Nick Hurley
Gender: Male   Male
Portrayed by: Jim Parrack
 First Appearance
  ●   NCIS: Blowback (episode).
 Last Appearance
  ●   NCIS: Blowback (episode).
List of Appearances

Nick Hurley was a man who tried to talk to Mossad/NCIS Liaison Officer Ziva David while she and NCIS Special Agent Timothy McGee tried to find Charles Harrow. When they got too rough with her, Ziva easily disarmed them but was spotted by Harrow, forcing Ziva and McGee to give chase.

Unfortunately, just mere seconds after running up some steps in a bid to escape the two, Harrow collapsed and despite Ziva performing CPR and McGee calling for an ambulance, Harrow eventually died with Donald Mallard later determining that Harrow's cause of death was a heart attack.

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