Mind Games

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Written by
Jeffrey Kirkpatrick and John C. Kelley- (teleplay).
Jeffrey Kirkpatrick- (story).
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Mind Games is the third episode in Season Three as well as the 49th episode of the entire NCIS series.


A psychopathic serial killer who murdered several young women while carving a mark in their backs as well as taking their tongues as trophies is scheduled for execution in three days. In despair, the local authorities have granted him temporary release in hopes that he'll tell the families of the victims he killed where he buried their loved ones but the killer is only interesting in talking to the one person who arrested him: NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs. However, while investigating the case, Gibbs and the team come across disturbing evidence that suggests that a copycat is still carrying on the killer's legacy despite the killer having been on Death Row. The stakes are raised when Paula Cassidy who has joined the team on a temporary basis in the aftermath of Kate's death is kidnapped by the copycat, forcing the team into a desperate race against time as they seek to save her from the copycat's clutches while also ensuring that the serial killer's execution goes ahead as planned.


Two guards open the doors of a Sussex State prison van and as serial killer, Kyle Boone prepares to exit, the other guards ready their weapons, one guard even handling a shotgun.

It then cuts to show that the group is at an old abandoned family farm and they're heading into a big empty barn.

With two guards escorting Boone, the doors to the barn are finally opened. Boone then gestures to the ceiling, telling them that it's up there.

As one guard climbs the ladder, searching for the item, the remaining guards and Boone finally enter the barn themselves.

As the guard climbs up, Sam Kelleher, the prison warden doesn't look too impressed about something.

The guard finally reaches the top and begin searching, using his flashlight, only for it to disturb a few pigeons who soon begin flying very fast with it even causing a ruckus of some sort.

Kelleher is not impressed, voicing his belief that the trooper should tell him if it hasn't been a waste of Kelleher's time.

Trooper McGraw tells Kelleher that there's something up in the ceiling area but he's just not sure what it is.

As McGraw gets ready to go back down, Kelleher rounds on Boone, stating that the serial killer promised them bodies.

"One thing at a time, Warden", Boone replies. "First we start with my souvenirs".

As McGraw descends the ladder, Kelleher is puzzled but Boone tells him that they're from when he was sick.

As McGraw continues climbing back down, one of the steps gives away, causing the Trooper to drop the jar he was carrying in order to stop himself from falling.

The jar then crashes to the ground, revealing a lot of human tongues that were inside.

One man asks McGraw if he's fine and while McGraw assures him that he's fine, Boone remarks that the tongues on the ground were his favorite sexual organs.

Kelleher again rounds on Boone, asking him where the girls are.

"Close", Boone replies. "But you have to give something in return for them".

Kelleher storms off, extremely pissed off and wastes no time in telling Boone that the only thing that the serial killer is going to be getting is his last meal.

He then orders that the animal (Boone) be taken back to Death Row. Boone then asks about the victim's families, insisting that he's their last chance for closure.

Outside the barn, Kelleher stops, asking Boone what he wants.

Boone tells him that it isn't must and that the only thing he wants is the man who put in the cuffs: namely NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

It then cuts to Boone who looks serious about his request.

Act One

In the bullpen, as a photo of Kyle Boone graces the plasma, Special Agent Paula Cassidy is telling Anthony DiNozzo that she'll never forget the day that Gibbs caught the psycho (Boone).

Cassidy just looks at Tony and tells him no, she didn't because she was a junior at Georgetown and for two years, every woman in D.C was afraid to go out at night.

Tony remarks that it must have been tough.

Cassidy tells him that he has no idea and that she actually owes Gibbs for the first full night of sleep she got when she was in college.

Tony then tells Cassidy that he actually meant dating with Cassidy stating, "Yes. Yes. Dating was tough".

Tony wants to know if she needs any help with that but Cassidy thanks him, insisting that she's been there and done that. Tony then says, "Ouch".

Cassidy tells him that his problem with women is when he's focused.

Tony wants to know where so Cassidy hands him what she thinks is her mirror, but is actually the container for her birth control pills.

Unsurprisingly, Tony changes the subject by opening the container much to Cassidy's horror before asking her if the pink ones taste like Strawberry Starburst and he begins grilling her on the subject, voicing his belief that he thought Cassidy wasn't seeing anyone. Cassidy tells him that she isn't and makes a grab, only to Tony to hold it away.

Cassidy again insists that it's for her complexion, causing Tony to wonder if the complexion's got a name.

Cassidy then tells Tony that he doesn't wanna go there while Tony hopes it isn't another agent because he doesn't think he could..

However, Cassidy finally loses patience and by grabbing Tony's left arm, she then slams him against the desk, causing Tony to squeal in pain.

Cassidy then tells Tony that the man's name is Bob and that Bob is a lawyer, causing Tony to remark, "What a coincidence. I hate lawyers".

Cassidy knows and mentions that she hates them which is why her relationship with Bob is purely a sexual relationship.

Tony wonders what that makes him with Cassidy telling him that it's a big mistake and that if he doesn't give her back her birth control pills, then she's going to break his arm.

Meanwhile, between them, NCIS Special Agent Timothy McGee arrives and coughs, letting them know that he's there and that he's got that coffee.

While having Tony pinned to his desk, Cassidy asks McGee if he's been there long.

McGee tells her that he's been there long enough to say no, ma'am before addressing her as Agent Cassidy.

Pleased, Cassidy tells McGee that it's a good answer before grabbing her container back, leaving Tony on the desk, still in agony.

McGee places coffee on Tony's desk with Tony stating that he let Cassidy do that. McGee then gives Cassidy her coffee and she thanks him.

However, McGee's attention is caught by the photograph of the man on the plasma and he asks them who the man is.

Cassidy tells him that it's Kyle Boone with Tony adding that Boone is an infamous serial killer who terrorized the District in the 90s.

Cassidy then reveals that twenty-two women disappeared but only five bodies were ever found.

Tony then remarks that Boone made one mistake.

"He killed a Petty Officer", Cassidy states.

McGee then picks up on the fact that Gibbs caught Boone and while Cassidy sips her coffee, Tony tells McGee that Boone is scheduled for a government sanctioned dirt-nap on Saturday and Cassidy states that Boone wants to talk to Gibbs before they flip the switch.

When McGee asks why, Tony tells him that Boone is going to tell Gibbs where the bodies are.

Sure enough, seconds later, the leader and boss, Leroy Jethro Gibbs comes into the bullpen, demanding to know what Boone's photo is doing on his screen.

McGee states that he didn't put with Gibbs demanding to know who did.

Tony tells McGee to let him handle it before telling Gibbs that Cassidy did it which leaves Cassidy dismayed.

Gibbs then dumps Cassidy's bag on the floor while Cassidy tells him that they assumed Gibbs would be interviewing Kyle Boone and that they assumed that they would be providing back-up.

As he settles into his desk, Gibbs tells Cassidy that she's wrong and that he isn't interviewing anyone.

Cassidy tells that he might want to let the governor of Virginia know since MTAC has the Governor standing by and he's waiting for Gibbs's call.

Gibbs glances at Cassidy before eventually getting to his feet. He then orders that Cassidy be found a desk with Cassidy wondering if the desk that Kate had is free but Gibbs interrupts by stating that it's taken before leaving the bullpen, armed with coffee.

Once Gibbs has left, Cassidy sarcastically remarks that it's a whole week of TOD with Gibbs and that she can smell the fun already.

At his desk, while doing some paperwork, McGee remarks that it's been a tough month. Settling into his desk, Tony tells Cassidy that Gibbs pretty much hates everyone at the moment.

And as it focuses on Tony, it shows Gibbs reaching the staircase and the entrance to MTAC while Tony remarks, "Even himself".

In MTAC, Governor Charles Norin tells Gibbs that Director Jennifer Shepard told Norin that Gibbs would be personally interviewing Boone this afternoon.

Gibbs tells Governor Norin that Director Shepard was misinformed and that talking to Boone would be a waste of time.

Norin agrees but if there's even a chance that Boone would reveal to him the location of Boone's victims, then they have to take it.

Gibbs disagrees, telling Norin that Boone has had ten years to think about so why the change of heart now?

Norin then tells Gibbs that in his experience, men facing imminent death tend to re-evaluate the course of their lives with most seeking forgiveness.

Gibbs tells Norin to trust him because while Boone had a lot of interests, forgiveness wasn't one of them.

Norin wants to know how Gibbs can be so sure with Gibbs telling Norin that he spent five months interrogating Boone.

Norin insists that it was a decade ago and that people change.

Gibbs remarks that people change but Kyle Boone doesn't.

Norin is stunned that Gibbs is refusing to meet Boone but Gibbs tells him that he's refusing to entertain a homicidal maniac who tortured and killed twenty-two women before stating quietly, "I have played that game before".

"And the hundreds of family members who lost a daughter, a sister or a mother?", Norin states. "What do I tell them?".

Gibbs states that no matter what Kyle Boone says in the next few days, come Saturday, Norin and the State of Virginia are going to make sure he fries.

Norin then remarks that they all own Gibbs a debt of gratitude for bringing Boone but Gibbs has left Norin little choice.

Norin then grabs and tells Gibbs that he's sorry before pressing a button on his remote that ends the conference call.

Outside, Gibbs leaves MTAC and is barely down the stairs when Jenny's secretary, Cynthia Summer emerges from MTAC, telling Gibbs that they've got a high-priority transmission coming through for Gibbs in MTAC.

When Gibbs asks who it's from, Summer tells him that it's the Secretary of the Navy.

Back in the bullpen, while McGee does paperwork and Tony fiddles with something, Cassidy, having gotten the vacant desk down at the end of the bullpen is struggling to get used to her chair's settings.

Cassidy then hits the ground, causing McGee to look at her, puzzled while Tony comes over, smiling and suggesting that she look on the bright side.

Cassidy demands to know what the bright side is with Tony telling her that she's only here for a week.

Cassidy wants to know why she couldn't sit at Kate's desk with Tony stating that it's mostly because it's still Kate's desk.

Cassidy then remarks that Kate was a great agent with Tony agreeing.

Cassidy wants to know how Tony's handling it. Tony tells her that he's handling it the same way he handles everything which means that Tony tries not to think about it.

When Cassidy wonders about when not thinking about it doesn't work, Tony tells her that there's junk food, causing Cassidy to tell Tony that it doesn't sound very healthy.

"It's either that or I start building a boat in my basement", Tony replies.

Cassidy wants to know if Tony's moved out of his apartment but Tony tells her that he hasn't yet at least she sees his dilemma.

As Tony makes to go, Cassidy stops him by stating that if he ever wants to talk about about, then she's here for him.

Tony wants to know if she means that with Cassidy insisting that she does mean that.

Tony then kneels down and gets ready to ask Cassidy something with his question being how Cassidy's boyfriend, Bob or Bobby (as Tony calls him) is in bed. Cassidy sighs and shakes her head before telling Tony that Kate was right and Tony is truly, truly pathetic.

McGee then sticks his head in, telling the two of them that they might want to get busy because Gibbs is coming and he looks pissed.

Cassidy wonders if Gibbs gave into the governor's demands but Tony and McGee disagree with McGee stating that if Gibbs doesn't want to do something, then he doesn't.

"No matter who's asking", Tony finishes.

Gibbs then arrives in the bullpen and dumps his coffee on the desk before he grabs his gun. He then leaves again which has Tony, Cassidy and McGee stunned.

As Tony asks Gibbs where he's going, Gibbs, heading for the lift tells them that he's going to Sussex State Prison to interview Kyle Boone and that he'll be gone for the rest of the day which has Tony and McGee staring after Gibbs, stunned.

Cassidy sarcastically remarks that Tony and McGee sure have Gibbs pegged.

A while later, Gibbs has arrived at Sussex State Prison and is busy talking to the warden, Sam Kelleher who tells Gibbs that they moved Boone to Death Watch on Monday and that's when Boone decided to talk with Kelleher stating that they do things a little different in Virginia and Kelleher tells Gibbs that the condemned get a choice: lethal injection or death by electrocution with Kelleher stating that Boone chose the chair.

"He deserves worse", Gibbs states grimly.

Once they arrive at an area, they meet Adam O'Neill, Boone's attorney who tells Gibbs that he really appreciates Gibbs coming and unsurprisingly, Gibbs doesn't bother shaking O'Neill's hand.

O'Neill then tells Gibbs that he understands Gibbs's reluctance at being here but O'Neill believes that Boone's intentions are sincere.

Gibbs then tells O'Neill that the day he arrested Boone, they found two female human tongues in his refrigerator.

O'Neill tells Gibbs that he's familiar with the case but Gibbs wonders if O'Neill's familiar with the victims that Boone killed.

O'Neill tells Gibbs that he's not here to talk about the past and that he's just trying to save a man's life.

Gibbs is in disbelief over the fact that Boone wants a deal but O'Neill tells Gibbs that Boone wants the chair for his crimes and as a buzzer sounds, O'Neill then tells Gibbs that he's trying to get that changed so that Boone will spend the rest of his day behind bars.

"Good luck with that", Gibbs replies and gets ready to head into the cell.

However, O'Neill calls Gibbs back and insists that he's just trying to do his job and that maybe together both he and Gibbs can make sure that the victims's families can get some closure.

Gibbs just tells O'Neill to be there Saturday because he'll be able to see the victims's families get it.

Kelleher then tells Gibbs and O'Neill to come right his way but O'Neill tells them that against his own advice, Boone has elected to meet with Gibbs, alone which has Gibbs stopping and looking at them.

Kelleher tells Gibbs that there's going to be a guard outside if Gibbs needs him but Gibbs assures Kelleher that he won't before heading inside as the doors close behind him.

Meanwhile, in the cell, Boone's eyes snap open and he smiles before telling Gibbs that it's nice to see him again.

Boone then states that he wasn't sure if Gibbs could come but Gibbs did. However, Gibbs isn't interested, choosing to glance at his watch and he tells Boone that he's got two minutes before urging the other man to start talking.

Sitting up, Boone remarks that Gibbs almost looks the same, except for the hair with Boone wondering where the hair went gray.

Gibbs just ignores Boone, wanting to know where the bodies are.

Boone tells him that they'll get to that but there's a few things that he needs to ask Gibbs first with the first being that he believes that they showed Gibbs Boone's souvenirs although there weren't twenty in that jar.

Boone wants to know what Gibbs's point is with Gibbs telling Boone that he always thought that Boone was paddling his count while Boone wonders if Gibbs is baiting him or denigrating his rep before telling Gibbs that the approach never worked on him.

Gibbs then states that it's a minute and thirty-eight seconds. Boone then wonders if they just can't chat for a bit or even catch up before asking Gibbs about his wife.

When Gibbs doesn't say anything, Boone figures out that she left Gibbs and he tells Gibbs that he tried to Gibbs about that with Boone telling Gibbs that women can't understand men like himself and Gibbs.

"You've got what, Boone?", Gibbs states. "Three days left? How it's feel?".

Boone then tells Gibbs that he's terrified which is weird considering his former activities.

Gibbs coolly states that they're saying that it can take up to four minutes for someone to die in the electric chair but Gibbs is personally hoping that it takes a lot longer.

Boone then realizes that Gibbs really has changed before stating that the old Gibbs would never have been this abrupt before asking Gibbs if he got married again.

Gibbs isn't impressed, stating that Boone's got less than a minute.

Boone then realizes that the question is too personal before wondering if they could talk about NCIS Special Agent Caitlin Todd.

Boone mentions that he saw Kate's picture in the Post and the media said that she was shot by a terrorist.

Gibbs just stares back at Boone who wonders if Gibbs cut back on the caffeine like Boone suggested the last time they met.

Eventually, with the two minutes gone, Gibbs's patience wears out and he turns around, walking off before telling Boone that he'll see him Saturday.

As Gibbs hits the button on the wall, Boone tells Gibbs that he was just having fun with Gibbs and that Gibbs can't leave because Gibbs is here following orders like a good Marine.

From his cell, Boone tells Gibbs that he'll tell him where they are, where they all are and that's more than twenty-two, lots more.

It then cuts to Gibbs who looks conflicted.

Act Two

Dr. Donald Mallard arrives in the bullpen, demanding to know where he is. McGee's confused with Ducky then stating that he actually wants to know where Gibbs is.

Ducky then heads over Tony's desk where Tony is busy drinking and eating some pizza or rather trying to but Ducky soon grabs the pizza slice and dumps it in the bin much to Tony's horror before asking Tony if he knows the difference between good and bad cholesterol. Tony admits that he doesn't but he's assuming that it has something to do with taste.

Ducky states that "bad" was what came back on Tony's last blood test before ordering McGee to dispose of the pizza.

Tony protests, stating that the pizza cost him sixteen bucks but Ducky tells Tony that he'll thank him when Tony's Ducky's age yet McGee points out that Ducky eats pizza all the time.

Ducky agrees but Tony doesn't see the connection.

"Of course you wouldn't", Ducky states. "You're not a doctor".

It then cuts to Tony who looks confused.

As Ducky heads over to the desk, he wants to know where Gibbs is with Tony stating that Gibbs is at Sussex State Prison, interviewing Kyle Boone.

Ducky's stunned, having originally thought that Gibbs had said that he wasn't going.

Tony agrees with McGee telling Ducky that the SECNAV ordered Gibbs to do it.

Sitting at Gibbs's desk, Ducky wants to know who's with Gibbs but McGee tells him that no-one went with Gibbs.

Ducky then asks them if they've got any idea the effect that the psychopath had on Gibbs ten years ago?

Tony then states considering how open is Gibbs about his personal life, they don't have a clue.

Ducky states that Gibbs should not have gone alone.

McGee tries to assure Ducky that Gibbs will be fine but Ducky tells him that it's easy for him to say and that he didn't have to live through this the last time.

Tony's phone then rings, grabbing everyone's attention and as Tony answers it, it's Gibbs who's telling Tony to get the trunk and to go to the Boone Farm and to bring Cassidy with them.

As this goes on, Ducky gets up from the desk, obviously interested.

Tony then tells Gibbs that he's got it before telling Gibbs that they're on their way.

As soon as he hangs up, Tony tells Cassidy to saddle up because Gibbs wants her in the field.

"Wants me?", Cassidy says.

As the three Agents grab their gear and prepare to leave, Tony tells Cassidy that it's what Gibbs said and that they should roll before telling Ducky that the difference between ten years ago and today is the fact that they've got Gibbs back.

As McGee and Cassidy leave the bullpen, Ducky tells Tony that there's another difference with Tony wondering if Gibbs was actually meaner.

"Oh, quite the opposite", Ducky replies before grabbing Tony and telling him, "He was... He was a lot like you" before leaving the bullpen.

Tony looks stunned for a second before heading off to join McGee and Cassidy.

A while later, the NCIS Major Case Response Team Truck truck arrives at the Boone Family Farm.

As Gibbs heads down the steps, Tony wants to know what they've got but Gibbs isn't interested in reply, instead choosing to measure Cassidy who tells Gibbs that she can save him the trouble because her measurements are but Tony interrupts her by stating that Cassidy's measurements are twenty-six and thirty-four and that she's a hundred and thirty-four pounds before asking Cassidy if he's right.

Cassidy just wonders if Tony weighed and measured her in her sleep.

Tony states that he's a crime-scene sketch expert and that it's what he does.

Gibbs tells Cassidy that she'll do with Cassidy telling Gibbs that he has such a way of making a gal feel so special. Gibbs then gives Cassidy a mask to wear before telling McGee that he might want to consider wearing kneepads.

As they head for the truck, McGee asks Tony if they've got kneepads with Tony stating that equipment inventory is Kate's job and that McGee might want to ask but Tony soon stops upon realizing that Kate isn't around anymore because she's dead.

Once Tony has gotten what he needs, he heads into the house to join Gibbs while Cassidy joins McGee at the truck and asks him if he has any idea what they're doing.

McGee tells her that he has no idea and Cassidy asks him if that bothers him.

"You get used to it", McGee replies before leaving to go inside.

"Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of", Cassidy states. She then grabs the rest of the equipment, slams the van's doors shut and heads inside to join the others.

Inside the house, Tony remarks that the place must have been gone over a dozen times and that there's no way there are any bodies here but Gibbs tells Tony that he's not looking for bodies before revealing that Boone was raised in the house by his uncle while his mother who was a prostitute left town when Boone was twelve. Tony wants to know what they're looking for.

"Proof", Gibbs replies. "Boone swears it's here. The only place we didn't look was inside this chimney".

It then cuts to show that McGee is kneeling while Cassidy who's standing on McGee's back is busy searching the chimney.

In the chimney, Cassidy believes that she's got something but it's another dead bird. Unfortunately, she drops it and it then hits the ground but not before hitting McGee who remarks that it's disgusting.

Tony then tells McGee that he'll bet that this wasn't in the brochure which has both Tony and Gibbs smiling.

McGee just tells Tony that he was wrong earlier because Cassidy weights more than a buck twenty while the flashlight then hits McGee, causing him to remark that Cassidy did that on purpose.

Cassidy soon finds the scrapbook in the flue- a duct, pipe or opening in a chimney and then announces that she's coming down much to McGee's relief although he gets more pain when Cassidy climbs down to get onto the ground.

Once Cassidy has apologized, she then heads over to Gibbs, telling him that it looks like a book.

As Tony takes photographs of the book, McGee soon drags himself to his feet and joins them while Gibbs unwraps the cover that the book was in before placing it into an Evidence Bag.

Gibbs opens the first book and on the first page, it has four photo of various women being tied up and tortured.

Gibbs then flips through the book where it's shown that there are more pages with the same photos although there are different women on them.

Cassidy then remarks that there must be thirty pages in there with Tony believing that there could be more while McGee wonders what's carved into the victims's backs.

Gibbs grimly tells McGee that it's Boone's calling card.

It then cuts to show that the back of one of Boone's victims has a heart carved into her bare back before morphing into a series of pages that Boone is busy crossing out.

John Briggs, a man who's writing Boone's autobiography wonders what's wrong. Boone tells Briggs that the section on his mother is better but it needs work.

As Gibbs and Kelleher approach, Briggs tells Boone that he was trying to humanize her but Boone tells Briggs not to.

The door opens and Gibbs and Kelleher come in with Boone asking Gibbs if he found it but Boone then admits that Gibbs wouldn't be here if he hadn't found it.

Boone then introduces Gibbs to Briggs, Boone's biographer and it's obvious that Briggs is starstruck, telling Gibbs that it is a pleasure and that Briggs has been trying to schedule an interview with Gibbs for months.

Kelleher then tells Briggs that he has to leave right now but Briggs refuses, stating that he's been granted special permission by the State of Virginia to be here.

Kelleher tells Briggs that it doesn't apply anymore.

Gibbs then tells Briggs that the next time he sees Boone is when the serial killer will have a thunderbolt shooting out of his ass.

Briggs again tries to stay, insisting that he was guaranteed special access for the next three days.

Gibbs then tells Briggs that Kelleher asked him to leave and warns Briggs that Kelleher shouldn't have to ask Briggs to leave again.

As Briggs stares angrily at Gibbs, Boone apologizes, stating that Briggs will have to excuse Gibbs because Gibbs has finally gotten a glimpse into the world that Boone told him about.

Briggs then changes his tune and begins asking questions about the scrapbook, even wondering when it's going to be released, focing Kelleher to step in and tell Briggs that if he wants to walk out of here under his own power, then he suggests that Briggs leaves now.

In his cell, Boone flops down onto his bed, making himself comfortable while outside, Gibbs just silently stares at Boone.

Briggs soon gives in, grabs his stuff and leaves with Kelleher accompanying him while outside, a guard hits a buzzer, signalling that the door should be closed.

Boone tells Gibbs that Briggs really is a wonderful writer and that he spent years trying to understand Boone but he never seemed to measure up.

Gibbs wonders if Boone is talking about his prostitute mother or Boone's father who was a hick john with a few extra bucks in his pocket?

Boone then tells Gibbs that he was actually talking about him but Gibbs tells Boone that the show's over before demanding that Boone give up the location of his dumping ground.

Boone then tells Gibbs to show him his scrapbook one last time and then he'll draw Gibbs a map even a Marine can follow.

Gibbs refuses, stating the victims have suffered enough.

Boone then believes that they're at an impasse.

Gibbs then wonders if Boone is going to keep on playing this game with him which has Boone sitting up and telling Gibbs that he never considered any of this a game and that Gibbs should know that but Gibbs doesn't care, telling Boone that he's now changing the rules because he's seen Boone's world and now, Boone will spend what's left of his miserable little life in Gibbs's own world before turning around and walking away.

It then cuts to Boone who has an evil smile on his face.

In the NCIS Evidence Garage, McGee and Cassidy, now wearing the red NCIS jumpsuits watch as Tony lectures a group of seven probationary NCIS agents on the fact that they're about to witness the transfer of a maximum-security prisoner to NCIS which means that while the prisoner's there, he's their sole responsibility.

As Tony passes by, an NCIS Agent (Mind Games) yawns, causing Tony to sarcastically wonder if he's boring the Agent.

Cassidy isn't impressed, wondering if Tony ever stops but McGee tells her that he's glad it's not him.

As Gibbs emerges from the lift, Cassidy checks her watch and realizes that it's ten o'clock before stating that it doesn't make any sense bringing Boone to NCIS.

McGee tells her that Gibbs is trying to put him on unfamiliar ground and throw him off balance.

"Because that worked well ten years ago?", Cassidy asks. "What's different now?".

"I am, Cassidy", Gibbs replies, startling Cassidy but not McGee.

Tony then hits a button, causing the doors of the Evidence Garage to open and he tells the agents to wake up just as a Sussex State Prison van reserves into the Garage while everyone looks on.

As soon the van stops, a prison guard emerges with two more coming, dragging Boone with them.

Boone remarks that he knew he could count on Gibbs and remarks that it's good to be "home" again as he and two NCIS agents head into the lift.

Gibbs just stares at Boone.

The next morning, in the bullpen, a live camera feed on Boone in Interrogation is gracing the plasma with Tony reporting that Boone was impersonating a statue all night and that according to the watch, he hasn't moved a muscle.

Cassidy isn't impressed, remarking that Boone's creepy before wondering where Gibbs is going to start his interrogation.

Tony tells her that Gibbs will start when he's ready but Cassidy states that Tony may want to tell Gibbs to hurry up because Gibbs has less than 48 hours- (two days) before Boone is scheduled to be executed.

Tony then states that he's got a better idea and then suggests that Cassidy tell Gibbs herself but Cassidy refuses, stating that she's not stupid.

Tony agrees and tells her that of all the things she is, "stupid" definitely isn't one of them before he heads over to his desk. Cassidy then thanks him before wondering what that was supposed to mean.

Tony tells her that it's nothing before wondering how's Bobert. Cassidy then realizes that Tony might be jealous but he assures that he isn't jealous of a lawyer and to give him a break.

Cassidy tells Tony that he's rich with Tony remarking that money isn't everything.

Cassidy then states that Bob's got season tickets to the Redskins and a private skybox with Tony remarking that he's happy for Bob.

Cassidy then reveals that Bob also drives a Ferrari which is red and Tony realizes that it's like Magnum P.I. and he remarks that it's nice.

"Isn't it?", Cassidy asks.

Tony then asks Cassidy if she knows what's even nicer before remarking that it's his current view before realizing that Cassidy is wearing Victoria's Secret. She then tells Tony to enjoy it as long as he can because that's as close as he's going to get but upon seeing Gibbs appear, Tony then gets back to work.

Gibbs then tells Cassidy to go check Boone's security detail which Cassidy agrees to do. Tony tries to join her but Gibbs stops him.

Upon seeing Cassidy enter the lift, Gibbs gives Tony a Headslap, causing Tony to ask what the slap was for. Gibbs tells him it was for letting Cassidy get to him.

Tony protests that he wasn't letting that happen before changing his mind and admitting that it won't happen again. Gibbs then gives Tony a cup of Caf-Pow which Tony thanks him for but Gibbs tells that it's for Abby and he then tells Tony to go find out how many victims she ID'd from Boone's scrapbook.

Tony leaves to do that and Gibbs smiles before he heads to his desk.

Upon seeing Boone on the plasma, he stops and glances at Boone, wondering how he's going to break a serial killer that he tried and failed to interrogate nearly ten years previously but then, almost as if sensing Gibbs is looking at him, Boone tilts his head towards the camera as if acknowledging Gibbs is looking at him for the first time.

It then cuts to Boone who's still staring intently at the camera.

Act Three

In the lab, Abigail Sciuto is telling McGee that there were twenty-seven women in the scrapbook and that as far as she can tell, the women were all in the order in which they were killed. She then states that Boone has admitted to killing twenty-two which matches with the photos in the files that the FBI sent over to NCIS.

Still glued to the computer, McGee states, "Uh-huh" before Abby tells him that they would think that they would be left with five Jane Does but his guess would be wrong because Abby knows who the first victim is. She finally catches onto the fact that McGee hasn't been listening to a word she's been saying before she states that she's pregnant, that she's expecting twins, that she hasn't told the father yet who happens to be Gibbs.

Upon hearing that sentence, Tony blanches, obviously struggling not to throw up. A

bby then states that she knows it's wrong but there's something about Gibbs's silver hair that gets her all tingly inside. Tony finally enters the lab, mumbling, "Excuse me a sec. I think I'm gonna vomit".

Abby assures Tony that she was only joking except for the part about Gibbs's hair which she finds really hot. Tony then walks over and gives her the Caf-Pow before rubbing his ears, obviously trying to forget what he's just heard.

Abby then tells Tony that McGee's ignoring her again before taking a sip from her Caf-Pow.

"Easily fixable", Tony replies and headslaps McGee who wonders what he did. Tony tells him to stop ignoring Abby because she's sensitive.

McGee apologizes before stating that he was concentrating and that he believes he's found a way to find Boone's victims without Gibbs having to talk to Boone. He then explains that there are distinctive geographical and man-made features in the photos from the scrapbook. He then points that there might be a stream in one photo, a bridge in another and a power line in another.

"Or some dirt on a picture", Tony states which has Abby glaring at him.

McGee then tries to put his plan forward but Tony isn't convinced, stating that it could take them years to search one county and even a single State. McGee states that it might be for them but not for a computer. Abby then realizes that McGee's plan was satellite imagery with McGee saying, "Exactly" while Abby remarks that she should've thought of that.

As Tony heads over to behind the computer area, McGee and Abby discuss how to get an accurate fix on the location but Tony then tells them that it's enough with the geekspeak and that Gibbs wants to know how many victims they ID'd.

Abby tells them that she's ID'd all except for the last four in the scrapbook and that she's running it against Missing Persons reports prior to Gibbs putting Boone behind bars but there haven't been any hits yet. However, she then reveals that the one who stands out the most is the first victim who disappeared in 1974.

Tony wants to know if Abby's sure about that, considering that Boone was just a kid back in 1974.

Abby tells him that she is and as it turns out, his mother did not abandon him because Seelna Boone, the woman responsible for bringing Kyle Boone into the world was also the same woman who died at the hands of her son which means that she was Kyle Boone's first kill.

In Observation, Gibbs is looking at Boone who is now staring at the window, knowing that Gibbs is in there.

Gibbs's staring contest with Boone is interrupted by Ducky's arrival and instantly, Ducky tells Gibbs that he doesn't have to do this again but Gibbs tells Ducky that he's wrong and that Gibbs has to although both Gibbs and Ducky know that Boone will never tell Gibbs where Boone's victims are.

When Ducky asks Gibbs why, Gibbs tells him that it's because ten years ago, Gibbs couldn't break Boone.

Ducky then admits that while that didn't help, Gibbs did what no-one else could: he caught the son-of-a-bitch, Boone.

Gibbs disagrees, stating that he should have killed Boone with Ducky insisting that in two days, that it will be rectified before telling Gibbs that as a friend, it's time for Gibbs to let this one go but Gibbs refuses.

Ducky then states that Gibbs has already lost one relationship due to his obsession with Boone, that she was a wonderful girl and that Gibbs neglected her, only for Gibbs to angrily snap that the woman in question left him, not the other way round.

As Gibbs leaves Observation, Ducky then tells Gibbs that he made it impossible for the unnamed woman to stay. Once Gibbs has slammed the door behind him, Ducky, now alone in Observation sighs heavily.

In the bullpen, Cassidy is telling someone to send him up and make sure that he's escorted just as Tony arrives in, asking her if she's comfortable. Cassidy tells him that she is but Tony tells her that it was a rhetorical question.

As Tony drags her across the room while she's still in his chair, Cassidy states that she never realized how sensitive Tony was about his desk.

"There's a lot you don't know about me, Cassidy", Tony replies.

Cassidy then asks where Gibbs is with Tony spinning the chair and showing her that Gibbs has now arrived in Interrogation to talk to Boone.

Cassidy then tells Tony that Boone's lawyer is here and that he claimed he wasn't notified about his client being moved from Sussex State Prison to NCIS and that O'Neill wants to talk to Boone.

Upon dragging Cassidy to her desk, Tony then tells her that Gibbs doesn't like to be kept waiting and upon thursting Cassidy into her temporary desk, he tells her to go tell Gibbs while Tony will go get the suit (O'Neill) before running off with his chair while Cassidy stares after him.

In Interrogation, Gibbs sits down opposite Boone who's thrilled to have Gibbs in the room with him before wondering where they should start this time, ie, his childhood.

Gibbs then tells Boone that he didn't bring him to NCIS to talk with Boone believing that he's going to get a chance to see his photographs again.

Gibbs tells Boone that it's not gonna happen. Boone admits that it's interesting before wondering why he's even here at NCIS.

Gibbs tells him that it's because the State are hoping that he'll get a location of Boone's victims with Boone stating that he believes that it requires some form of communication.

Gibbs then tells Boone it was the State before telling Boone that he's not even gonna try.

Boone then admits that Gibbs has always tried and that's what he likes about Gibbs who tells Boone that he's taken him out of the system and that he's gonna sit here alone without any human contact until he fries while insisting that the game Boone's playing ends now.

Boone then states that being in Interrogation is bringing back so many memories for him and the two spend many minutes staring at each other before Cassidy's voice comes over the intercom where she tells Gibbs she wants to have a word with him which draws Boone's interest and has him telling Gibbs that it sounds like he replaced his dead female colleague (Kate Todd) before asking if there's any chance he could meet this one?

Gibbs just stares at Boone before getting up and leaving Interrogation while Boone smiles and tells Gibbs that he'll be here if he needs him.

In the hall, as the two NCIS agents guarding Boone look on, Cassidy emerges from Observation and meets Gibbs, telling him that O'Neill, Boone's attorney has arrived and that the D.A's afraid that if they deny O'Neill access to Boone, then O'Neill will find a sympathetic judge and have the execution delayed.

As this happens, O'Neill appears, wearing an NCIS Visitors Badge while talking on his phone to someone as DiNozzo accompanies him. O'Neill finishes his talk, hangs up and tells Gibbs that he needs a privileged conversation with Boone which means that he wants the Observation Room cleared and all microphones turned off.

Gibbs wonders that if that's all with O'Neill assuring him that is for now.

With that, Gibbs leaves while Tony urges an NCIS Agent to search O'Neill throughly via the use of gloves.

In the lab, as the computer program is running, Abby remarks that she's impressed and that it's actually working. McGee thanks her and tells her that they have to scan through 800,000 miles of satellite images and pray that they get lucky.

"I am a scientist, McGee", Abby announces. "Luck has nothing to do with it and/or us".

McGee tries to ask her about Gibbs's gut but Abby states that Gibbs is lucky and when McGee tries to get his point across, Abby states that it's because Gibbs isn't a scientist and with that, the two resume looking at the program.

Back in the hall, O'Neill corners Gibbs and tells him that if anything happens to Boone while he's at NCIS, then O'Neill will be holding Gibbs personally responsible but Gibbs interrupts by telling O'Neill that he has Gibbs's own word that Boone will be in perfect health for his execution before telling Cassidy to escort O'Neill out of the building which she does but not before O'Neill tells Gibbs that he'll be hearing from him.

Tony then asks Gibbs if he's going back in there but Gibbs tells him that he might be going before his cell phone's ringing interrupts him.

It's Abby and she tells him that she and McGee believe that they found Boone's dumping ground and that they've got it on the plasma in her lab.

As Gibbs leaves, he tells Tony and the two Agents about the development.

In the lab, Gibbs wants to know what they're looking at.

Abby tells McGee to take it away before changing her statement to very Special Agent McGee which has Gibbs smiling.

McGee then brings up a possible site as to where Boone's victims were tortured, murdered and buried.

Abby wants to know if Gibbs knows how he did it but when he says he doesn't, Abby tells him "Good" and states that it was mostly luck.

Gibbs wants the location with McGee telling him that the location is the Wilderness Area of Great Falls National Park.

As Gibbs leaves, he tells Tony that he's in charge of the team with a stunned Tony wondering where Gibbs is going. Gibbs then states that after ten years, he's finally got something on Boone that Boone doesn't already know about.

Accompanied by the two NCIS Agents, Gibbs then enters Interrogation where Boone tells him that O'Neill was very upset and that he tried to get Boone moved back to prison but apparently, Boone assured O'Neill that he liked it here.

Gibbs advises Boone not to get too comfortable because Boone's going back to the prison today.

As Gibbs walks out the door, Boone realizes that something's changed and that Gibbs found something.

A while later, Tony, McGee and Cassidy have arrived at the area and are busy going through some trees while McGee tells them that the site where the photos were taken is 265 feet on a track of 310 degrees and that they need to get through an area which unfortunately has poison ivy plants in it.

Tony takes a deep breath and tells McGee to remember what Tony told him about the poison area but not to tell Cassidy which has Cassidy puzzled. Tony then hurriedly tells her that it's nothing before he goes through the bushes but unfortunately, ends up falling although he assures Cassidy and McGee that he's okay but he advises to watch themselves because it's pretty steep.

They soon reach a deep part of the forest where Tony remarks that if it is the area, then he can understand why Boone chose it because it's off the beaten path, no surfaces to reflect any sounds and that his victims could scream their heads off and no-one would hear them before remarking that it is the perfect spot.

Suddenly, McGee's device beeps and as he searches for the signal, in his mind, he then imagines various young women sitting on the ground while hanging from the branches of trees, having been tortured and then killed.

As he spots a rock, McGee then imagines more women being tortured and killed. He then spots a tree and imagines that this was the same tree Boone tied his victims to before torturing and murdering them.

As Tony and Cassidy watch from a distance, McGee then spots something in the grass. He throws his bag and equipment before slipping on a glove and as he edges closer, he removes a few leaves to discover that it's the head of a skeleton or quite possibly one of Boone's victims.

Tony and Cassidy come over to see for themselves and Tony examines his phone before stating that there's no reception and he tells them to spread out, tape the area off and they'll hike and call Gibbs while McGee stares intently at the human skeleton head buried in the leaves.

In Interrogation, Boone tells Gibbs that they both know he's in there and sure enough, it then cuts to Gibbs who's watching Boone from Observation just as Abby comes into Observation, telling Gibbs that she wanted to see what the monster/Boone looked like.

And as Abby gets her first glimpse of Boone, she remarks that he doesn't look that scary while in Interrogation, Boone is busy eating something. Gibbs then asks Abby if she saw the photographs with Abby admitting that she did.

With that, Gibbs exits the room, leaving Abby alone in Observation.

Back in the forest, while McGee documents the scene, Tony tells McGee that he's proud of him. McGee waits for the "And" but Tony's puzzled.

McGee then states that Tony would usually add in some kind of insult at the end.

Tony states that he doesn't before admitting that he does sometimes and that the point is that they're a team.

However, they're interrupted by Cassidy calling Tony's name, prompting both Tony and McGee to stop what they're doing, draw their guns and then join Cassidy.

Once they've reached her, Tony asks her if she's alright.

Cassidy tells him that she was a little startled.

"By what?", Tony asks.

"Her", Cassidy replies.

It then shows that there's the body of a young woman in the corner of the area.

McGee holsters his gun and approaches the body as Cassidy and Tony join him, both still having their guns out just in case of any danger.

McGee examines the body and realizes that the woman can't have been dead for more than a few days.

Cassidy spots something and tells Tony that he's not gonna believe it.

Tony approaches and realizes that the dead woman has Boone's mark on her back.

It then cuts to show the back of the victim's body which has a heart carved into it.

Act Four

While Tony and McGee process the scene and take photographs of the victim, Cassidy tries to call Gibbs but remarks that she can't get reception out in the forest. Tony tells her that it isn't surprising because butt-nowhere isn't part of their coverage plan.

Cassidy then states that she's going to head back to the NCIS truck and try and get the call through. Tony tells her to tell Gibbs that they're going to need everything and everyone on this.

As she heads off, Cassidy tells them that she'll be back in twenty minutes.

As Tony continues photographing, McGee realizes something.

Back at NCIS, Boone is lying on a table in Interrogation, humming something while Gibbs looks on from Observation just as Gibbs's own phone rings.

It's Cassidy who tells him that they've found Boone's dumping ground with Gibbs telling her good work.

When Gibbs starts saying something, Cassidy interrupts with the news that they've found another body, the body of an unidentified female and that it appears that the victim has been dead less than a week, further strengthening the theory that they're dealing with a copycat killer.

As Cassidy walks across the field while wondering if Gibbs can hear her, it then shows that someone's spying on her. Gibbs tells Cassidy that he can hear her and he wants the area sealed off because he's on his way.

Gibbs then hangs up and glances back into Interrogation where it's shown that Boone is staring at the window with a strange smile on his face.

In the forest, McGee notices something and calls Tony while insisting that something isn't right. Tony tells McGee that nothing's been right ever since Boone arrived at NCIS. McGee then tells Tony that he knows this girl.

While reloading the camera, Tony wonders how McGee knows her.

"You know her too", McGee replies. "She was the last entry in Boone's scrapbook. One of the Jane Does".

Tony then states that Boone has been on Death Row for ten years and that the victim has been dead for less than a week and that it's not possible but one look at the victim soon has him remembering the images from Boone's scrapbook and muttering, "It can't be" in disbelief.

Back in Interrogation, Boone is now standing, facing the entrance as if he's waiting for Gibbs to put in an appearance. Sure enough, seconds later, Gibbs arrives in with Boone telling him that he looks peaked and wondering if there's something wrong before suggesting if he can help.

As Gibbs leans over the desk, Boone also wonders if there's been a new development.

Gibbs then admits that he has to hand it to Boone because even though Gibbs tried his best, and that Boone got Gibbs to play his game before Gibbs sarcastically "congratulates" Boone for doing so.

Boone then realizes that they found the bodies and that it's good before telling Gibbs that it wasn't what he expected. He then states that there's someone else out there right now, a new threat and Boone claims that he's the only one who can help Gibbs find him and that Gibbs will have to get a stay of Boone's execution.

"I'm gonna have to pass on that", Gibbs replies before telling Boone that no matter how this plays, Boone will be sitting in the electric chair on Saturday. Boone then states that Gibbs can't have changed that much because Gibbs has a sworn duty. As he leaves, Gibbs tells Boone that he might have ten years ago but now, he can wait until Sunday to begin an investigation if he likes.

"You're bluffing", Boone states.

"You're dead in thirty six hours", Gibbs retorts.

As Gibbs walks out of the hall, Boone insists again that he'll be here if Gibbs changes his mind before the door to Interrogation closes on him.

Back in the forest area, Cassidy finally reaches the NCIS Truck and gets out onto the road when she hears something rustling in the bushes. She reaches for her gun, only to get hit from behind with a shovel which sends her to the ground while also knocking her out in the process.

It then cuts to show that Cassidy who's now unconscious and bleeding in the trunk of a car while she's bound and gagged as the kidnapper takes two photos before slamming the trunk shut.

Upon realizing that Cassidy hasn't shown up yet, McGee and Tony arrive at the Truck with Tony believing that Cassidy's lost and wondering why McGee didn't her his GPS thing.

As this happens, McGee spots a photo on the windshield of the truck and examines it before stating that Cassidy isn't lost. He then draws his gun, causing Tony to do the same thing.

As Tony demands to know what's going on, McGee gives him the photograph and grimly tells him that Cassidy isn't missing: she's been kidnapped.

In the bullpen, with the team now in overdrive, Gibbs is asking McGee where his list of every visitor and caller that Boone has had since being in prison.

McGee assures Gibbs that he's working on it.

Gibbs then calls on Tony who isn't listening. Gibbs calls Tony again, causing Tony to jump up and tell Gibbs that the back-up team is in place before stating that he should never have left Cassidy take off alone.

Abby arrives in, stating that the Polarid of Cassidy is clean and that there's no DNA or fingerprints on it. She believes that she screwed up with Gibbs in disbelief over what he's hearing.

When Gibbs looks at her, Abby tells him that they should have known that there was more than one killer and she only ran the Jane Does up until the time Boone was captured before revealing that all four women have gone missing in the last five years.

Gibbs then tells McGee to concentrate on Boone's contacts over the last three years.

While writing something down, McGee agrees.

Abby then looks at the photo of Cassidy on the plasma and remarks that they can't lose another Agent and that she can't take this.

McGee then announces that their best bet is Briggs, Boone's autobiographer who in the last three years has logged over 229 phone calls and visited Boone 96 times.

"He's writing Boone's autobiography", Gibbs states.

"He's living it", Tony replies.

McGee tells them that Briggs is off to a good start because he was dishonorably discharged from the Army in 1991 and that Briggs was arrested in 2000 for domestic disturbance, having beaten his girlfriend.

Gibbs wants Briggs found and McGee gives Gibbs Briggs's home address and cell-phone number. Tony then wonders if Briggs's cell-phone has a GPS locater.

Sitting down at his desk, McGee tells them that he checked the carrier, that it does and that it can be remotely activiated if it's been reported stolen. Gibbs and Tony tell McGee "Good job" before Gibbs and Tony leave. Once they've gone, Abby smiles at McGee who smiles back.

In the trunk of the car, the various bumps cause a still unconscious Cassidy to bounce around.

Meanwhile, Briggs keeps on driving.

Gibbs and Tony are heading to Briggs's location while McGee and Abby give Gibbs information via speakerphone to Gibbs's mobile phone.

In the lab, McGee tells Gibbs that Briggs's service provider is relaying them his location.

Abby states that he's in movement and that Briggs is heading out of D.C. and that he's on 190 west.

Gibbs increases the speed while back in the car, Briggs glances around .

Back in the trunk, Cassidy keeps bouncing around.

In the lab, McGee tells Gibbs that Briggs is getting off the 190 at Oakley and that if they get off at MacArthur, then they might make it before Briggs. Gibbs then makes a detour and drives some country roads at speed before asking McGee where Briggs is with McGee informing him that Briggs is less a mile.

As they drive along the road, Tony spots a red car and realizes that it has to be Briggs. Eventually, the two cars meet in a crossroads with Gibbs sliding the car across, blocking Briggs.

With Briggs temporarily stunned, Gibbs and Tony jump out, wielding their guns as Gibbs urges Briggs to keep his hands on the wheel.

Gibbs then flings open the driver's seat while Briggs demands to know what the Hell is going on. Dragging Briggs out of the driver's seat and slamming him against the car, Gibbs angrily demands to where she is.

Briggs states that he's got every right to be here before stating that he heard from a guard that they found the bodies and apparently, Briggs wants to see them.

As Gibbs unlocks the trunk, he then tells Briggs to shut up before opening the truck.

It then cuts to show that someone's helping a now conscious Cassidy out of the trunk and it's revealed that the person who kidnapped her is none other than Adam O'Neill, Boone's attorney who greets Cassidy.

O'Neill soon drags Cassidy into the main area of the barn.

Still groggy, Cassidy demands to know what O'Neill did to her with O'Neill telling her that he hit her in the head with a shovel and as O'Neill examines the head wound, Cassidy edges away from him while wondering if O'Neill murdered the woman that she, Tony and McGee found.

O'Neill tells her that he did.

Still lying in the ground, Cassidy then asks O'Neill how many more there are with O'Neill telling her that there were four and that Cassidy will make five before taking a Polarid photograph of Cassidy.

Lying in the straw, Cassidy wonders how Boone's lawyer became his replacement.

"You think I'm O'Neill's lawyer by coincidence? Come on", O'Neill states before telling her that he sought Boone while taking out more Polarid photographs of Cassidy who wants to know why.

O'Neill tells her that it was so that he could learn from Boone and learn from the best before telling Cassidy that she's his "graduation present".

O'Neill then kicks Cassidy and rips open her shirt, telling her that she can scream because it's allowed before taking yet another Polarid photograph of Cassidy.

O'Neill chuckles and while handling a sharp instrument, states that Boone said that he wants Gibbs to remember him for a long, long time after Boone is gone.

In the dirt, Cassidy just stares at O'Neill who tells her that they're going to take this nice and slow before slashing her right shoulder with a knife which leaves the top of it bleeding.

O'Neill then takes another photograph.

Cassidy then drags herself to her feet, causing O'Neill to remark that she's a fighter and that he hasn't had one of those before.

"Try again with that knife...", Cassidy snarls.

It cuts to Interrogation where Gibbs slams the scrapbook down onto the table in front of Boone, stating that didn't Boone want to see his scrapbook before demanding to know where his agent (Cassidy) is.

When Boone doesn't say anything, Gibbs produces a lighter and tries to switch on, intending to set the book on fire while Tony looks on from Observation.

Boone then tells Gibbs to stop but Gibbs just ignores him. Boone then tells Gibbs that he doesn't know what he's doing before insisting that Gibbs stop.

Gibbs then curses while trying to get the lighter as Boone insists that he doesn't know where Cassidy is and how could he?

Gibbs then gets the lighter working with Boone insisting that Gibbs let him see the scrapbook one last time and begging before fake-sobbing. Again, Gibbs asks Boone where Cassidy is.

Boone then drops the fake-sobbing and begins laughing, telling Gibbs that they all know that Gibbs can't destroy evidence before telling Gibbs that it's pathetic and wondering if he really did need to see those photos.

"Where they're up here, anytime I want", Boone says, pointing to his head before telling Gibbs that his agent is going to suffer and that the obscenities unleashed on her are going to be legendary because Gibbs is the one who stopped Boone and as such, this is all Gibbs's fault.

Gibbs finally snaps and slams Boone against the glass window before drawing his back-up weapon, a Smith & Wesson Model 37 which he places against Boone's skull while Boone chuckles, remarking that the copycat killer (O'Neill) is cutting Cassidy's tongue out of her mouth right now and the best part is that Boone himself is dead, bodies are going to keep on piling up.

Gibbs cocks the Swith and Wesson, hinting that he's probably removed the safety.

"Shoot me", Boone says. "You're supposed to shoot me, you idiot!".

Gibbs eventually withdraws, putting his gun aside and remarks with disgust, "That the plan you spent ten years working on? Get me to murder you and ruin my own life?" before remarking, "Wow" and walking away.

Boone then tells Gibbs that the killer is probably carving Gibbs's own name into Cassidy's back right now.

"Game over", Gibbs states, leaving Interrogation. "Back to Death Row".

The two NCIS agents then come in and drag Boone out of the room who wants to know if the governor of Virigina has called yet because Boone's still hopeful that they're not going to kill him before stating that he's the only one who can ID the killer and wondering if Cassidy screamed when the killer cut out her tongue.

"I don't know", Gibbs replies. "Why don't you ask her yourself?".

And with that, a very alive albeit bruised Paula Cassidy emerges from Observation, flanked by a grinning Tony.

Cassidy tells Boone that she's afraid his lawyer is going to be missing his execution tomorrow with Tony saying that O'Neill is dead, implying that Cassidy overpowered and killed O'Neill.

Gibbs then tells Boone to enjoy Hell.

As the three Agents begin dragging Boone away, who's outraged that his plan failed and that his lawyer/accomplice is dead, it then cuts to Gibbs, Tony, Cassidy and McGee who look satisfied that they've beaten Boone at his own game.

Major Events


  • The serial killer's file number on the file reads "H1 J3551CA" or "Hi Jessica" which was referring to SA Paula Cassidy who was played by Jessica Steen.
  • This is the only episode of Season 3 as well as the only episode of the entire series up until the Season 11 premiere episode, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (episode) that Cote de Pablo (Ziva David) doesn't appear in.
  • When Gibbs asks McGee how far John Biggs is, the red light of a camera can be seen in the back seat of the car he and Tony are in.
  • Mike Franks must have been Gibbs's partner when he arrested Kyle Boone, since he was arrested in 1995 and Franks retired in 1996.
  • Christopher Shyer (Kyle Boone) and Jessica Steen (Paula Cassidy) who appear in this episode are both originally from Canada.


Series Regulars

Season Three Cast
Name Portrayed by Role
Leroy Jethro Gibbs Mark Harmon An NCIS Special Agent in charge of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Anthony DiNozzo Michael Weatherly The Senior Agent of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team and also the second-in-command.
Abigail Sciuto Pauley Perette A Goth who is also the Chief Forensic Scientist and who also works for the NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Donald Mallard David McCallum NCIS's Chief Medical Examiner.
Timothy McGee Sean Murray (actor) An NCIS Special Agent previously assigned to the Norfolk Naval Base who is now the Junior Agent of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team.

Recurring Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
Paula Cassidy Jessica Steen A NCIS Agent temporarily assigned to Gibbs's team.
Cynthia Summer Stephanie Mello Jenny's secretary who informs Gibbs that he has a conference call from the Secretary of the Navy.

Guest Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
Adam O'Neill Lawrence Monoson Kyle Boone's lawyer and also the copycat killer.
John Briggs Chad Donella A man who's writing Boone's autobiography.
Sam Kelleher Tom Wright (actor) The warden of Sussex State Prison.
Charles Norin Scott Williamson The Governor of Virginia.
Kyle Boone Christopher Shyer A psychotic serial killer.
Analyst Frank Faucette Uncredited role.
Selena Booth Stacie Harder Kyle Boone's mother. Uncredited role.
NCIS Agent (Mind Games) Rudi Rose Uncredited role.
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