Military At Home or MAH for short was a large domestic terrorist group composed of various people living in Royal Woods, one of the wealthiest gated communities in suburban Washington D.C.

The group's sole purpose was to ensure that America spends the money defending itself, rather than acting as the world's police.

Matt Lane, Zach Nelson and Arthur Haskell, three members of the group planned to launch an attack to prove their point and even attempted to recruit shock-jock Adam Gator to their cause but when Gator turned them down, Nelson attacked the radio station, killing Gator as well as Commander Walter Daniels and recording engineer Vincent Clark before fleeing the scene.

Eventually, NCIS were successful in arresting Lane, Nelson and Haskell and even managed to get the area of a local baseball game evacuated after realizing that the group was targeting the parents of the girls playing the game, the parents being government officials.

Military At Home's final fate is unknown but it's presumed that after Lane, Nelson and Haskell were arrested, the other members who were involved in the group were arrested and jailed, resulting in the group disbanding for good.

Known Members Edit