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Stanley Burley
Gender: Male   Male
Status: Alive
Portrayed by: Joel Gretsch
 First Appearance
  ●   NCIS: High Seas (episode).
 Last Appearance
  ●   NCIS: n/a- recurring character.
List of Appearances

Stanley "Stan" Burley is an NCIS Special Agent who worked on Leroy Jethro Gibbs's team for five years and also a former Agent Afloat who regularly assists Gibbs's team on various cases.



Not much of Burley's background is known but prior to joining NCIS, Burley worked as a Senator's Aide in Washington D.C. before applying to become an NCIS Special Agent which was accepted.

After finishing his training, Burley then joined Gibbs's NCIS Major Case Response Team and worked with the team for five years before moving on with his replacement being former Detective Anthony DiNozzo.

NCIS Season 1


Burley in his debut appearance in the Season 1 episode, "High Seas".

Burley made his first official appearance in the Season 1 episode, High Seas (episode) where he was the Agent Afloat on the USS Enterprise investigating a case concerning a young sailor who'd overdosed on meth despite the sailor claiming that he had never even taken the drug in the first place.

Realizing time was very short and sensing something was wrong, Stan rang Gibbs, asking his former boss for help in regards to a case where two sailors named Wilkes and Shrewe had ended up in sickbay after suffering meth overdoses despite both sailors claiming that they had never even taken the drug in the first place.

Gibbs later agreed to help, bringing DiNozzo and Kate with him to help in the investigation. Petty Officer Wilkes soon died and Gibbs later stated that he believed that Wilkes had been killed because he was going to give up the name of whoever was supplying him the drugs at the time.

It was later revealed that Chief Petty Officer Reyes who was in charge of the ship's flight-deck crew was also the one responsible for giving his crewmen performance-enhancing drugs as he wanted them to get up to speed. He later ended up getting arrested.

NCIS Season 9


Burley in the Season 9 episode, "Playing with Fire".

Eight years after his debut appearance, Burley returned in the Season 9 episode, Playing with Fire (episode) where he helped Tony and Ziva in tracking down and thwarting a terrorist who had tried to destroy the carrier USS Benjamin Franklin in Naples, Italy, under the orders of businessman/terrorist Harper Dearing.

Burley was injured by the terrorist in the process as he was stabbed in the left shoulder and his service weapon was also stolen by the terrorist who intended to kill Tony and Ziva to escape but thanks to DiNozzo's efforts, the terrorist was captured.

Burley later returned with DiNozzo and David to the Navy Yard, and was part of the crowd which saw Gibbs place Dearing's photo on the wall of NCIS Most Wanted, hinting that Dearing had become a much bigger threat than the late Bin Laden.

NCIS Season 10

Burley returned in the Season 10 episode, Squall (episode) where he revealed to DiNozzo that he was engaged to be married after DiNozzo had mistakenly assumed that Burley had been hitting on Ziva and also assisted the team with a case concerning the murder of a doctor assigned to the U.S.S. Borealis.

NCIS Season 13

After a two-year absence, Burley returned in the Season 13 episode, Saviors (episode). He had been stationed at Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti for several months, but then was dispatched to the village Togu at South Sudan after an SOS signal from a friend of his, Lieutentant Elizabeth Cortland, and discovered her dead from a gunshot wound to the head as well as two other bodies that were incinerated in the back room. He then requested for Gibbs' NCIS team to autopsy them, having sent the bodies in a rush, especially when the two other victims could not be readily identified due to their incineration, also stating they were part of the International Doctor's Group. He then tried to get intel from the other villagers, but most of the surviving villagers had either fled to another village in Mambe or went "in the bush", and the few remaining were too terrified to talk. However, he then learned that not only were some Special Ops going to be sent to back him up, but that Gibbs and his MCRT were going to South Sudan to investigate (as they discovered that there was a missing naval officer among the IDG group that was ambushed), with his suggesting they get vaccinated before departure. Although it was planned that Gibbs, DiNozzo, and Benoit depart on a cargo plane for Juna, South Sudan to investigate, medical complications on Gibbs' part relating to a previous near-fatal injury before they could depart had DiNozzo, McGee, and Benoit leave while Gibbs was forced to remain behind and put under observation. Although they were not the Special Ops group he was promised, Burley nonetheless escorted them over to the clinic that was shot up and proceeded to investigate the area. They eventually discovered Bahar Tambai, a traumatized survivor of the aforementioned attack, who revealed that Dr. Joni and David were abducted by "bad men" and that they are likely dead. Eventually, he found the Special Ops unit that Gibbs had earlier sent to aid them as a "cavalry," SEAL Team Bravo led by Commander Pete Grady. However, priority orders made by the brass had them being redeployed to Rwanda due in large part to the withdrawal from Iraq, thus forcing them to be unable to help beyond a "courtesy call" upon arrival. They then proceeded to track down the likely location they went, Lenka, located 40 miles east of Togu, as well as the identity of the group responsible for their abduction, although they then found the village burned down, as well as discarded bloodied gloves hinting at their still being alive. However, they then went to the village after that due to Gibbs deducing that they were headed down a route. Burley then shot some gas canisters on a truck as part of a distraction at DiNozzo's suggestion after verifying the doctors were nearby, proceeding to save them, with their escape being ensured by an Apache helicopter arriving, having been sent by Gibbs via connections.





Like all NCIS Special Agents, Burley is trained in the use of firearms. According to DiNozzo, he had the best aim among his peers.


  • In one scene of "High Seas", Burley can be seen wearing a silver ring on the fourth finger of his left hand. It's not known if this is a wedding ring or something else.
  • Burley wears his watch on his right wrist, hinting that like Timothy McGee, Burley himself might be left handed.

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