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Ned Dorneget
D     E     C     E     A     S     E     D
Gender: Male   Male
Died: May 2015, Cairo, Egypt.
Status: Deceased- died after getting caught in an explosion caused by the terrorist group, The Calling.
Portrayed by: Matt L. Jones (credited as "Matt Jones").
 First Appearance
  ●   NCIS: Sins of the Father (episode).
 Last Appearance
  ●   NCIS: The Lost Boys (episode).
List of Appearances

Ned Dorneget or "Dorney" was a NCIS Special Agent assigned to the Navy Yard in Washington D.C and a member of the NCIS Cyber Operations division.

Dorneget served in this role up until May 2015 in which he was killed in a hotel blast in Cairo, Egypt, his death greatly devastating the NCIS agency and its members.



The son of a police officer who died in the line of duty and also Joanna Teague, a CIA officer, Ned who was born in an unknown State led a relatively normal life due to the fact that his father was dead and his mother was absent.

As such, Ned was raised by his grandmother instead.

NCIS Season 9

Dorneget made his debut appearance in the Season 9 episode, Sins of the Father (episode) where in the aftermath of Anthony DiNozzo Senior being the main suspect in a crime and with his son, Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo Junior being forced out of the investigation, Dorneget albeit a Probationary agent at the time was brought as a temporary replacement for DiNozzo during the investigation although Dorneget's role was to guard DiNozzo Senior.

In Need to Know (episode), it was revealed that Dorneget was gay and that like Nikki Jardine, Dorneget used tissues to stop himself from touching door handles which implied that he had OCD.

He played a main role in Up in Smoke (episode) where he became a suspect after a dentist discovered a bug in his tooth. He even helped the team attempt to arrest Harper Dearing and although they weren't successful, they managed to arrest Vincent Maple, the President of Dearing's company who was revealed to have been embezzling funds from the company.

NCIS Season 10

Dorneget appeared in the Season 10 episode, Prime Suspect (episode).

The character was often mentioned by the main cast as performing tasks off screen, Shell Shock Part 1 (episode), Shell Shock Part 2 (episode).

NCIS Season 12

Two years later, Dorneget returned in the Season 12 episode, Troll (episode) where it was revealed that he had now become an official NCIS Special Agent assigned to NCIS Cyber Operations and even regarded as the main star of the Cyber Operations division itself.

In The Lost Boys (episode), while at a hotel in Cairo, Egypt, Dorneget began the processing of evacuating numerous citizens after learning that an explosion was due to happen.

In the process of fleeing, a man accidentally triggered one of the mines which caused a massive explosion that killed the civilian while Dorneget was left unconscious and also badly wounded.

Despite being brought to a hospital for treatment as well as efforts to save him, Dorneget eventually succumbed to his wounds and died with NCIS Agent Eleanor Bishop later informing both Gibbs and DiNozzo of the tragic news.

In the aftermath, Dorneget's remains were later brought back to the United States with the members of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team and even NCIS Director Leon Vance except for NCIS Medical Examiner Assistant James Palmer all in attendance. Gibbs also witnessed his ghost amongst all of his former comrades who died in the line of duty.

With Dorneget's mother, CIA officer Joanna Teague in attendance, Dorneget's remains were subsequently brought to the NCIS morgue and shrapnel recovered from them, giving the NCIS team a potential lead.

After that, Dorneget's remains were presumably buried in a ceremony.




Originally a Probationary Agent and just like McGee during his time as a Probie, Dorneget's skills originally consisted of computers.

However, he gradually began to improve, later extending his skills to include crime scene processing and firearms training.


As with all NCIS Special Agents, Dorneget was trained in using a firearm.


Dorneget was a keen observer, able to notice things that would go ignored or undetected by his NCIS colleagues.


Dorneget's murder in the blast left his NCIS colleagues greatly devastated and grief-stricken.

It also prompted his mother, CIA officer Joanna Teague to get involved as she sought to dismantle the Calling, and stop their psychopathic leader, Daniel Budd. As a result, she also became dangerously close to the case, even doing unsanctioned torture on two members after they had abducted Luke Harris.

After getting the information on where Daniel Budd was at, they then went to Iraq. However, the mission met an unexpected turn when Luke Harris proceeded to shoot Gibbs in the leg and chest, nearly killing him.

As a result of both this and Gibbs needing to recover afterwards, Joanna was partnered with Gibbs' second-in-command, Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo, in tracking down the Calling, eventually tracing them to Shanghai.

Dorneget, or rather, his laptop, later ended up unwittingly acting as a conduit towards one of The Calling's plans: Specifically, via a back door through the Pentagon server, they managed to hack into the laptop and install a program that manipulated the Department of Defense into thinking that North Korea was preparing to launch nuclear missiles at the United States, although Abby, Eleanor Bishop, and McGee eventually discovered what had happened and managed to narrowly avert the disaster.

DiNozzo later ended up finding Budd and killed him, thus avenging Dorneget.

Afterwards, Joanna was allowed to keep her son's laptop, albeit scrubbed of any sensitive information, to allow her to mourn for her son.


  • Was seen carrying a gun in "Up in Smoke" but although it wasn't identified, it was presumed that he had a SIG-Sauer P228 which is what all the Agents on the show carry except for their Los Angeles counterparts who carry the SIG-Sauer P229s instead.

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