Pedro Hernandez
D     E     C     E     A     S     E     D
Gender: Male   Male
Died: circa 1991
Status: Deceased- died after being shot in the head by Leroy Jethro Gibbs.
Portrayed by: Thomas Rosales Jr.
 First Appearance
  ●   NCIS: Hiatus Part 1 (episode).
 Last Appearance
  ●   NCIS: Life Before His Eyes (episode)
List of Appearances

Pedro Hernandez was a Mexican drug dealer responsible for murdering Leroy Jethro Gibbs's first wife Shannon Gibbs and their young daughter Kelly Gibbs which occurred while Gibbs was fighting in Desert Storm in or around 1991 with Gibbs later exacting his own revenge by killing Hernandez.



Much of Hernandez's past is known but at some point, he became involved in crime and began dealing drugs. He also got married and had two children: Paloma and Alejandro with Hernandez taking great care of his two young children.

At some point, Hernandez was a head of his own drug cartel and encountered fellow criminal Benson Long with the two forming some kind of partnership.

In 1991, while Marine Leroy Jethro Gibbs was aboard fighting in Desert Storm, Hernandez shot one of his associates, an unidentified Marine near Camp Pendleton in San Diego, California, a killing that Gibbs's wife, Shannon witnessed and which prompted her to go to NIS- (NCIS's original name) and report the crime.

NIS put both Shannon and her young daughter, Kelly, into protective custody as a means of protecting them until it was time to testify against Hernandez.

Fearing that their deals would be exposed, Long ordered Hernandez to kill both Shannon and Kelly so that there would be no witnesses whatsoever which Hernandez did by shooting the NIS agent, Kurt Mitchell, the father of DEA agent Luis "Mitch" Mitchell in the head with a sniper rifle.

The resulting impact killed Mitchell straightaway while Shannon and Kelly both tragically died in the resulting crash.

Presumably, a few hours later, Gibbs while serving in the War learnt of the two deaths which left him completely devastated and grief-stricken.

After being wounded in combat, Gibbs returned to the US where he met the NIS agent investigating the case: his future mentor, Michael Franks who told him that Hernandez had fled to Mexico, possibly to escape being prosecuted for the killings.

Not trusting the Mexican authorities, Gibbs headed to Mexico after discovering a folder on Hernandez on Franks's desk.

In his grief-stricken state and consumed by nothing but a strong, overwhelming desire for revenge against the man who had robbed him of his family, Gibbs arrived at the area where Hernandez lived and while lying in wait, shot Hernandez through the windscreen of his truck with a single sniper shot, the impact of which killed Hernandez instantly and even caused blood to appear on the windscreen.

Gibbs later returned to the U.S where he kept the crime concealed for twenty years although the crime would emerge with a vengeance in 2010.

Major Lara Macy, the future leader of the OSP team later conducted an investigation into the deaths of Shannon and Kelly and subsequently concluded that Hernandez's death was justified with Macy even burying the evidence associated with it to protect Gibbs although this would cost Macy her life nearly two decades later.

Due to the fact that Hernandez had been killed, no-one except for Gibbs, Macy and Franks knew what had happened with everyone not sure if Hernandez was dead or alive.



Hernandez was a tall, slightly chubby man in his late forties, early fifties with long curly brown hair and brown eyes.


Hand to Hand Combat




Leroy Jethro Gibbs


Hernandez's murder left a long-lasting impact on his family as his two children, Paloma and Alejandro were left without a father in their lives.

The two were presumably either raised by their mother or taken in by relatives but despite that, they both longed for revenge against the man who had killed their father.

Like Hernandez himself, Paloma later became a drug lord and even created her own cartel which she soon became the leader of up until her death in September 2010 while Alejandro became an official for the Mexican Department of Justice with the two seeking revenge against Gibbs although their plans ultimately failed.

Gibbs ultimately was affected to some extent by his acting on vengeance towards Hernandez, to the extent that he told DEA agent Luis "Mitch" Mitchell and Nicholas Torres in two separate events when the two sought revenge at the expense of their operation that going down the path of revenge won't settle things.

Known Victims

  • Unnamed marine - (shot to death).
  • The car shooting (three fatalities):
    • Kurt Mitchell - (shot from long range with a sniper rifle)
    • Shannon Gibbs - (died in car crash with her daughter after the agent was killed).
    • Kelly Gibbs- (died in the car crash alongside her mother, Shannon).


  • In a flashback in Borderland (episode), Hernandez was seen wearing his watch on his right hand, suggesting that he might have been left-handed.

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