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Pop Life

First aired
March 1, 2005
Written by
Frank Military
Directed by
Thomas J. Wright
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Pop Life is the thirty ninth episode of NCIS and the sixteenth in Season Two.


After a night of partying, a dance club bartender wakes up in bed with a dead female Petty Officer while claiming this wasn't the same woman he went to bed. When it's determined that he was telling the truth, Gibbs and the team must find out who killed the Petty Officer and the victim's sister and a local businessman emerges as a possible suspect but all is not what it seems...


Willie Taylor is lying in bed with a woman and soon remarks that she's freezing. He rubs his head and discovers that his hand's covered with blood.

In disbelief, he turns over the woman and soon discovers to his horror that she's dead, causing him to leap out of the bed with shock.

As this goes on, knocking on the door gets even more intense. Willie soon heads for the door and flings it open, only to discover a Norfolk Police Officer and his partner at the door. The two officers look dumbstruck at the sight before them.

It then cuts to Willie who's completely stunned by what's happened.

Act OneEdit

Agents Caitlin Todd and Anthony DiNozzo enter the morgue, arguing about something much to the shock of Donald Mallard and his assistant, James Palmer who are busy working on a body. Once Palmer's left, Tony and Kate tell Ducky about their problem which mainly stemmed from Tony eating Kate's tuna-fish sandwich.

Ducky then realizes that their arguing stems from a sexually-charged environment and a desperate need to please a father-figure, remarking that they all know who that is.

Kate and Tony insist that it's nothing to do with a father-figure and seconds later, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, the "father-figure" in question arrives down at the morgue, demanding to know why the two aren't answering their phones before announcing that they're going to Norfolk to investigate the scene where a dead body of a female petty officer was found.

As they head for the lift, Tony and Kate announce the tasks with the other claiming they've already done it. The two soon get into the lift with Gibbs joining them and as the doors close, Ducky states that there are clearly issues concerning them and that they need to meet twice a week at least.

"Yes, there are clearly issues here", Ducky states. "We need to meet twice a week at least".

At the crime scene, Norfolk Detective Mark Mauceri reveals that the dead woman is Petty Officer Second Class Manda King, that she's twenty-six years old and that she was in the Navy for four years. Mauceri remarks that identifying the victim was as far as they got when they called NCIS and starts complaining. When everyone glances at the pen in his mouth, Mauceri tells them he's trying to quit smoking and that they should give him a break. Gibbs asks about the man found with Manda's body.

Mauceri confirms that it's Willie Taylor, a bartender at Sugar Street and that he's being processed right now. Ducky then tells Gibbs that it looks like Petty Officer King died after being stabbed before revealing that Jimmy's found something in the victim's nose.

Gibbs tells Palmer to get that to Abby so that she can identify it before asking for a time of death. Ducky then believes that Petty Officer King died around 0330 or 0500. Mauceri then helpfully states that they had an anoymous 911 call from a woman at 0530 which Ducky later confirms.

Gibbs orders Timothy McGee to trace the source of the 911 call. Palmer then glances at the body and realizes that the lividity has changed which suggests the victim might have been moved. Mauceri states that Taylor flipped her. DiNozzo then shows Gibbs a bin containing three condoms.

Gibbs then tells DiNozzo to bag them but unsurprisingly, DiNozzo gives McGee the task of bagging the condoms. Kate arrives in to talk with Gibbs and informs him that Petty Officer King's C.O said that she was a good sailor, straight-laced, a real hard-worker and that she was being promoted to the captain's yoeman. Kate tells Gibbs that King told her shipmates that she had business in Norfolk.

"Your place or mine?", Gibbs asks.

"Mine", Mauceri announces.

As Kate and Tony look on, Detective Mauceri and Gibbs begin talking to Willie Taylor who tells him that on his mother's life that Petty Officer Manda King was not the girl he took home last night. Gibbs then realizes that it looks like Taylor went to bed with one woman and then woke up with another.

Taylor nods in agreement.

In Observation, Tony remarks how he hates when that happens to him because it's never pretty before apologizing. Unfortunately, Kate just gives him the evil eye. Tony wonders if she's going to tell Ducky about that. Kate gleefully tells him that she is because she's keeping a journal which leaves Tony dismayed.

Back in Interrogation, Gibbs wonders if the knife wasn't Willie's. Willie agrees and states that he actually carries a Swiss Army Knife. Gibbs wants to know how many drinks Willie had. Willie believes it was two or three. Mauceri announces that Willie's blood alcohol level was 0.12.

Exposed, Wilie then admits that he had a lot more. He then tells the two that people act friendly and usually buy the bartender drinks. Gibbs then realizes that the drinks in question are actually watered down to make more money. Willie insists that Sugar Street doesn't do that.

Willie then tells them that he met the girl in the parking lot and that she told him she'd lost her keys. Gibbs wants to know if Willie had ever seen the woman before. Willie tells him that he hadn't before remarking that he thought he was a lucky bastard to have gotten the girl.

"You get her name, lucky bastard?", Gibbs asks.

Willie then states that it was Manda. Gibbs tells Willie that the dead sailor they found in Willie's bed was named Manda. Willie insists yet again that Manda was not the girl he'd slept with. Gibbs wants to know what Manda's last name was but Willie tells him that Manda didn't say nor did he get her phone number before remarking that it went down pretty fast and simply consisted of a kiss and then they went back to Willie's place to make some noise (have sex).

Gibbs wants to know if there's anyone who can verify Willie's story.

Willie admits that there isn't and tells them that he and Manda had a good time together. Mauceri sarcastically agrees, stating that they found traces of meth in Willie's bloodstream. Gibbs demands to know if Willie gave Manda any meth. Willie refuses, stating that they didn't do any drugs together before insisting for the third time that he's telling the truth and that Manda was not the girl he slept with.

The next morning, Gibbs, Kate and Tony head to the lab and meet Abigail Sciuto with Gibbs announcing that he wants the condoms tested. Abby remarks that those aren't exactly the words she wants to hear first thing in the morning before telling Gibbs that they're already running.

Gibbs wants both the inside and the outside tested to make sure that the DNA matches that of Petty Officer King. Tony then reveals that Willie told them that he went to bed with one woman and then woke up with another. Abby tells him that it happens to girls too before stating that at midnight, some guy would be dark and gnarly to her and then she'd wake up in the morning and discover that his tattoo is a fake and that he works in a bank.

McGee then interjects with the revelation that he used to work in a bank. Abby tells him that his tattoo is real and that he doesn't disappoint her. McGee then gets back on track by telling Gibbs that the phone call came from a payphone outside Willie's apartment.

Gibbs then realizes there's no fingerprints of any kind on the knife with Abby agreeing. She then tells them that the blood matches the victim and that the tox screen's still running although it's safe to confirm that the stuff they found in her nose is methamphetamine.

Kate wants to know why a straight-laced officer like Manda King would OD on meth.

"Maybe she's not so straight-laced. We all have our funky side. Except Kate", Tony announces which gets him an elbow in the side from Kate. "And you, Boss", Tony continues. "I'm sure you have no funky side". Gibbs then leaves, telling them that it's time to find out who the real Manda King was.

As they leave, Tony pulls a face much to Abby's amusement.

It then cuts to a hospital bed where Benjamin King weakly remarks that he never thought his daughter, Manda would go before him. His other daughter and Manda's sister, Samantha King tells Gibbs and Kate that her father's got end-stage bone cancer.

Gibbs asks Samantha if her sister knew a Willie Taylor. Samantha tells him, "Not that I know" before revealing that Manda was at sea for eight months. Gibbs then tells the two that Willie's a suspect in Manda's death despite Benjamin wondering if Willie was the one who killed Manda, his little girl.

Benjamin then asks Gibbs if he'll bury Willie. Gibbs then nods, stating that Willie did it, then he will. Gibbs then asks Benjamin what he can tell them about Manda. Benjamin remarks that Manda was as tough as nails, that she worked hard, cared for him and helped her raise him. Samantha then tells her father that Manda had been promoted to captain's yoeman.

Gibbs then tells them that what he's about to say will be difficult for the two to hear.

"My daughter's dead", Benjamin snaps. "What's worse than that?".

Gibbs then grimly announces that they found drug residue in Manda's nose. Samantha insists that it is a lie and that Manda never did any drugs in her life. Kate apologizes but tells her that it's what they found. Benjamin is still strongly denying the news, refusing to believe it.

Upon seeing her father's distress, Samantha jumps to her feet and angrily rounds on Gibbs and Kate, berating them for doing this. Gibbs insists that they had to tell them because Manda King was murdered, they need to know who the real Manda is.

"She was my good girl", Benjamin rasps. "That's who she was. Daddy's girl. Good girl".

Gibbs and Kate give each other a single glance before leaving the hospital room as Samantha looks on.

In the lab, the two Agents arrive in and Abby tells them that the DNA's still running. Despite that, she tells them she got an answer without it and has determined that there's no way that Petty Officer Manda King had sex with Willie Taylor which has Gibbs realizing the truth.

Willie was set up.

Act TwoEdit

In the morgue, as Gibbs and Ducky examine Manda King's body, Ducky explains that the knife missed Manda's vital organs so being stabbed didn't kill her. Her body had four litres of blood so there was no exsanguination, meaning that she didn't bleed out.

Gibbs then realizes that Petty Officer King was dead when she was stabbed. Ducky then reveals that Abby confirmed that the drug found in Manda's nose and blood was methamphetamine and even more worryingly is that it was an incredibly large lethal dose of the drug.

Gibbs voices his concern that someone tried to make an accidental overdose like murder although Ducky disagrees, stating that all evidence points to the death being a suicide. Tony then arrives and sticks his head in the door, announcing that Willie Taylor's arrived.

Sitting in Interrogation, Willie looks bored.

Gibbs wonders if Willie knew why Norfolk PD delivered him here. Willie sarcastically remarks that he's a Ping-Pong bell, stating that Norfolk PD served him to NCIS and NCIS smacked him right back. Gibbs smirks in amusement before telling Willie that he was telling the truth all along. He then explains that it looks like Petty Officer King OD'd and that after she died, someone stabbed her, put her in Willie's bed and attempted to make the crime look like murder before wondering who would want to do that to him?

Willie, on the other hand is more aghast at the fact that they believe him before wondering if he should get an apology. Gibbs tells him he gets to escape not being charged for illegally using meth before asking him. Willie tells him that he doesn't know.

"That's not good enough", Gibbs says and plans to leave Interrogation. Willie eventually gets panicky and then tells Gibbs that female sailors are like poison before explaining that if anything happens to him, i.e., drugs, sex, anything, then the cops could close Sugar Street down for good. During that, Gibbs, obviously interested closes the door and sits down opposite Willie as Willie tells him what he knows.

Willie then gives him a name: Ian Hitch, the owner of rival club, Teaz and Willie even admits that if Petty Officer King OD'd in his club, then Hitch would need to get the stink off fast.

"And shut Sugar Street down in the process", Gibbs realizes.

"That's the kind of stunt that limey bastard would pull too", Willie agrees.

Gibbs smiles.

Up in the squad-room, as Gibbs, Tony and Kate examine Hitch's mugshot, McGee reveals that Ian Hitch's nickname is "Bulldog" and that as a result of an American mother and English father, Hitch has dual citizenship. McGee also reveals that according to Scotland Yard, Hitch was charged with murder twice in Manchester, England and managed to escape both times.

"I'm afraid to ask, why Bulldog?", Kate asks.

"I don't know", McGee admits.

"Bulldog bites you in the ass and never lets go", Tony replies.

McGee realizes that Hitch owns Teaz in Norfolk which has Tony and Kate glaring at him. McGee tells them that when he was stationed at Norfolk, he heard about it and apparently, there are some very hot dancers there. Tony's aghast by that. McGee then insists that he never even went there.

Tony obviously doesn't buy that for a second and starts to say something but one look from Kate stops him. When he asks her what she's doing, Kate tells him, "I'm just waiting for you to say: Boss, let me take the lead on this one!". Tony then changes his tune and states that if Hitch used a girl to seduce Willie Taylor, it was probably one of his dancers before announcing that they get Willie to identify Ms Go-Go and flip her to get to Hitch.

Tony then produces his PDA and then begins writing something down. When Kate demands to know what he's doing, Tony tells her he's keeping a journal of this for their talk with Ducky. Gibbs impatiently wants to know if Tony's done. Tony assures him he almost is.

"Done or fired are the choices", Gibbs remarks.

Tony then announces he's done.

Kate wonders if they should bring Willie to the club to identify the girl. Gibbs shoots that idea down, stating he doesn't want Willie anywhere near Hitch. McGee suggests finding out who dances at the club and that he'll pull their DMV photos but Gibbs rejects that idea too.

Tony then tells McGee that the girls who work at the club work for tips and that they don't have any W-2 forms before stating that he thinks he should take the lead on this which has Kate and Gibbs laughing in amusement.

A few hours later, Tony and Kate are standing outside the entrance to Teaz, being frisked by the bouncers. In MTAC, as Gibbs studies the screen, McGee examines things from one of the consoles with Abby who's in attendance remarking that it's looking good.

Inside the nightclub, the music is already blaring and everyone's beginning to dance along with the dancing girls already on stage, moving to the beat.

In MTAC, Gibbs wants to know what Tony's looking at. Abby hits a few keys and it then shows that Tony's glancing at the ass of one of the female dancers, causing Gibbs to remark, "Well, what do you know? DiNozzo is finally looking where he is supposed to be looking".

"I heard that", Tony snaps.

Gibbs smirks, amused.

Back at the club, Tony gives Kate a not-too-gentle shove much to her annoyance. Tony wants to know how it looks with Abby remarking that it's art but that they need a shot of the dancer's face. Tony glances up and gets a glimpse of the dancer's face just as Abby remarks she could make a fortune on the Internet with this stuff. She then presses a button and the camera in Tony's glasses clicks, revealing they've gotten the photograph.

Gibbs then orders DiNozzo to move on with DiNozzo agreeing while stating he's just being thorough.

As the evening progresses, thanks to Kate and Tony, Abby manages to get a good few impressive photographs of the female dancers. Tony just stares at one for a bit too long with Gibbs remarking in a warning tone, "I'm watching you, DiNozzo" which takes the wind out of Tony's sails.

Kate then glances at one of the remaining dancers but as it turns out, it's too far. As Kate edges closer, the dancer gives her a glance which has Gibbs smirking. Abby then gets the photo and it shows the dancer giving Kate a seductive smile as Gibbs smirks again.

DiNozzo continues through the club but Gibbs orders him to go back, having spotted something or someone. DiNozzo then returns to the spot and pauses just as a photograph is taken, wondering if it's Hitch. McGee quickly runs it against the photos and it's confirmed that the businessman is that of Ian "Bulldog" Hitch.

The dancing's interrupted by the DJ, Night Trap who announces that there's a new act. Instantly, a familiar woman comes onto the stage with Kate realizing that the woman, "Jade" is none other than Samantha King, Petty Officer Manda King's sister. In MTAC, the team watch the song although Tony bobs his head along to the beat with Gibbs quickly ordering him to stop.

The song then ends and everyone breaks in applause but in MTAC, Gibbs is looking very stony-faced while at the club, Kate's just stunned.

Outside, Jade/Samantha heads for her car, only for Tony and Kate to meet her. Kate tells the other woman that she's taking her sister's death pretty hard. The two women then get into a heated showdown. In the distance, two big guys are examining the scene while Tony wonders who Samantha's afraid of.

Samantha wants to know who Tony is. Tony tells her that he's the same as Kate but not exactly. Kate then rounds on Samantha, demanding her question be answered. Samantha tells her that it's Saturday night and that she just sings here.

"Oh, you sing the day after your sister's murdered?", Kate snaps.

Samantha wants to leave but Tony and Kate stop her, demanding some answers. In the distance, one of the bouncers tells "Blue" he'd better get here. At the car, Tony and Kate tell Samantha they found her because they were looking to find the one responsible for her sister's death.

In the distance, Richard McGinty emerges from the nightclub and armed with the two bouncers, leaves to search for Samantha.

Back at the car, Samantha's in disbelief when Tony and Kate tell her that the guy they had, Willie Taylor didn't kill Manda. As this goes on, Blue McGinty and the two bouncers emerge, demanding to know what's going on. Sensing danger approaching, Tony draws his gun and threatens the three guys, ordering them to retreat because his partner, "Lulu" aka Kate is looking to sign Jade for a new record contract.

Blue tells Tony that Bulldog won't like that.

Tony orders the two bouncers, "Twinkle Toes" and "Candy Pants" to stay behind Blue which they do, their hands raised. Tony asks Blue about Hitch's nickname. Blue tells him that once Hitch's gotten his teeth into a girl's ass, he won't let go. Tony realizes he was right all along and tells "Lulu"/Kate he was right.

Samantha tells Kate that they're going to get her killed.

"Just like your sister was?", Kate hisses before revealing that NCIS believes that Hitch had Manda killed but they've got no idea why. Samantha tells her that Hitch wouldn't do that before telling Kate that Manda wanted her to leave this life but she knows that Hitch wouldn't kill Manda.

Kate then turns around and storms off, leaving Samantha behind. Staying in character, she plays along and tells "Bruce"/Tony that Jade's not interested. As they get into the car and leave the parking lot with Kate driving, Tony remarks that those guys were big, big, big.

It then cuts to Samantha who looks worried for some reason.

After printing out of the photos, Willie's dragged back into NCIS and gets a bit tongue-tied over seeing so many women before him. Tony lies through his teeth, informing Willie that he's a Mormon much to Kate's amusement. Gibbs then has Willie sit down with Willie insisting he's doing the best he can.

Willie then produces a photo of a girl whom Tony identifies as "Summer Diamond" and remarks as being very hot. Gibbs then grills Willie again and Tony realizes that there's always something about a certain women men always remember. Disgusted, Kate remarks that she feels like she died and woke up in a Calvin Klein ad.

Willie blows DiNozzo's Mormon theory out of the water with DiNozzo ordering him to focus. After a minute, Willie realizes something and then remembers that Summer had the tattoo of a bulldog on her ass. Realizing the truth, Gibbs dispatches Tony and Kate to pick up Summer Diamond.

A while later, Diamond aka Keisha Scott is sitting in Interrogation with Gibbs talking to her about Willie Taylor. Gibbs then shows her the photo of the bulldog tattoo on her ass. In Observation, Tony remarks that Kate always gets the best jobs much to Kate's own disbelief.

In Interrogation, Gibbs tells her that Willie described it perfectly. Keisha tells Gibbs that she dances naked and that hundreds of guys have seen her ass. Gibbs then wonders if she didn't sleep with Willie two nights ago. Keisha tells him she didn't.

Gibbs then tells her that Willie told him he's never been to their club and that he believes Willie. Keisha tells Gibbs that the bulldog tattoo means that they're part of Bulldog's crew. Gibbs remarks that he thought that Bulldog would have used a bite mark.

A knock on the door brings Abby into Interrogation with Gibbs telling Keisha that they've got a court order for a DNA sample. Abby tells her to open her mouth and that it doesn't hurt. Keisha grudgingly does so, opening her mouth and Abby takes a sample.

Outside, Gibbs orders Abby to compare the sample to the DNA she found on the condoms. Just as they both reach the end of the corridor, Ducky then emerges in a distressed state and tells Gibbs that he needs to see him right now. Gibbs then joins Ducky as Abby heads off.

In the morgue, Ducky is busy sticking a long stick up Manda's nose and apologizes to Gibbs, stating that because of the meth and the bleeding, he missed something. It then cuts to the plasma screen with Gibbs realizing that it's an almost perfect circle in Manda's nose.

Ducky then tells Gibbs that his original findings determined it was a suicide but he's realized that the mark was made by the end of a hard, round tube, like the end of a funnel. Gibbs then realizes that committing suicide by pouring meth through a funnel into someone's nose isn't possible.

"No, it was a horrible, painful death", Ducky states.

As they glance over at Manda's body, the two men realize that the investigation isn't revolving around suicide anymore.

It's been upgraded to murder.

Act ThreeEdit

The next day, Kate and Samantha meet in a cafe where Samantha's worried about what's going to happen if Hitch finds her talking to Kate.

Kate then tells Samantha that her sister was stabbed but that's not how Manda died. Manda was restrained and had a large dose of meth poured in her own nose and throat until her heart failed which has Samantha wincing slightly.

Kate also states that Willie Taylor, the bartender found with Manda's body believes that he was framed and that Samantha's boss, Ian Hitch aka "Bulldog" framed him. Samantha tries to defend Hitch but Kate tells that if the claim is true, then Sugar Street would get declared off-limits and as a result, Teaz would get a huge surge of new clients.

Kate's prompting causes Samantha to tell the NCIS Agent that she and Manda lost their mother when Samantha was three years old and as a result, Manda raised Samantha by herself. Samantha also recalls that when Manda found out that Samantha was working for Hitch, Manda lost it.

Kate wants to how Samantha got involved with a guy like Hitch. Samantha tells her that Hitch claimed that he had connections with record companies and that he'd make her a star. And as such, Samantha believed him but Kate realizes that Manda didn't buy it at all.

Samantha then nods, remembering how Manda was the smart one in the family. Kate wants to know why Samantha didn't walk away when she had the chance. Samantha states that she'd signed a contract with Hitch and that Manda was trying to get her out of it.

"And then he had her killed", Kate grimly states. She then states that they've got to get Samantha somewhere safe but Samantha tells Kate that Hitch owns her and it's because of that, she does whatever he wants her to do, whenever he wants including singing, dancing and even sleeping with him. Samantha also remarks that no-one gets away from Hitch. Ever.

"He murdered your sister, Samantha", Kate snaps.

"And you'll never prove it", Samantha replies. "They never do".

Suddenly, her cell phone rings and she glances at the number. Samantha tells Kate it's Hitch. Kate tells her not to answer it but Samantha tells her she has to do. As she answers, Hitch asks her what she's doing. Samantha lies, telling him she's shopping but Hitch blows her lie out of the water by stating that he looks like she's having a bit of tea to him.

Samantha glances around and sees Hitch approaching the cafe, flanked by two bodyguards. She then turns to Kate and tells her that if Hitch finds out that Kate's a cop, then Samantha's going to be killed.

Under the table, Kate draws her gun from her holster and aims it at Samantha while the other woman puts on make-up just as Hitch and his men enter the cafe.

The three men immediately descend on the table just as Samantha finishes applying make-up.

Hitch then approaches, still believing that Kate is "Lulu", the record agent from the previous night. He wants to know if Lulu (Kate) got his message and informs her that Jade (Samantha) already has a manager. Samantha tells Hitch that she already told Lulu (Kate) that.

"Did I ask you to speak, love?", Hitch snaps, his arms resting on Samantha's shoulders.

Kate doesn't say anything.

Hitch then sits down opposite her and then asks Lulu (Kate) what record label she's working for. A few minutes of silence passes before Kate tells Hitch that it's none of his business. Hitch disagrees, stating that it is since she's after his property. As this goes on, Hitch squeezes Samantha's hand for reassurance despite the other woman being uncomfortable.

"Is she available?", Kate asks.

"Only to me", Hitch replies before ordering Samantha to say goodbye to Lulu (Kate) which Samantha does.

As Hitch and Samantha get up from the table, Hitch tells Lulu (Kate) that she and her friend, Bruce (Tony) might want to leave town tonight before they exit the cafe, leaving Kate behind. The next morning, Gibbs comes in and stops by Kate's desk, grimly telling her she should have had back-up.

Kate defends herself, stating that she didn't expect Hitch to show up before she tells him it won't happen again.

"I know", Gibbs agrees before he asks McGee how Hitch managed to track Samantha. McGee tells him that Samantha's cell-phone number is registered to Ian Hitch and that he's probably using the embedded GPS chip in Samantha's cell-phone to keep tabs on her location.

"Paranoid", Gibbs grumbles.

Tony then remarks that it reminds him of someone before going on to state that most managers are afraid of losing their stars and with that singing voice, Samantha could be the next Brandy. Gibbs is in the dark about how Brandy is. McGee tells him that Brandy's an actress and singer with Tony adding that Brandy's very, very hot.

Kate then gets her own point across by telling them that Hitch isn't going to let Samantha go and that he'd kill her.

Gibbs's phone then rings.

It's Detective Mauceri who informs Gibbs that they've got a dead girl for them to examine and that it looks like a hit and run. Gibbs tells Mauceri that they're on their way.

Upon seeing his team glance at him, Gibbs grimly informs them that Norfolk Homicide found the body of a young woman who had one of Gibbs's cards in her bra.

A while later, the body is shown with Detective Mauceri confirming to Gibbs and Kate that it's Keisha Scott aka "Summer Diamond" and that it looks like a hit and run. Gibbs informs Mauceri that Keisha/Summer was in the NCIS interrogation room only yesterday while Kate states that Willie Taylor ID'd her as the girl he'd slept with, not Manda King.

"She cop to it?", Mauceri asks.

"If she did, she'd be in NCIS custody instead of dead", Gibbs replies.

Mauceri then realizes that there's no chance that this was an accident.

Gibbs agrees.

Kate tells Mauceri that there's a possibility that Ian Hitch was involved. Mauceri's stunned but then agrees, stating that it explains a lot given that there's no witnesses around, that no-one in the neighborhood heard anything the previous night before stating that he's got this part of the town in his pocket.

"Yeah?", Gibbs wonders. "How about you?".

Mauceri tells Gibbs that he's going to pretend he didn't hear that. Gibbs doesn't care, stating either way, he's going to take Hitch down. Mauceri agrees that while they might find who did this, connecting the crime to Hitch won't be easy and it won't happen.

"Well, no. Not if you keep letting him skate, Mauceri", Gibbs snaps.

Mauceri then defends himself by telling Gibbs that he's been down this road before and that if he drags Hitch in for questioning, then his lawyers are going to have the businessman out before lunch. Gibbs then tells Mauceri he's got a better idea and suggests turning the case over to him and his team.

Mauceri agrees and gives Gibbs the card.

"How soon can you get the rest of your team here?", the Detective wonders.

"Oh, real soon", Gibbs comments and then whistles.

As he does that, the Major Case Response Team truck arrives on scene. As NCIS begin processing the scene with Tony taking photographs of the body, Tony remarks that there's no way that this was a hit and run given that Keisha/Summer is pretty much naked and that it was 35 degrees this morning.

Ducky then shows Palmer something. He then realizes that someone was holding her very tightly before her death with the grip so strong it caused the bruises on her arms. Gibbs wonders if the victim was shoved in front of a vehicle. Ducky states that it's possible and that they'll know more once they've gotten the body back to the morgue.

Kate then informs them that they've got some broken glass and judging by the thickness, it might have come from a headlight. Gibbs tells her to bag it before rounding on McGee who's busy sketching the scene what he thinks about the scene given that the local cops believe it was a hit and run.

McGee's left stunned and struggles to get an answer out.

"Answer the man, Probie", Tony unhelpfully says.

McGee then gathers himself and then tells Gibbs that he doesn't think it's a hit and run. Gibbs wonders why. McGee then tells him that there are no skid marks before or after the body which means that whoever hit Keisha/Summer didn't even slow down.

DiNozzo's left stunned by the answer.

Gibbs, on the other hand is smiling before telling Kate and DiNozzo to go get Samantha while to make sure that her cell-phone is off and that she isn't to be told that Keisha/Summer is dead. Back at the bullpen, Gibbs tells McGee he wants to know what the dirtbag (Hitch) was the night Petty Officer King was murdered and where he was last night when Keisha/Summer decided to go for a walk, half-naked.

McGee agrees.

Meanwhile, Tony and Kate arrive back with Samantha who's telling them it's supposed to be her day off and how will Hitch know that she isn't at the hospital, visiting her father? Tony tells that he won't and that when their computer geek (McGee) is done with their phone, it's going to show that she was there all day before tossing McGee Samantha's cell-phone and telling McGee to rig the GPS chip with the location being Norfolk Hospital and the time: noon to 1730. Samantha's stunned by that and Tony assures her that they can do it.

While McGee works on the phone, Tony, Samantha and Kate descend on Gibbs's desk with Samantha telling Gibbs that she's not talking to them about it. Gibbs tells her she's not to talk, she's here to see something. Samantha wants to know what it is.

"A friend", Gibbs replies and gestures for the three to follow him.

In the morgue, Gibbs unzips the body-bag, showing Keisha/Summer, a scene that leaves Samantha devastated. Samantha tells them this isn't possible because Keisha/Summer has a two year old of her own. Tony tells her that Hitch's busy tying up his loose ends.

Kate tells Samantha that she has to co-operate with them and with that, Hitch will be out of her life for good.

Samantha insists yet again that she can't.

Gibbs, on the other hand loses patience and tells Samantha that her sister, Manda's in the freezer and that maybe Samantha would like to say goodbye. Samantha tells them that because Keisha/Summer talked to them, that's the reason the other woman's lying in the body-bag, dead.

"It's not happening to me", Samantha says.

"You're right", Gibbs agrees, closing the door before rounding on Samantha. "It's happening because of you".

Samantha demands that they charge her with something right now or else she's leaving.

As the team edge into the bullpen, Tony tries to get through to Samantha, telling her she's making a big mistake. Kate tells her that once Samantha's out of these doors, then NCIS can't protect her. McGee tells them that Hitch has a very good alibi for his whereabouts last night and the alibi is that he was in New York promoting his nightclub.

As he does this, Samantha pauses.

McGee then shows Gibbs photos that came from the gossip page of the Eastsider this morning. McGee then tells them that he also checked with the airlines and that Hitch didn't get back until 11am this morning with the news leaving everyone stunned although Gibbs is more annoyed than stunned.

"He always wins", Samantha remarks. As she grabs her cell-phone, she remarks that she tried to tell her sister, Manda that but Manda didn't listen and as she leaves, she tells the team that she hopes they listen before Samantha herself ends up dead too.

It then cuts to Gibbs who looks grim-faced.

Act FourEdit

Gibbs arrives in the morgue, asking for a cause of death on Keisha Scott/Summer Diamond. Ducky tells him that the victim received injuries that match with vehicular homicide but if he had to pick one, then he'd go for internal bleeding although her neck was broken on impact with the extent of the break damaging her spinal cord and a carotid artery.

Heading over to the body, Ducky tells her that even if she'd managed to survive, the full extent of her injuries would have be enough to have paralyzed her for the rest of her life. Gibbs wants to know about drugs. Ducky tells him that the tox screens show that there was a mixture of meth and alcohol in her blood but the levels weren't enough to kill her the same way they had killed Petty Officer King.

Gibbs then asks about the bruising on the arms. Ducky believes that the bruises were made by someone holding her very tightly and ruefully tells Gibbs that he wishes he could tell the other man more.

"Yeah, Duck", Gibbs replies. "So do I".

As Gibbs prepares, Ducky who is getting ready to do an autopsy tells Gibbs that there's a procedure Abby could use to get fingerprints off the bruises except for the fact that they need his approval. Gibbs wants to know why with Ducky telling him that the move is prohibitively expensive and it rarely works.

"So's getting married", Gibbs replies. "Do it".

Ducky just chuckles.

Up in the bullpen, McGee's looking at something and unsurprisingly, DiNozzo's standing over him, eating a cookie. McGee wants to know if DiNozzo minds. DiNozzo tells him no. McGee then announces that he's done with DiNozzo ordering him to put it on the plasma.

As McGee gets ready to do that but not before rubbing at his head, DiNozzo heads to Kate's desk, remarking if she made those cookies. Kate tells him that she did. DiNozzo tells her that they're really delicious and that he didn't know she could cook.

Kate corrects him by stating that it's baking and that there's a lot he doesn't know about her.

McGee wants to try one. Kate agrees and opens the tin, only to find out that there's one cookie left. She then angrily rounds on DiNozzo who unsurprisingly seems blissfully unaware of what he's done. Gibbs arrives in from the morgue and tells them what they've got.

McGee announces that it's a way to keep tabs on Samantha King's location.

Gibbs then grabs the last cookie with McGee half-heartedly attempting to stop him. Gibbs just gives him a glare and McGee explains that when he rigged the GPS chip in Samantha's phone, he also downloaded the code which means that they can follow her anywhere she goes.

Tony realizes that she's 20 miles out of Norfolk on Route 64.

Gibbs tells McGee that it's a good job and tries to give McGee the cookie with McGee telling Gibbs that it was actually Tony's idea. Gibbs then snatches the cookie out of McGee's hand just as McGee is about to eat it. Tony, unsurprisingly is standing by, eager to receive the cookie as well as praise.

However, Gibbs munches on it, leaving Kate stunned and Tony remarking, "That's so not right".

Gibbs then tells McGee that Abby needs help and that Tony and Kate are with him. When Kate asks where they're going, Gibbs tells her they're heading for Norfolk and grabs his gun out of his desk drawer before announcing that they're going to go pay Hitch a vist.

Kate, on the other hand is more concerned about the fact that their cover as talent scouts is going to be exposed as a lie.

Gibbs ignores the question, telling them Samantha's going to be leaving with them. Tony wants to know if she's changed her mind. Gibbs tells them that it does not matter because he is not letting her end up like her sister downstairs and with that, they all head into the lift.

Down in the morgue, Abby's busy assembling the bits and pieces needed for bringing the fingerprints on the bruises to life. Palmer gets a bit caught up in watching her work and after a series of misshaps, the two end up being super-glued together. All the attempts to get free are unsuccessful and the matter isn't helped by McGee entering the morgue, demanding to know what the hell is going on.

Palmer's too stunned to say anything but Abby demands that McGee get them ace-tone and band aids and fast.

In the car, as they head for Norfolk, Kate tells Gibbs she's busy tracking Samantha's GPS signal and then informs Gibbs that Samantha's back at the club. Gibbs calls on Tony, only for the two of them to discover that DiNozzo's asleep in the back seat, snoring his head off.

"I'll wake him up", Kate says.

"No. No", Gibbs tells her. "I've got a better idea. Hold on".

Gibbs then immediately brings the car to a halt with the impact waking Tony up. Kate remarks if Tony's had a bad dream with Tony mumbling, "I thought... I thought". Gibbs then orders Tony to call Abby and see if she got any prints off the body. Tony does just that while Gibbs and Kate smile to themselves.

In the lab, Abby remarks that McGee didn't have to yell at Palmer and because of that, Palmer's terrified of McGee, a fact that has McGee impressed. Abby finishes putting the last print into the scanner and then asks He-Man (McGee) if he's had any luck with the print from the left arm.

McGee tells her they're still running through AFIS and that he'll apologize to Palmer before discovering that they've got a match. It's none other than Richard "Blue" McGinty, one of Hitch's bouncers and who also confronted Tony and Kate while they were undercover as scouting agents.

In the car, Tony's taking notes and then hangs up before informing Gibbs and Kate of the development.

Kate's stunned.

Gibbs responds by putting the engine in gear and they head off to Norfolk again, this time at break-neck speed.

In the club, McGinty tells Samantha that Hitch wants to see her. McGinty asks her if she's okay. Samantha tells him she's not sure how much more of this she can take. McGinty tells her that once she's become a star, it will all seem like a bad dream with Samantha stating she's having second thoughts about the dream.

McGinty tells her it's a little late for that.

Outside, the NCIS Dodge Charger arrives and Gibbs, Kate and Tony get out, heading straight into the club with Kate still using her PDA to track Samantha's GPS signal. In the office, McGinty and Samantha arrive in with Hitch ordering her to close the door which she does.

Hitch then tells her that he's discovered that Lulu isn't a talent scout after all and that she's actually a Navy cop which leaves Samantha stunned. Samantha tries to defend herself, telling Hitch she didn't know. Hitch wonders if she told them that he killed her sister?

"I didn't tell them anything", Samantha insists.

"Now, why don't I believe you, Jade?", Hitch wonders before drawing his gun and clicking the safety off.

Outside, Gibbs, Kate and Tony are approaching the entrance to the club with Kate's PDA beeping. Kate informs them that Samantha's inside. In the office, Samantha tells Hitch that if he shoots her, then they'll know he was responsible. Hitch, on the other hand wants to know about the game she's playing and maybe he'll consider that.

Samantha tells him she's not playing any games.

"That's not what Summer said", Hitch says before wondering if Samantha knows that she's dead.

Samantha shakes her head.

"Of course you do", Hitch replies.

Outside, the sound of a gunshot has Gibbs, Kate and Tony diving for cover. As they edge up the steps, their guns drawn, the doors open and two women rush off, stunned. The team then enter the club and scan for any threats with another woman fleeing the premises, screaming.

Gibbs and Kate arrive at Hitch's office and head inside. Gibbs then orders McGinty put the weapon down with McGinty telling him that Hitch was going to kill Samantha and that he didn't have a choice. Gibbs again orders McGinty to put the gun down which the bouncer eventually does.

Once that happens, Tony swoops in, arresting McGinty while Kate rushes to Samantha's side.

It then cuts to show Hitch sitting in his chair, dead, his eyes staring at nothing before showing that there are two bullet wounds in the left side of his body while his right hand still grips the gun. Kate is horrified at the sight and it then shows Samantha who's crying, obviously frightened.

In the lab, "Negative Match" pops up on the screen much to Abby and McGee's confusion. Gibbs walks in, armed with a Caf-Pow for Abby and wondering if they've got everything ready for shipment to Norfolk. McGee tells Gibbs they're working on it while Abby tells him that there might be a problem.

Gibbs wants to know the problem is.

Abby tells him that she just got Summer Diamond's DNA back and it doesn't match the DNA off the condoms that were found at the first crime scene which means that Summer didn't even set up Willie Taylor in the first place. Abby then reveals that the weird thing is she got a near-match from the Armed Force's DNA Registry which means that Taylor was set up by a sailor.

In the hospital room, Samantha's busy tending to her dying father. She tells him she's going to make him proud, just like he was of Manda and that everyone's gonna know her name. Benjamin weakly tells her that he was always proud of her and calls his daughter the pop star before wishing that they (himself and Manda) could have been around to see it.

Tony and Kate watch proceedings from outside while Gibbs enters the room, interrupting the moment by gravely informing Samantha that they need to talk outside. In the hospital area, Samantha tells them that her father only has a few hours left to live and she's wondering if this is about McGinty.

Tony tells her it's actually about Samantha, herself.

Gibbs tells her that Summer Diamond didn't set her sister, Manda up and wonders if Samantha was going to split the money with McGinty. Kate then rounds on Samantha, telling her that they know because Manda told them everything. She then tells Samantha that it was actually Manda's DNA that told them the truth.

Kate explains that there's a 70 per cent match on the condoms in Taylor's apartment and that the match could only have come from a sibling.

"We know", Tony replies.

Kate tells her that they had access to Samantha's phone and she has to guess where the GPS chip puts her on the nights her sister, Manda and Keisha/Summer both died. Gibbs then picks up the story by remarking that setting up Ian Hitch was something of a nice touch as it not only gets her out of that crappy record contract she signed but she also gets access to her father's money.

Finally, the facade cracks and Samantha's true colors emerge with the lady in question bitterly remarking that Manda's dead and still screwing with her life. Gibbs tells her to go say goodbye to her father and if he was in her shoes, she'd keep lying to him.

In the hospital room, Benjamin, rapidly approaching death tells Samantha he always believed in her, even when her sister, Manda didn't before stating that he knows she's gonna make it, that she's gonna be famous and he can feel it. As this goes on, Tony and Kate watch from outside.

With one final gasp, Benjamin then dies.

"That's right, Daddy", Samantha whispers. "I'm gonna be a real star".

It then cuts to Gibbs who's watching the whole thing from outside with a rather disapproving look on his face.


  • The song playing in the nightclub Tony and Kate manage to get into is a remixed or a dance version of "Toxic" by Britney Spears.


Series RegularsEdit

Season Two Cast
Name Portrayed by Role
Leroy Jethro Gibbs Mark Harmon Special Agent in charge of the Major Case Response Team, NCIS.
Anthony DiNozzo Michael Weatherly Senior Special Agent, MCRT, NCIS.
Caitlin Todd Sasha Alexander Special Agent, MCRT, NCIS.
Abigail Sciuto Pauley Perrette Chief Forensic Specialist, NCIS.
Timothy McGee Sean Murray Junior Special Agent, MCRT, NCIS.
Donald Mallard David McCallum Chief Medical Examiner, NCIS.

Recurring CastEdit

Name Portrayed by Role
James Palmer Brian Dietzen Gerald Jackson's temporary replacement as the Assistant Medical Examiner.

Guest CastEdit

Name Portrayed by Role
Samantha King Mýa AKA Jade, a club singer.
Ian Hitch Steven Brand AKA Bulldog.
Mark Mauceri Scott Alan Smith A Norfolk Detective.
Benjamin King Conrad Roberts Samantha's father who is suffering from stage-end bone cancer.
Willie Taylor Kiko Ellsworth A bartender who's suspected of killing the woman in his bed but is later found innocent.
Keisha Scott Daya Vaidya AKA "Summer Diamond", she's a dancer at Hitch's nightclub.
Night Trap Shang Forbes A DJ at Hitch's nightclub.
Richard McGinty Mark Griffin Nicknamed, "Blue", he's a bouncer at Hitch's nightclub.
Norfolk Police Officer Tommi Delton Uncredited role.
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