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Season One of NCIS aired from 23 September 2003 to 25 May 2004 at 8:00 P.M. Eastern Standard Time (EST) in the United States. The two-part series pilot aired originally as two hour long episodes of JAG (series) Season 8 which was first shown on April 22 2003 and April 29 2003.

The two pilot episodes were later edited together to form a single hour long episode entitled The Beginning, which aired between the fourth and the fifth episode of the first season on 21 October 2003.


Series Regulars

Season One Cast
Name Occupation Portrayed by Notes
Leroy Jethro Gibbs Special Agent in charge of the Major Case Response Team, NCIS Mark Harmon
Anthony DiNozzo Senior Special Agent, MCRT, NCIS Michael Weatherly
Caitlin Todd Special Agent, MCRT, NCIS Sasha Alexander Appeared as DiNozzo's partner in the majority of first season episodes, the only exceptions being the pilot episode. Ice Queen (episode), Meltdown (episode), and NCIS: The Beginning (episode).
Abigail Sciuto Chief Forensic Specialist, NCIS Pauley Perrette
Donald Mallard Chief Medical Examiner, NCIS David McCallum
Vivian Blackadder Special Agent, MCRT, NCIS Robyn Lively Appeared as DiNozzo's partner in the two pilot episodes Ice Queen (episode), Meltdown (episode), and the modified version of the pilot entitled 'NCIS: The Beginning (episode).

Cast Notes

In the two pilot episodes, Ice Queen (episode) and Meltdown (episode) that aired as part of JAG (series) Season 8, the majority of the NCIS team were introduced including DiNozzo's partner, Agent Vivian Blackadder played by American actor, Robyn Lively.

Unfortunately, Blackadder didn't test well with the TV audiences and as such, Robyn Lively was released from her contract and the character was dropped from the series with the circumstances surrounding her disappearance still unknown to this day.

As such, Caitlin Todd played by American actor, Sasha Alexander was created with the character's debut appearance occurring in the Season 1 premiere episode, Yankee White (episode) which first aired on September 23, 2003, marking the debut of NCIS as a solo series.

When the pilot episodes were edited together into a single episode, Donald Bellisario and Don McGill made the decision not to re-shoot the story with Sasha Alexander's character of Kate Todd, and to leave Vivian Blackadder in the episode.

The result was that the pilot was condensed from two one hour episodes down into a single hour long episode entitled NCIS: The Beginning (episode), which aired on October 21st 2003 as the fifth episode of the first season.

Season One also introduced two future members of the NCIS cast: Sean Murray as NCIS Special Agent Timothy McGee and Brian Dietzen as James Palmer, the temporary Medical Assistant Examiner.


NCIS   Season One - Episode List

Episode Number Title Airdate Notes
Series Season
Pilot - Ice Queen (JAG) Apr 22 2003   Part one of the series pilot episode which aired originally as episode 8.20 of JAG. This episode introduced Special Agent Vivian Blackadder, Director of NCIS Thomas Morrow, and the characters of Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Anthony DiNozzo, Donald Mallard, and Abigail Sciuto.
- Meltdown (JAG) Apr 29 2003   Part two and conclusion of the series pilot episode, which aired originally as episode 8.21 of JAG. This episode introduced Lieutenant Commander Faith Coleman played by Alicia Coppola.
- NCIS: The Beginning (JAG) Oct 21 2003   A modified version of the two pilot episodes, in which the two episodes were condensed to form a single episode. The modified episode was aired as a part of the series proper. Even though the pilot episodes were edited together into a modified form, when determining the episode count for both series Donald P. Bellisario and the network decided that this episode should be classed as a rebroadcast of a JAG episode which aired outside its normal time slot.
1 1 Yankee White Sep 23 2003 Series Premiere. This episode marks the introduction of Secret Service Agent Caitlin Todd, FBI Agent Tobias Fornell, ME assistant Gerald Jackson, and the Mysterious Red-Head.
2 2 Hung Out to Dry Sep 30 2003   Kate Todd officially joins the team as they investigate a Marine who died during a night-training jump but some facts reveal that it might actually be a murder. This episode has a crossover with its parent series, JAG, as Bud Roberts Jr appears.
3 3 Seadog Oct 7 2003   The episode centered on the murder of a socially conscious Marine who had developed a community outreach program for at risk youth.
4 4 The Immortals Oct 14 2003   An episode about MMORPG's, an advanced form of role-playing game.
5 5 The Curse Oct 28 2003   The case revolved around the body of a naval officer found hidden in a transport module that fell of an aircraft in flight.
6 6 High Seas Nov 4 2003   Takes place aboard the USS Enterprise.
7 7 Sub Rosa Nov 18 2003   First appearance of Timothy McGee.
8 8 Minimum Security Nov 25 2003   First appearance of Paula Cassidy.
9 9 Marine Down Dec 16 2003   The team travels to Colombia to rescue a kidnapped Marine and stop a rogue CIA Agent.
10 10 Left for Dead Jan 6 2004   The team tries to uncover the truth about the kidnapping and the live burial of a researcher with a ties to military projects.
11 11 Eye Spy Jan 13 2004   The controller of a military satellite in low earth orbit witnesses a murder.
12 12 My Other Left Foot Feb 3 2004    
13 13 One Shot, One Kill Feb 10 2004   The title refers to the training received by military sharpshooters and snipers.
14 14 The Good Samaritan Feb 17 2004   The title refers to the biblical story of the Good Samaritan and the laws inspired by the story.
15 15 Enigma Feb 224 004   The episode introduced Colonel William Ryan USMC, who was Gibbs's commanding officer during the Persian Gulf War of 1990-1991.
16 16 Bête Noire Mar 2 2004   The title is French and translates to "dark beast." The term is used refer to any idea or notion that is especially horrid and repulsive. First appearances of Agent Christopher Pacci, and of Dr. Ari Haswari.
17 17 The Truth Is Out There (episode) Mar 16 2004   The title references a well-known The X-Files slogan.
18 18 UnSEALeD Apr 6 2004   This episode marks the final appearance of Agent Pacci until Baltimore in Season Eight. One scene served as the lead into the next episode.
19 19 Dead Man Talking Apr 27 2004   The team investigates the murder of Agent Pacci.
20 20 Missing May 4 2004 Episode introduces James Palmer as the replacement for the recovering Gerald Jackson.
21 21 Split Decision May 11 2004 The team stumble into an ATF operation.
22 22 A Weak Link May 18 2004
23 23 Reveille May 25 2004 Season Finale: Return of Ari Haswari.


  • The Region 2 DVD version*

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