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The Official NCIS Soundtrack is a two CD set that has various songs from the show NCIS (series).

Disc 1 is called Special Agent and has:

  • 1- Kangaroo Cry (Blue October)
  • 2- Even Now (Dashboard Confessional)
  • 3- After All (Saving Abel)
  • 4- No Matter What (Jakob Dylan)
  • 5- Troubled Land (John Mellencamp)
  • 6 - Boy With The Blues (Oasis)
  • 7- Things Have Changed (Bob Dylan)
  • 8- Tomorrow Still Comes (Will Dailey)
  • 9- Peppermint & Glue (Sharon Little)
  • 10- Mama Song (Keaton Simons)
  • 11- Temptation (Cote de Pablo)
  • 12- NCIS Theme (Numeriklab)

Disc 2 is called Abby's Lab and is named because the songs on it were played on the stereo in Abby's lab. The songs are:

  • 1 NCIS Theme - Remix (Ministry)
  • 2 No Shelter (Seether)
  • 3 Nasty Little Perv (Perry Farrell)
  • 4 Love Is Like (SKOLD vs. KMFDM)
  • 5 I Don't Want To Be On TV (The Airborne Toxic Event)
  • 6 Promises (Nitzer Ebb)
  • 7 Fear (Stop Making Friends)
  • 8 Hole Solution (Android Lust)
  • 9 Head Spin (Collide)
  • 10 Satellite 2009 (Solamingus)

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