact with McGee for a couple of years, if someone killed him, she would hunt down and kill his murder because he is not just any partner.

The term between Ziva and McGee is called McGiva.

Donald Mallard

Ducky is one of the few individuals to use McGee's full given name of Timothy as illustrated in the Season 2 episode, See No Evil (episode).

As with Abby, Ducky at times adopts a fatherly attitude towards Tim as demonstrated in the Season 4 episode, Smoked (episode) although in the Season 7 episode, Masquerade (episode), McGee made some rude comments about a dead body, drawing Ducky's anger.

Despite that, Ducky still cares greatly for McGee.

Director Leon Vance

In Collateral Damage (episode), Gibbs and Vance had a discussion about the qualities the ideal NCIS Special Agent with McGee being Vance's chosen one and DiNozzo's Gibbs's choice.

During the talk, Vance informed Gibbs that he believed that McGee exemplified the model agent, in contrast to Gibbs who prefered agents like DiNozzo.

In Enemies Domestic (episode), McGee was distraught after seeing the extent of Vance's injuries following the explosion.


In Season 2, "See No Evil," it is revealed that McGee has a sister, whom we do not officially meet until Season 4. Her name is Sarah McGee, played by Sean Murray's real life step-sister, Troian Bellisario, executive producer Donald Bellisario's daughter. She first appeared in Season 2's Red Cell and again as a picture on McGee's iPod in Season 3, and once more in Twisted Sister. In 6.19 "Hide and Seek" it is revealed that McGee's father was Navy, although he hasn't been shown in the series to date.

In season nine viewers were introduced to McGee's paternal grandmother, Penelope Langston portrayed by actress, Lily Tomlin. According to Tomlin's comments regarding the role, Tomlin stated that Penelope Langston is a scientist whose husband, retired from the U.S. Navy as an Admiral and is deceased.

Penelope Langston insists that her grandson call her "Penny." During the 1960's she worked for the Tellus Group on the Annex Principle, a bio-engineering project resulting in her involvement in a murder investigation related to the project as documented in The Penelope's Papers. She was also stated to be a comfort to McGee during his childhood years, as his father often did not show love for his son. In the same episode, it is revealed that he has not spoken to his father for nearly seven years since he joined Gibbs's team.

Women: Generally

In spite of his efforts to have a permanent relationship, McGee's efforts have usually failed, possibly due to his shyness which prevents him from taking things further.

In Season 1, McGee began a relationship with Abby. He led the team to believe he got a tattoo to impress her, slept with her in her coffin, and wrote poetry for her.

In the episode Pop Life (episode), Abby says "Your tat is real. And you don't disappoint me." He admits to doing "hinky" things with Abby and having plunged into the seedier side of the internet with her. Their relationship cooled when Abby refused to categorize the 'state' of their relationship. McGee and Abby remain close friends sharing many hugs and the occasional chaste kiss, almost always initiated by Abby.

He has a few other relationships with other women, including one who stole his identity and ran up $65,000 in bills, and a Washington Redskins cheerleader.

In the Season 6 episode, McGee has an online relationship with a woman named "Claire" who later turns out to be DiNozzo in disguise.

In the 7th season episode Endgame (episode), McGee briefly starts up a relationship with a graduate student named Amanda. The relationship ends when McGee questions Amanda how she knew where he worked, just before she was murdered by Lee Wuan Kai. It was later revealed that Amanda was a hitman, charged with finding and killing Kai because Kai's people, the North Koreans feared she would side with the Americans instead.

In recent years, McGee has begun dating DOD agent Delilah Fielding.


McGee, being the most junior agent on the team, is the butt of many jokes and has a variety of nicknames that have developed over his time as part of the major case squad. DiNozzo is the main creator of these nicknames, the most common being Probie. The term evolves into a term of endearment, as explained by Gibbs when he asks McGee to guess what his first partner still calls him. In Season 5 the nicknames becoming more frequent, creative and topical. DiNozzo usually uses the "Mc" of McGee's name to create the link, although he is not the only one to play the game. Gibbs himself has been known to refer to McGee as Elf Lord due to a character McGee uses in an MMORPG.

Other names include: McGeek, McGoo, McNerd, McMuse (used by DiNozzo when playing pranks on McGee for "inspiration"), McGoogle, McGoggle, McTardy (used by DiNozzo when McGee is late), McCheat, McZero (used by DiNozzo, McGee is conducting a massive file transfer and explains it's all in binary, "ones and zeroes", DiNozzo clarifies that he is the ones and McGee is the zeroes and follows this up later in the conversation by calling him McZero), McGruff (after McGee is attacked by a dog) and various other nicknames.


  • Prior to appearing in NCIS, Murray previously starred in JAG, NCIS's parent series playing the role of Danny Walden, a teenager regularly causing trouble for his mother's boyfriend, JAG General, Admiral A.J Chegwidden.
  • Vivienne Bellisario who played the Mysterious Red-Head is Sean Murray's real-life mother and she is also married to NCIS creator and Executive Producer, Donald P. Bellisario who is Sean Murray's step-father. In addition, Michael Bellisario who played Charles Sterling is Murray's step-brother while Troian Bellisario who plays Sarah McGee is Murray's step-sister and Murray's other stepbrother Nicholas Bellisario appeared in the JAG Season 8 episode/NCIS backdoor pilot, Ice Queen (episode).
  • Murray is one day younger than co-star Brian Dietzen who plays James Palmer.
  • During Season 1, Murray was credited under "Guest Starring" but in the Season 2 episode, "See No Evil", he was officially promoted to a series regular and also added to the opening credits, coming in fifth just after Pauley Perette and before David McCallum. This makes both Murray, former cast member Cote de Pablo who played Ziva David, former cast member Lauren Holly who played Jenny Shepard, Brian Dietzen (Jimmy Palmer) and now Emily Wickersham (Ellie Bishop) the only known people who were both originally credited from "Guest Stars" to join the main cast although it should be noted that Dietzen who had been credited as "Guest Starring" and "Also Starring" was finally added as a series regular in Season Ten despite having appeared in the series for nearly ten years.
  • Due to the fact that he's left-handed, McGee is seen wearing his NCIS badge on the left side of his belt and often wears the holster containing his gun on the left side as well. He wears his watch on his right hand which is what some left-handed people do.
  • In addition to being left-handed, McGee has been seen using the mouse of his computer with his right hand, suggesting that like Caitlin Todd, he may be ambidextrous.
  • McGee has no middle name which was revealed in the Season 4 finale episode, Angel of Death (episode).

McGee's sports watch as seen in the Season 6 episode, "Toxic".


McGee's sports-styled watch as seen in the Season 6 episode, "Dead Reckoning".

  • Was seen wearing a sports-styled watch for most of Season 5 and Season 6 before switching back to his original watch.

McGee infected with poison ivy. From the Season 2 episode, "Caught on Tape".

  • McGee has a tendency to get infected with poison ivy, having had two times during his career, the first being during the Season 2 episode, Caught on Tape (episode) and the second during the Season 4 episode, Sandblast (episode).

The fingerprint scanner with McGee's personal information on it. From the Season 7 episode, "Double Identity".

  • According to information seen on a fingerprint scanner in the Season 7 episode, Double Identity (episode), McGee was born September 13th, 1978, has blonde hair and is 6'1.

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