Stanley Burley
Gender: Male   Male
Status: Alive.
Portrayed by: Joel Gretsch
 First Appearance
  ●   NCIS: High Seas (episode).
 Last Appearance
  ●   NCIS: n/a- recurring character.
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Stanley "Stan" Burley is an NCIS Special Agent formerly assigned to the Major Case Response Team led by NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

Despite no longer being a member of the team, Burley regularly assists Gibbs's team on various cases.



Not much of Burley's background is known but prior to joining NCIS, Burley worked as a Senator's Aide in Washington D.C. before applying to become an NCIS Special Agent which was accepted.

After finishing his training, Burley then joined the NCIS Major Case Response Team and worked with the team for five years before moving on with his replacement being former Detective Anthony DiNozzo.

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