René Benoit
D     E     C     E     A     S     E     D
Birth name: René Benoit
Full name: René Benoit
Alias: La Grenouille ("The Frog")
Gender: Male   Male
Died: September 2007
Status: Deceased - Murdered by Jenny Shepard
  Occupation Affiliation Rank / Title
Arms Dealer
Portrayed by: Armand Assante
 First Appearance
  ●   NCIS: Mentioned: Singled Out (episode) Appeared: Driven (episode).
 Last Appearance
  ●   NCIS: Bury Your Dead (episode).
List of Appearances

René Benoit (or "La Grenouille"- the Frog) was a French arms-dealer.



Much of Benoit's past remains shrouded in mystery but what is known is that he was born in France.

He later married Dr. Helen Berkley with the marriage producing three children, one of them being Dr. Jeanne Benoit.

Presumably, during their marriage, Benoit opted to become an international arms dealers with Benoit himself becoming one of the biggest arms dealers in the world and earning the nickname, "La Grenouille"/the Frog.

This would presumably cause a huge strain in his marriage with Helen and the two ultimately divorced.

NCIS Season 4Edit

He was first mentioned in "Singled Out," when Tony expressed concern at his possible reassignment to Spain. He believed that his reassignment would take them off the trail of La Grenouille, but Director Shepard pointed out that the mission's success was a long shot anyway.

He was mentioned again in "Sandblast" when Director Shepard was overseeing an operation to capture him through MTAC. She orders a team of Navy SEALs to cut off a car on a remote road, but when they do, they determine he is not the occupant.

He appears in person, though is not identified, in "Driven" at a diner with Trent Kort where he is observed by Tony.

In "Blowback", he is finally introduced formally as one of the bidders of the high-tech weapons system ARES. Director Shepard, for reasons unknown at the time, dedicated Gibbs's unit to his capture as they were pursuing an accomplice in the sale. When the accomplice died, Ducky assumed his identity for the sale. At the encounter, they confirmed his identity, along with those of his other accomplices. He explained much of his past history to Ducky, before concluding their business when ARES was validated. When Shepard was prepared to order his assassination, a phone call forced her to abort the operation. At that point, Trent Kort stepped forward to make sure they received the call, revealing himself as a CIA agent, as was the accomplice Ducky replaced. The weapon system was, in fact, a trojan horse meant to render any enemy who attempted to use it defenseless.

NCIS Season 5 Edit

After a failed attempt by Benoit to quit the arms trade and Director Shepard's spiteful refusal to grant him protection, he is murdered in "Bury Your Dead". Upon discovery of the body in "Internal Affairs", FBI agents led by Tobias Fornell immediately moved on NCIS, knowing of the personal grudge held by Shepard against the Frog. Before the investigation was concluded, Fornell promised Gibbs a look at the FBI case file.

Personality Edit

Despite his profession, Benoit was a polite man, friendly to his clients and colleagues. He took no pride in his work, and was especially dedicated to his children. While his dealings in the arms trade resulted in many deaths, he himself was personally opposed to violence.


Benoit was a tall man in his late fifties, early sixties with slightly gray/silver hair and brown eyes.


Benoit did not believe in direct violence. He used his charisma and wit to get what he wanted.


Jeanne BenoitEdit

Rene had a stable, if uneasy, relationship with his daughter. While there was certainly mutual affection, his work led Jeanne to distance herself from her father.

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