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Leroy Jethro Gibbs   Gibbs's Rules    
Leroy Jethro Gibbs
Gender: Male   Male
Status: Alive.
  Occupation Affiliation Rank / Title
 ●   Federal Agent   NCIS   Special Agent
            ●     NCIS: MCRT       Special Agent in Charge
 ●   Federal Agent   NIS   Special Agent
            ●     NIS: MCRT       Probie
 ●   Armed Forces   USMC   GySgt
            ●     Sniper
Portrayed by: Mark Harmon
Sean Harmon (teenage Gibbs)
Micah Owens (Gibbs as a young child in Honor Thy Father (episode)).
 First Appearance
  ●   JAG: Ice Queen (episode).
  ●   NCIS: Yankee White (episode).
 Last Appearance
  ●   JAG: Meltdown (episode).
  ●   NCIS: n/a- recurring character.
List of Appearances

Leroy Jethro Gibbs is a widower and retired Marine sniper as well as a former Gunnery Sergeant with the United States Marine Corps who currently works as a Special Agent for the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) agency.

In addition to that, Gibbs is also the head of the NCIS Major Case Response Team which is stationed at the Washington Navy Yard in Washington, D.C.



A native of Pennsylvania's coal mining region and the only son and child of local General Store owner Jackson Gibbs and civilian/housewife Ann Gibbs, Gibbs grew up in the small town of Stillwater, his first name, "Leroy Jethro" in honor of a man that his father had been friends with.

Gibbs's parents separated when Gibbs was still a child which resulted in his mother's permanent absence from Gibbs's own life and as such, Jackson raised young Gibbs by himself while Ann who was suffering from cancer later committed suicide.

In 1976, Gibbs graduated from high school and was given the opportunity to go to college but turned it down in favor of joining the Marines instead which prompted him to leave Stillwater.


Gibbs as a young recruit in Camp Lejeune. From a flashback seen in the Season 9 episode, "Engaged Part 2".

Gibbs subsequently began training at boot camp at Camp Lejeune.

While there, he met and befriended fellow Marine Joan Matteson with the two forming a strong friendship but days later, Matteson was transferred to Japan. Gibbs later learnt that Matteson had been killed in a plane crash in Japan and was left greatly devastated by the news.

Upon finishing boot camp training, Gibbs was transferred elsewhere and later met a local girl named Shannon Gibbs, who was to become his wife in 1982 as seen during flashbacks in the Season 3 finale episode, Hiatus Part 2 (episode).

The couple had a daughter, Kelly Gibbs, two years later, not long after which the family moved to California when Jethro was transferred to a different marine base.

However Gibbs's life changed forever, when in 1991 while he was serving with the Marine Corps in Operation Desert Storm and during his absence, Shannon bore witness to the murder of another Marine which occurred at the hands of Pedro Hernandez, a member of the Mexican drug cartel, the Reynosa Cartel.

When Shannon pledged to testify against Hernandez, she and her young daughter Kelly who was eight years old at the time were placed under the protection of a federal agent.

On February 28, 1991, the unnamed agent was transporting Shannon and Kelly in the family van when a sniper shot the agent in the head, resulting in the agent's death and also triggering a fatal car accident which killed both Shannon and Kelly instantly.

Gibbs later learnt of their deaths and was left devastated by the news. With the help of NIS agent Michael Franks who was also investigating the shooting, Gibbs discovered that Hernandez was responsible and later set off to Mexico where he delivered his own brand of justice by shooting Hernandez in the head with his sniper rifle, killing the drug dealer instantly, a crime he kept hidden for nearly twenty years.

Unfortunately, his crime emerged with a vengeance in 2010 when Hernadez's children, Paloma Reynosa and Alejandro Rivera emerged, both with different techniques but they shared the same goal: revenge against Gibbs.

After fulfilling his goal of killing Hernadez, Gibbs retired from the Marines with the rank of Gunnery Sergeant and later joined NCIS (then the NIS) in 1992 as a Junior Agent with Franks becoming Gibbs's mentor.

For the next five years, Gibbs served as a Probie under Franks while also learning all the necessary skills that were key to becoming an NIS Special Agent.

One day in 1996, after arguments concerning the investigation of the Khobar Towers bombing, Franks resigned from NIS/NCIS for good and gave Gibbs his badge, resulting in Gibbs becoming the new leader of the team, a position Gibbs has held to this day.

JAG Season 8


Gibbs in the JAG Season 8/NCIS pilot episode, "Ice Queen".

Gibbs made his debut appearance in the JAG Season 8/NCIS backdoor pilot episode, Ice Queen (episode) where it was revealed that he was the head agent in charge of a team of investigators, the main members being fellow agents Anthony DiNozzo and Vivian Blackadder with Forensic Scientist Abigail Sciuto and Medical Examiner Dr. Donald Mallard assisting them.

The entire team except for Abby were called to a park to investigate and examine a body that a young Boy Scout had discovered.

Gibbs later interviewed the frightened youngster, assuring him that he hadn't done anything wrong before giving the boy his cap and card as a reward for being brave before Gibbs left to process the crime scene.

At the crime scene, Gibbs took photographs and examined everything including the body of the main murder victim before he and the team learnt from Tony that the victim was or had been a JAG officer.

Gibbs later returned to NCIS and ordered that a search be conducted to look for any other missing items belonging to the victim despite fellow NCIS Special Agent Don Dobbs protesting.

As the search went on, Gibbs and Blackadder, having learnt that the victim was Lieutenant Loren Singer arrived at JAG to question Singer's former colleagues and find a motive for her murder with JAG Commander Harmon Rabb emerging as a possible suspect.

Gibbs later interrogated Rabb and upon learning that there was evidence against Rabb, NCIS arrested the JAG commander.

In Meltdown (episode), the second and final episode of the JAG/NCIS crossover, Gibbs testified at Rabb's trial but later grew to have doubts or rather a gut feeling that had him suspecting that Rabb was not the killer.

However, due to the fact that Gibbs had terrorist, Amad Bin Atwad to interview, Gibbs was subsequently forced to leave after he finished testifying and ultimately left the case in Tony's hands.

Gibbs was successful in getting Bin Atwad to give away key information and a location: Rota, Spain.

Later, after Tony and Viv had wrapped up the case and arrested the real killer, all three NCIS Special Agents headed to Rota and participated in an anti-terrorist operation with the objective being to capture Hussan Mohammed.

Gibbs and Viv posed as fishermen and while Gibbs mingled with the crowd albeit undercover, Viv sent photographs of men on a fishing boat back to MTAC.

When the captain of the vessel was revealed to be wanted terrorist, Hussan Mohammed, Gibbs ordered that they all move in but Viv's hesitation forced them to move early after Mohammed realized that the authorities were coming for him and his men, triggering a gunfight as well as the Attempted Terrorist Attack In Rota, Spain.

While Tony and Viv dealt with the ship, Gibbs climbed onto the boat and after killing one of Mohammed's henchmen, came face-to-face with Mohammed himself.

For a few minutes, there was a stand-off but when Mohammed was revealed to be holding a grenade, indicating that he intended to kill himself and take Gibbs as well, Gibbs responded by shooting Mohammed seconds before the grenade fell to the ground, causing an explosion that destroyed the room of the ship and killed Mohammed while sending Gibbs knocking down some stairs.

Seconds later, Gibbs emerged, grim-faced but none the worse for wear although it was clear that he was furious at Viv for jeopardizing the operation.

It is presumed that after the operation, the team flew back to the United States and that Gibbs presumably either pushed for Viv's resignation from NCIS or she either returned to the FBI of her own accord.

However, with Viv's departure, this meant that the the main NCIS team only had two members: Gibbs and Tony.

NCIS Season 1

Gibbs returned in the Season 1 episode, Yankee White (episode) to investigate the death of a Naval Commander, Ray Trapp who died just minutes after returning from lunch with the President of the United States.

He also clashed with Secret Service agent Caitlin Todd and after some headbutting, the two reluctantly agreed to a joint investigation.

NCIS Season 2

NCIS Season 3


Gibbs in the Season 3 premiere episode, "Kill Ari Part 1".

Following Kate's death at the hands of Ari Haswari, Gibbs, like the rest of the team was left completely devastated and grief-stricken in the aftermath of NCIS Special Agent Caitlin Todd's murder at the hands of double agent Ari Haswari.

In Kill Ari Part 1 (episode) and Kill Ari Part 2 (episode), Gibbs became obsessed with avenging Kate's murder by any means necessary despite facing resistance from Ari's control officer, Ziva David and also the new NCIS Director, Jennifer Shepard, both women believing that Ari was innocent.

Gibbs's further need for revenge against Ari increased after Ari attempted to kill Abby with Gibbs believing that Ari was starting the process of targeting Gibbs's own people.

Gibbs later lured Ari into a trap with Ziva, having finally been convinced of Ari's guilt later shooting Ari dead. It was in the basement that Ziva confessed that she and Ari were half-siblings due to the fact that they shared the same father but with a different mother.

In Silver War (episode), Gibbs tackled the case of serial killer, Kyle Boone, Gibbs having arrested Boone back in the 1990s.

In late 2005/2006, after being caught in a bomb blast, Gibbs resigned from NCIS albeit temporarily but eventually rejoined the agency and the team and as such, has continued to lead them to this day.

NCIS Season 4

In the Season 4 premiere episode, Shalom (episode), it was revealed that after resigning from NCIS, Gibbs had gone to Mexico to live with Franks.

He later returned to help Ziva who had been framed for murder by an associate from her past.


Gibbs and Ducky repairing their friendship after being hostile towards each other for three months. From the Season 4 episode, "Smoked".

In Smoked (episode), Gibbs and Ducky repaired their shattered friendship by giving each other a handshake after being hostile towards each other for three months as a result of Gibbs's departure from NCIS at the end of Hiatus Part 2 (episode).


Gibbs left paralyzed by the BZ gas. From the Season 4 episode, "Sharif Returns".

In Sharif Returns (episode), Gibbs fell victim to some BZ gas and was left temporarily paralyzed upon confronting terrorist Mamoun Sharif in the bathroom of a Washington D.C. train station. Sharif was about to shoot Gibbs, only for Colonel Hollis Mann of the Army CID to get there in the nick of time and kill Sharif instead, saving Gibbs.

Like everyone else affected, Gibbs was given the treatment for BZ gas and later made a full recovery.


Hollis and Gibbs after finding more bodies inside a military cemetery mausoleum slot. From the Season 4 episode, "Skeletons".

In Trojan Horse (episode), with Jenny in Paris, Gibbs became the temporary Director of NCIS and during his tenure as Director, helped lead and solve a case.

NCIS Season 5

NCIS Season 6


Gibbs in the Season 6 premiere episode, "Last Man Standing".

In the Season 6 premiere episode, Last Man Standing (episode), Gibbs worked with his new team of Agents Michelle Lee, Brent Langer and Daniel Keating as they tackled the case of a Petty Officer.

Gibbs later confronted Vance over the case and discovered that it was connected to his original team being reassigned.

NCIS Season 7

NCIS Season 8

NCIS Season 9

NCIS Season 10

In Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (episode), following the death of SECNAV Clayton Jarvis, Gibbs headed to Iran to investigate the murder of Navy SEAL Chad McBride and to meet an informant associated with Captain Dominick Wayne, only to get caught in a gunfire at a marketplace in Abyaneh, Iran as two men sought to kill him.


Gibbs dual-wielding his SIG-Sauer P228 and also a SIG-Sauer P232 while at the marketplace in Abyaneh, Iran. From the Season 11 premiere episode, "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot".

By using his SIG-Sauer P228 and also a SIG-Sauer P232, a back-up weapon, Gibbs duel-wielded them and was successful in eliminating one man who was attempting to kill him.

Gibbs attempted to fight back but another man who sought to kill Gibbs was subsequently shot dead, leaving Gibbs stunned.

Richard Parsons then emerged, informing Gibbs he was in danger and as such, the two fled to safety.

Gibbs later returned to the United States and discovered that a terrorist group called the Brotherhood of Doubt were targeting him as well as the current members of his team.

In Crescent City (episode), Gibbs traveled to New Orleans with Bishop to help the New Orleans team led by Gibbs's old friend and fellow NCIS Special Agent Dwayne Cassius Pride investigate the murder of Congressman/former NIS agent, Dan McLane.

NCIS Season 11

NCIS: New Orleans Season 1


Gibbs in the NCIS: New Orleans Season 1 episode, "Breaking Brig".

Gibbs appeared in the NCIS: New Orleans Season 1 episode, "Breaking Brig" where he and NCIS Director Leon Vance were seen in MTAC in the Navy Yard in Washington D.C. with the meeting being held in Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility due to the high-security issues where the two briefed Dwayne Cassius Pride, the leader of the NCIS New Orleans Team about an international arms dealer, Dmitry Babakov who had escaped via an orchestrated bus crash.

Gibbs later arrived on an unnamed Navy ship to give Pride information on the interrogations concerning Babakov.

NCIS Season 12

In the Season 12 premiere episode, Check (episode), Gibbs suffered a devastating, personal loss when one of his ex-wives was brutally murdered by terrorist, Sergei Mishnev.

In the Season 12 finale episode, Neverland (episode), Gibbs was shot in both the chest and leg by teenager Luke Harris with Gibbs's life being left hanging in the balance.

NCIS Season 13

In Stop the Bleeding (episode), Gibbs was airlifted to the medical ward of the USS Daniel Webster where Navy doctor, Dr. Cyril Taft operated on Gibbs, ultimately saving Gibbs's life with Gibbs ultimately returning to active duty a few months later.

NCIS: New Orleans Season 2

Gibbs appeared in the NCIS: New Orleans Season 2 episode, "Sister City Part 2".


Originally from Stillwater, Gibbs later joined the United States Marine Corps and after receiving training, was reassigned in various places with Gibbs even fighting in Desert Storm.

He was also promoted to the rank of Gunnery Sergeant and served as a Marine sniper as well.

After retiring from the Marine Corps, Gibbs eventually joined NIS which later became NCIS and as a Probationary Agent, received training under Mike Franks, Gibbs also adopting many of Franks's own traits.

Following Frank's retirement, Gibbs became the new leader of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team, a position he holds to this day.


As a former member of the United States Marine Corps and also a Marine, Gibbs takes every crime committed against the Marine Corps and Navy personnel very seriously and as such, goes to great, almost obsessive lengths to ensure that the families of the victims get the justice and closure they truly deserve.

He also has a strong dislike towards any criminals he comes across, especially if the criminal is someone who is currently active in the Marine Corps or Navy due to the fact that Gibbs feels that they may have disgraced the uniform with their illegal actions or if they have used it for personal gain.

When it comes to interrogating suspects, Gibbs can often act kind and human to them but will prefer to act all ruthless and cold, often vocally expressing his disgust towards them and their actions.

He sometimes uses questionable methods that go close to torture to get facts from the suspects.

He is very unforgiving of any mistakes his team performs and often demands high quality work from them as well as from himself.

Despite that, Gibbs has a dry sense of humor, often cracking a smile. He also has a love of children and often goes out of his own way to help and comfort them if they're going through a bad time.

Gibbs also has no little or no patience for technology and when hearing technological babble to such an extent that he'll interrupt the person who's talking and demand that they get straight to the point.

Gibbs is also a capable leader with his team having a strong, undying loyalty towards him.


Gibbs is a man in his early or mid to late fifties with silver or white hair and blue eyes.

He often keeps his hair in a straight cut, presumably due to the fact that he is a Marine or a Leatherneck.

In his days as a teenager and during a flashback in Heartland (episode), Gibbs first wore the service uniform associated with the Marine Corps which consisted of a green coat, green trousers with a khaki web belt, khaki long-sleeve button-up shirt, khaki tie, tie clasp and black shoes.

He also wore a single green hat and had numerous ribbons and marksmanship badges worn on the left side of his coat.

As an active Marine, Gibbs wore the Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform which was either woodland or desert.

As a sniper associated with the Marine Corps, Gibbs also wore a standard version of the traditional Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform but often donned a disguise to blend in with his surroundings so that he could not be detected whenever he was performing his duties.

As an NCIS Special Agent, Gibbs often wears jackets with either a single polo shirt or a white t-shirt visible underneath the shirt itself. He will often wear jeans or trousers as well as boots.

In the case of attending important events such as Ziva's induction ceremony or Michael Franks's funeral, Gibbs was seen wearing a crisp blue suit complete with a tie.

Whenever he is in the field, processing a new crime scene, Gibbs wears the NCIS windbreaker which identifies him as a Federal Agent and also the official NCIS agency cap as well.

In the event that the team are pursing a suspect, Gibbs will often revert to wearing his original clothing again with a long black or gray jacket for warmth.

In preparing for a possible stand-off with a dangerous suspect, Gibbs often dons the NCIS bulletproof vest as a means of protection.

Like all the other agents associated with NCIS, Gibbs also carries a holster containing his SIG-Sauer. He wears the holster and his NCIS badge on his right hip due to the fact that he is right-handed.

Following his near-death experience, Gibbs later begins wearing a modern cut and tailored dress shirt. He even gets his hair shortened as well although it soon grows down behind his ears.


As an NCIS Special Agent and one of the most senior agents associated with the entire NCIS agency in general, Gibbs is highly skilled in processing a crime scene, taking statements from witnesses and victims as well as interrogating potential suspects, his interrogation skills also legendary.

He is also skilled at interrogation and sign language as well as numerous other abilities including negotiation and hand-to-hand combat.


Having learnt and mastered the art of shooting or sniper training while serving in the Marine Corps as a Gunnery Sergeant and a Marine sniper in the Marine Corps, Gibbs has honed his skill to such an extent that he is considered NCIS's sharpest shooter with former NCIS/Mossad Liaison Officer/NCIS Special Agent Ziva David a close second.

Gibbs is also an expressive marksman, having shot and killed a Colombian drug dealer from a range of 1200 yards.

He has also repeated this trait in recent years by shooting and killing the man responsible for killing Gibbs's first wife and young daughter and again in the Season 6 episode, South by Southwest (episode) where Gibbs used a rifle to shoot the pilot of a helicopter which ultimately killed the pilot and an assassin targeting them and again in the Season 7 premiere episode, Truth or Consequences (episode) by fatally shooting terrorist Saleem Ulman who had been interrogating NCIS Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo.


Another skill Gibbs possesses and is well known for around NCIS is the interrogation of any and all possible suspects that he and his team often arrest over the course of their investigations.

He is extremely skilled at this, often resorting to delivering simple, cold, hard facts or damning evidence at the suspects if he believes that the suspect is guilty or hiding something.

In the event that tactic will fail, Gibbs will often use or rather, pretend to use torture to get his opponents. Another tactic of his is TBI or "Truth by Intimidation" which is seen in the Season 2 episode, Vanished (episode).

If he feels that the suspect is refusing to break, Gibbs will often place graphic photographs of either the crime scene or the victim's remains in front of the suspect in the hope that it will greatly unnerve them.

Sign Language

Like Abby Sciuto, Gibbs is skilled in American Sign Language.


In addition to being an English speaker, Gibbs is also fluent in numerous languages, two prime examples being Russian and Japanese.


Like all NCIS Special Agents, Gibbs is trained in negotiating and will often use this as a means of defusing a potential situation involving a hostage and a suspect.

Hand-to-Hand Combat

Despite his age, Gibbs is capable of holding his own in hand-to-hand combat, especially against various criminals including civilians and Marines.

Gibbs is also able to overpower and defeat his opponents, sometimes with or without the assistance of his team with one key example being in the Season 2 episode, Red Cell (episode) where Gibbs fought Gunnery Sergeant Leeka who was also a murderer and rapist responsible for raping a female Midshipman and also killing a Marine Sergeant and a Navy Petty Officer and although Leeka was younger and stronger with power on his side, Gibbs was able to overpower and knock Leeka out, enabling Leeka to be arrested.


Gibbs has also displayed a great degree of intelligence.


Gibbs is skilled at lockpicking, enabling him and his team to get access to places that have been either sealed off or completely locked.


Gibbs has displayed an incredible amount of stamina beyond his years as is evident in his fight against Gunnery Sergeant Leeka in "Red Cell" and in "Seadog" where he is able to climb a locked gate and land into the basketball court yard without any trouble whatsoever.

Medical Training

Presumably like all NCIS agents, Gibbs has received medical training of some sort as this is shown in the Season 8 episode, Enemies Domestic (episode) as Gibbs was seen performing CPR on Vance who had sustained wounds from a claymore attack on the NCIS safehouse.

Five years later in the Season 12 premiere episode, "Twenty Klicks", Gibbs treated Navy pilot, Lieutenant Hannah Banks after the helicopter they had been traveling in was brought by a surface-to-air missile.

Dealing with Children

Although his time as a father was very short-lived, Gibbs has regularly used the skills he learnt while raising his young daughter, Kelly to interact with other young children he has met during various NCIS investigations.


Jackson Gibbs

Gibbs's relationship with his father, Jackson Gibbs was strained for many years. Before he joined the Marine Corps, Gibbs repeatedly clashed with many of the other local boys of Stillwater, Pennsylvania, and often resented that his father came to his rescue with the family's Winchester rifle.

During the time that Gibbs was in the Marine Corps, he did not speak often with his father, to the point that Jackson himself believed that it was his son's wife Shannon Gibbs, who was responsible for sending him Christmas cards every year.

The tension between father and son did not ease with the deaths of Shannon and Kelly Gibbs, but instead only heightened when Gibbs took offense to his father bringing a girlfriend to their funeral. They did not speak to one another again after the funeral until a case brought Gibbs and his team to Stillwater. Throughout the case, the two began a tentative reconciliation as seen in Heartland (episode).

In the months after leaving Stillwater, Gibbs made something of an effort to stay in touch with Jackson, calling him the day after Christmas to wish him a happy holiday in the last few seconds of the Season 6 episode, Silent Night (episode).

The following Christmas, in the Season 7 episode, Faith (episode), Jackson traveled to Washington D.C. to spend the holiday with Gibbs and to also seek his advice after having shot a man who attempted to rob his store. Their interactions during this visit showed that their relationship is still a rocky one, but both were willing to make it work.

In the season 7 finale, Paloma Reynosa, the head of the Reynosa Cartel, forced Gibbs to work for her by threatening Jackson. After he got out of her clutches, she personally traveled to Pennsylvania to kill Jackson but Gibbs had already warned him and after a hectic gunfight, Jackson escaped.

For four months, Gibbs protected Jackson at his house and, after Paloma was killed in the Season 8 episode, Spider and the Fly (episode), he went back to Stillwater with him to help him rebuild his store and when Jackson asked about his work, Gibbs answers: "Do what you can for family" to which Jackson replied, "Ain't that the truth?".

Joann Fielding

Although Gibbs's relationship with his former mother-in-law was one of great respect and honesty, it was greatly strained by the death of Shannon and Kelly, whom she referred to as "[her] girls." Joann held Gibbs responsible for their deaths, as he was not with them the day they were killed but over in Iraq. Because of this tension, the two did not frequently come into contact.

That changed when Joann became involved in one of Gibbs's cases when her fiance was shot and killed during the Season 7 episode, Mother's Day (episode).

As the investigation progressed, the evidence began to indicate that Joann was responsible for the man's death. She later revealed to him that she had discovered that her fiance was involved with the same drug cartel that had killed Shannon and Kelly, and that she wanted to do something to avenge her daughter and granddaughter. It was in this same conversation that Gibbs tacitly informed Joann that he had already killed the man responsible for Shannon and Kelly's deaths. Gibbs had also been ordered to arrest Joann, but he had covertly retained Margaret Allison Hart to defend her. He deliberately made mistakes, such as questioning her without an attorney and not reading her her rights, which allowed Hart to prevent him from arresting Joann.

Shortly thereafter, Director Leon Vance stated that Joann was no longer a person of interest and that Gibbs and his team should shift their focus to another case.


Gibbs has been married four times, widowed once and divorced three times as revealed in the Season 1 episode, Marine Down (episode). His first marriage to Shannon Gibbs nee Fielding was from all accounts a happy one, and their daughter, Kelly Gibbs, was born in 1984 as revealed in Hiatus Part 1 (episode).

Upon their first meeting in 1976, Shannon introduced him to the code that she lived by, and those rules would become the foundation of Gibbs's Rules. The marriage came to an abrupt and tragic end as when in protective custody by NIS, Shannon and Kelly's driver was killed and they died in the resulting car crash. Gibbs very rarely speaks of them, to the point that none of his colleagues at NCIS knew about them until he was caught in an explosion and woke up with amnesia, believing that they were still alive as seen during Hiatus Part 2 (episode).

His second, third, and fourth marriages all ended in divorce. His ex-wives have demonstrated an awareness of the existence of his marriage to Shannon. Diane Sterling showed awareness of Shannon and Kelly in Devil's Triangle (episode) and about her being "human antidepressant" for Gibbs and her comments about how he was "her Shannon" makes it seem plausible that Diane was his second wife. In earlier episodes like "Twilight", Diane was referred to by name as Gibbs's second wife in a conversation with Fornell. (he said this in front of Tony, who met Gibbs when Gibbs was divorcing Stephanie); when Shannon is added to the list, confusion offers Diane as the third wife. However, Diane is reconfirmed as second wife in a conversation with Fornell in "Escaped". When Jenny found that Gibbs was building a boat, she asked if it was the one he was building 6 years ago (98/99) and which wife that was named after. Jenny guesses the boat to be named "Diane", Gibbs neither confirms or denies the guess. Stephanie, the last ex-wife, at the end of The Ex-File recognized the name "Kelly" on the boat Gibbs was building.

Gibbs named one of his hand-made boats after his ex-wife, Diane. He gave this boat a symbolic "Viking Funeral" Gibbs stated that he could never stand to see any other man sailing off her, to which, Jenny remarked that he didn't care who sailed off on Diane as revealed in Kill Ari Part 2 (episode).

After their divorce, in 1995, Diane married Gibbs' friend and colleague, FBI Agent Tobias Fornell, with whom she had a daughter, Emily. Gibbs had warned Fornell against marrying her, but Fornell had thought that he was exaggerating Diane's bad traits. He later admitted that marrying her was a mistake. After her divorces from both men, she cleared out their bank accounts as noted in the Season 2 finale episode, Twilight (episode). She was recently married to a Homeland Security officer, named Victor Sterling though neither Gibbs nor Fornell think it will last. In "Devil's Triangle", Victor Sterling was kidnapped, prompting Diane to seek the aid of her two previous husbands in rescuing Victor. Since their divorce Gibbs and Diane had come an understanding of a sort and developed a friendship of a kind. He was clearly enraged when Sergei Mishnev's lieutenant murdered Diane much in the same way as Ari Haswari had murdered Kate Todd, both women having been killed after being shot in the head.

Very little if any has been said of his third marriage to Rebecca Chase, although from the information revealed in "Check" her alcoholism played a role in the dissolution of their marriage. Rebecca Chase sought to apologize to Gibbs as part of her recovery program and to invite him to her impending marriage to her divorce attorney. Her unexpected appearance at a crime scene in the company of Diane Sterling surprised him because he was unaware that they knew each other. Also it was revealed that she originated Gibbs' rule regarding coincidences.

Gibbs's fourth and final marriage was to Stephanie Flynn. They were only married for a short time -- fourteen months -- and spent the majority of their marriage in Moscow while Gibbs was serving there. At some point during their marriage, Stephanie also came into contact with Jenny Shepard, and sensed that she and Gibbs had been romantically involved prior to her marriage to Gibbs as revealed in the Season 5 episode, Ex-File (episode).

Stephanie blamed Gibbs for their break-up, and for several years after the divorce, she would get drunk on the anniversary and pepper him with harassing phone calls which was shown during the Season 1 episode, Hung Out to Dry (episode).

At some point after their divorce, Stephanie discovered that Gibbs' dog-tags had ended up in one of her drawers, but she did not return them to him until just before she moved to Philadelphia to be closer to her family, in 2007. It was around this time that she admitted that the failure of their marriage was "not anyone's fault which was again mentioned during "Ex-File".


During an assignment in Paris, Gibbs became romantically involved with Jenny Shepard, who was his partner at the time. Jenny was the one who ended the relationship, because she felt that Gibbs did not fit in with her "five-year plan" which she mentioned during Judgment Day Part 1 (episode). Despite this separation, the two regained a close, intimate friendship when she became the new Director of NCIS in 2005 during Kill Ari Part 1 (episode) following the resignation of her predecessor, Thomas Morrow.

However, secrets would cause a great deal of tension between them, as Jenny refused to admit that she had an unhealthy obsession with capturing René Benoit when Gibbs asked her about it during Bury Your Dead (episode). Nor the fact that she was terminally ill in the last months of her life although Gibbs suspected something was wrong. She also did not inform him of the fact that one of their old cases had come back to haunt them, instead choosing to deal with it with help from Mike Franks. She did confide in Franks that she regretted ending her and Gibbs's relationship, but knew that it was too late to change anything. She died shortly thereafter in a shootout with men sent by the woman Jenny failed to assassinate on a previous mission in Paris nine years previously.

Gibbs was also involved with a mysterious, red-haired woman for several years. His team expressed an intense interest in the woman, but none of them ever managed to discover her name which occurred during Silver War (episode).

Gibbs was briefly involved with Karen Wilkerson, a supervisor at Bethesda Naval Medical Center during Doppelgänger (episode) but the relationship was quickly terminated when it was revealed that Wilkerson herself was the killer of Petty Officer Dion Lambert.

For several months, Gibbs had a relationship with Hollis Mann, a Lieutenant Colonel who worked for the Army Criminal Investigation Division, the U.S. Army's version of NCIS. The attraction between them was so intense that Gibbs's team speculated that Hollis would become his "fourth ex-wife" which was mentioned during Sandblast (episode). Their relationship grew more serious as time passed, Gibbs showing his commitment to her by offering to put new pipes in throughout her apartment during In the Dark (episode) but the relationship came to an end, however, when Hollis realized that however much Gibbs cared about her, he was still deeply mourning Shannon and Kelly during "Ex-File". She left Washington D.C. shortly thereafter and moved to the Hawaiian island of Lanai as revealed in Lost and Found (episode) although Hollis later returned six years later in the Season 11 episode, Kill Chain (episode) to assist the NCIS team.

Gibbs was also deeply attracted to defense attorney Margaret Allison Hart, despite her suspect ties to one of his nemesis, Merton Bell which he learnt during Ignition (episode). However, Hart left the country after intercepting a report that would have implicated Gibbs in the death of Pedro Hernandez and gave it to him. Before leaving, she told him that, as a defense attorney, she believed that '[they] could beat it.'

Gibbs began a relationship with Dr. Samantha Ryan, the head of the Pentagon's PsychOps Division, after they met during a case involving one of her agents. Ryan, a sharp-tongued and inquisitive woman who enjoyed her job beyond anything else, irritated Gibbs by only revealing half-truths and speaking in riddles but he eventually managed to unhinge her when he approached her outside her son's school, a location that she had taken many precautions to keep secret. Losing her composure over this, she finally reveals what she had been holding back about the case. She later visits Gibbs and asks him to keep her secret about her son's school. Gibbs accepts. Later, she calls him and asks him out to breakfast (at four o'clock in the morning), telling him that he had a gift of making people feel safe, and he accepts.

They work together again in the episode The Tell (episode) during which the entire team begins speculating about their relationship. They share a kiss at the end of the episode.

In The Missionary Position (episode), Gibbs and Ryan have consummated their relationship and both want to make the relationship work although their jobs once again stand in their way namely due to Ryan's secrecy. However, their relationship continues and, although she tells Gibbs that she can't stay because she doesn't have a sitter for her son, he tells her that 'it doesn't have to be all night.' The last scene of the episode is of Ryan resting her head on Gibbs's shoulder.

In the Season 9 finale episode, Till Death Do Us Part (episode), Ryan aids NCIS in their hunt for Harper Dearing, the man responsible for the terrorist attacks on the Navy. Her relationship with Gibbs comes under strain when he is frustrated at her always being in what he called 'Doctor mode' and he berates her for never turning it off. However, she also claims that he never turns his own mode off and that, if he wants her to let him in, he should let her in. However, Dearing, who was planning to exact vengeance on the Navy and NCIS for the death of his son, knows that Ryan is the only one who can figure out what he is up to.

To destabilize her, he has her ex-husband (who had been indirectly mentioned several times during the season) released from prison on a bogus technicality and she decides to flee with her son. Gibbs tries to stop her saying that it wasn't the right thing to do and suggesting that he really wants to start a serious relationship but he is unable to convince her and she leaves, walking out of his life for good and also resulting in Gibbs returning to his original singular status which has remained to this day.


Gibbs often tended to keep his emotions close to his chest, saying little about his thoughts or feelings to the people around him. One example of this tendency was the fact that he never told any of his colleagues about his first wife and only child as revealed during "Hiatus Part 2 (episode)".

Gibbs developed the habit of slapping his subordinates on the back of the head if they did or said something foolish, a technique that he picked up from when he worked for Mike Franks as shown in a flashback during "Hiatus Part 2". This technique called the Headslap has been copied by various members of the NCIS team who have offered received this with DiNozzo being the one person to receive multiple headslaps. Others who have received headslaps included McGee and Ziva with Ducky and Abby as well as deceased Agent Kate Todd being spared this "wake-up call."

Gibbs is an extremely respected and feared individual in NCIS. This brings security to his position but it also brings fear as he has more experience than any of the most recent Directors of NCIS, culminating in their attempts to control him. Based on the fact that the Secretary of Navy told Gibbs that he and the FBI were talking about Vance's loyalty, it is clear that superiors like him better than the Director.

Michael Franks

Mike Franks was the NCIS/NIS agent in charge of investigating Shannon and Kelly's murders which was how he and Gibbs met one another. Franks was successful in proving that Pedro Hernandez was behind their deaths, but when Hernandez fled to Mexico, he was unable to have the drug dealer extradited back to the U.S., thanks to an uncooperative Mexican government.

Because of this, Franks turned a blind eye and unofficially allowed Gibbs a glimpse of Hernandez's file, which in turn allowed Gibbs to track the man to Mexico and kill him as revealed during Hiatus Part 2 (episode).

Shortly before NIS became NCIS, Franks brought Gibbs into the agency as a probationary agent. It was during this time that Gibbs learned many of the tricks of the trade that he employed as a team leader years later, including the head-slap, and many of the rules that Gibbs taught to his own team members which was shown in "Hiatus Part 2".

Franks retired from NCIS after the terrorist attack on Khobar Towers, leaving Gibbs on his own as an agent. He retired to Mexico and built himself a house on the beach. How much contact he and Gibbs maintained with one another during this time is unknown. He did, however, return to the U.S. in 2006 when Jenny Shepard contacted him to tell him about Gibbs's amnesia. He provided a catalyst for many of Gibbs's memories, and later offered his home to Gibbs as a place to turn to after Gibbs walked away from NCIS following the Cape Fear bombing that PinPin Pula had carried out which resulted in the deaths of numerous servicemen on board the ship which enraged Gibbs to no end and finally caused him to understand Franks's reason for quitting the agency all those years ago.

Gibbs was able to return the support to Franks some time later, when he learned that Franks had a son who had been mortally injured. He was present with Franks when the life-support was turned off during the Season 4 episode, Iceman (episode).

Gibbs also became the godfather of Franks's granddaughter, Amira as revealed during Judgment Day Part 2 (episode). He even gave the little girl his fourth hand-made boat, the Kelly prior to Outlaws and In-Laws (episode).

In the Season 8 episode, "Swan Song", Franks was murdered by the Port-to-Port Killer, Jonas Cobb, leaving Gibbs and the team devastated.

Gibbs was the first one who upon hearing the gunshots emerged onto the street and later found Franks's lifeless body on the ground.

In the resulting flashback that led up to the events surrounding Mike's death, Gibbs began hallucinating that Ghost Mike was there with him.

During Franks's funeral which had full military honors, Gibbs was seen carrying Franks's coffin and in a flashback, it was shown that Gibbs had personally designed his former boss's coffin, revealing that this was what Gibbs had spent most of Season 8 working on.

Donald Mallard

Ducky is one of Gibbs's closest and oldest friendships, spanning over a decade to Gibbs's early days at NCIS. Ducky is one of the few people who calls him Jethro on a regular basis, and Gibbs is the only one allowed to refer to him as "Duck" which Ducky revealed during Internal Affairs (episode).

Their friendship suffered a set of blows in 2006 when the news about Gibbs's first wife and family came out and Gibbs retired from NCIS and moved to Mexico with barely a word to him which was revealed during Hiatus Part 2 (episode).

Relations between them were strained for some time, even more so than after Gibbs returned to NCIS, though the two eventually were able to resolve their problems. It was at that time that Gibbs made a rare exception to his rule about never apologizing which ended with the two men shaking hands during Smoked (episode).

Ducky proved that he was one of a few people who could predict Gibbs's actions. While discussing how Shannon and Kelly Gibbs died during "Hiatus Part 2", he casually told Jenny Shepard that they could close the file on the drug runner's disappearance and then stated that there was no way that Gibbs would have let the man who murdered his family live with Ducky stating that if given the chance, "Jethro would have pursued the killer of his wife and daughter to Hell and back. Jethro got his revenge".

Five years later, Ducky discovered that his prediction was in fact correct, when the body of Pedro Hernandez was sent to him for an autopsy and he discovered a bullet from Gibbs's sniper rifle in Hernandez's skull during Patriot Down (episode).

Abigail Sciuto

"What do you got, Abs?"
—Gibbs upon entering Abby's lab for answers in regards to the team's current case.

Abby is a surrogate daughter to Gibbs and perhaps one of the few people who is close to Gibbs; she stated on multiple occasions that they were family or "tighter than blood." The two of them occasionally communicate in American Sign Language with one another, often to the annoyance of other people that are with them including DiNozzo.

Gibbs often demonstrated more patience with Abby than he did with other members of his team, and she was one of the few people who never received a head-slap. When she would ramble over one subject or another -- usually over evidence concerning a case -- Gibbs would bring her back to the point with a gentle spoken, "Abby" or "Abbs."

Like Ducky, Abby also had some success predicting Gibbs's reactions to certain situation as seen during Light Sleeper (episode). Gibbs also showed pride in her work, providing a seemingly unlimited supply of "Caf-Pow!" as well as an occasional peck on the cheek for a job well done.

Though Gibbs was always protective of all members of his team, he was especially so with Abby. On two occasions, he even dropped or threw aside his cup of coffee when she was in danger. Once was when Ari Haswari attempted to snipe Abby in her lab shortly after he had murdered Kate Todd during Kill Ari Part 1 (episode) although DiNozzo had saved Abby from harm but Gibbs later protected Abby while also vowing to get her glass that would stop a bullet. Another time was when Abby was trapped in a car rigged to kill its passenger with carbon monoxide during the Season 4 episode, Driven (episode).

Abby was very devoted to Gibbs, as shown by her extensive knowledge of Gibbs's rules and her amusing belief that his extensive skills were "magic" as revealed during Internal Affairs (episode) She was visibly devastated on a number of occasions whenever something happened to Gibbs, such as when he retired to Mexico, or when Gibbs was caught in an explosion and sent to the hospital in Hiatus Part 1 (episode), or when she discovered that Gibbs was the killer in a cold case she was working -- the murder of Pedro Hernandez during Borderland (episode) which for a time left her faith in Gibbs shaken although she soon recovered.

Abby was also aware that Gibbs preferred not to celebrate his own birthday, and wished him a Happy Birthday on the Marine Corps' birthday instead as revealed in Under Covers (episode).

Similarly, Gibbs and Abby had a tradition of having dinner together every year on the night before her birthday. She also did not hesitate to remind him that one year he did actually forget her birthday, a scolding Gibbs took with good grace during Bait (episode).

In the Season 9 finale, Till Death Do Us Part (episode), when the bomb explodes at NCIS HQ, Gibbs is seen tackling Abby to the floor of her lab.

In Extreme Prejudice (episode), it was revealed that all the team had managed to survive the explosion and in the beginning, Gibbs was seen looking for Abby. After finding her and realizing she was being treated by a medic, she signed to him that she was alright much to Gibbs's own relief.

Anthony DiNozzo

DiNozzo has been working for Gibbs for a long time and the two have saved each others' lives more times than either man could count. Gibbs's relationship with Tony has often been compared to his relationship with Mike Franks, a kind of father-son relationship. While undercover, Gibbs would sometimes refer to Tony as his son as revealed during Sandblast (episode).

Similarly, when trying to cover up the real reason for the call, Tony called Gibbs "Pop" and "Dad" during Last Man Standing (episode). And while Gibbs puts up with Tony's clowning around, he considers Tony to be the best young agent he's ever worked with which was revealed in Flesh and Blood (episode).

Tony also showed extraordinary loyalty to Gibbs on numerous occasions, such as when during Singled Out (episode), he turned down the chance to lead his own team in order to stay with Gibbs and the team at the Washington D.C. office because Gibbs's memory still had not fully recovered from his coma some months before. Also, when Tony pulled Gibbs from a car that had been underwater for several minutes, Tony was visibly devastated when it appeared that Gibbs did not survive when he performed CPR as seen during Requiem (episode).

Gibbs and others often see Tony as being very much like himself. For example, Ducky stated that a decade before, when Gibbs was pursuing Kyle Boone, Gibbs was much like Tony which was revealed during Mind Games (episode).

Like Abby, Tony also never doubted Gibbs's instincts, even sticking up for him when other members of the team asked him if there was even a possibility that Gibbs might be wrong. In return, Gibbs often demonstrated confidence in Tony's abilities, such as when Leon Vance expressed his disbelief that Tony could hold his own when being interrogated by Eli David, the director of Mossad during the Season 6 finale episode, Aliyah (episode).

The trust between Tony and Gibbs is deep enough that Tony often feels guilt if he withholds information from Gibbs. When Tony went undercover to catch René Benoit, for example, he admitted to Jenny Shepard that he disliked having to conceal information from him as revealed during Blowback (episode).

In the days after the end of Tony's undercover assignment, Gibbs seemed hesitant to let Tony leave his sight very often, even indirectly forcing Tony to cancel a dentist appointment so that he would not leave the office alone which was seen during Family (episode).

Gibbs rarely spoke of his pride in any of the members of his team, but he did speak to them when it mattered. When Tony expressed his feelings of failure over sending an innocent man to prison and later believing that the same man had been murdered by the men who framed him, Gibbs stated that while Tony had messed up three years previous, he was proud to see that Tony was working to make it right and catch the real criminals as seen during Bounce (episode).

Timothy McGee


McGee and Gibbs in the Season 2 episode, "Doppelgänger".

Gibbs's relationship with McGee bears some similarity to his relationship with Tony, in that he occasionally behaves like a protective parent toward the younger agent. Tim also received one of Gibbs's rare apologies when Gibbs did not come with him when he was questioned by D.C. Metro Police concerning an undercover cop that Tim had shot during Probie (episode).

Like Abby, Tim has the tendency to ramble on about certain subjects, mainly how he would use computers and technology to trace a suspect, which would confound and overwhelm Gibbs.

On numerous occasions, Gibbs would also put a stop to Tim's rambling by cutting him off in exasperation or giving him a headslap as well.

Caitlin Todd

"Sorry, Kate."
— Gibbs apologizing to Kate after being late for her funeral in the Season 3 episode, "Kill Ari Part 2".

Gibbs and Kate in the field in the Season 2 episode, "Chained".


Kate and Gibbs in the Season 1 episode, "Hung Out to Dry".


Gibbs and Kate in the morgue in the Season 1 episode, "Hung Out to Dry".

Initially, Gibbs's interactions with Kate were quite tense. While investigating the death of a military officer on Air Force One, he told her that if he had to he would hijack the plane. Her response was to agree to help because she didn't want to delay things by having to shoot him as revealed during Yankee White (episode).

However, after she resigned from the Secret Service Gibbs offered her a job and she joined his team at NCIS. The two slowly came to develop a good working relationship and even a solid friendship. When Director Thomas Morrow gave Kate the assignment to protect Gibbs from Ari Haswari, she took the assignment very seriously, even sleeping on the floor behind her desk near Gibbs's own when he refused to leave the building and return home during Twilight (episode).

Like Tony, Gibbs was a witness to Kate's brutal murder at Ari's hands and spent the two episodes, obsessed with getting revenge for her death. He also suffered two visions of her with one of Ghost Kate confronting him in the office just hours after Kate's death where she wondered why she had to take two bullets for him and again demanding to know why she had instead of him and while she later reappeared to Gibbs while he was searching for the missing Ducky and Gerald Jackson, suggesting that the only way to save his team from Ari's bullets would be to kill himself.

Nonetheless, Gibbs went on a rampage after her death, refusing to stop until he had avenged her death, not even when ordered to do so by Jenny Shepard, the new NCIS director at the time. After Kate's death, Gibbs would take flowers to the rooftop where she was killed and would not let anyone touch her locker except himself until Ziva David was given her locker when she was assigned to Gibbs's team which Ari mentioned during Kill Ari Part 1 (episode).

Ziva David


Gibbs and Ziva in the Season 3 episode, "Head Case".

Of all of Gibbs's associates, his relationship with Ziva is the one that has gone through the most changes. At first, Gibbs distrusted her because she was Ari Haswari's control officer and she was as convinced of his innocence as he was of Ari's guilt in the murder of Kate Todd as revealed during Kill Ari Part 1 (episode). However, he still entrusted her with having his back when he set up a situation that would give Ari a chance to prove either his guilt or innocence to her, though Gibbs already knew that Ari was going to try to kill him. Ziva ultimately proved worthy of the chance Gibbs had taken on her when she shot Ari dead after he admitted to killing Kate and before he could shoot Gibbs. It was just after she shot Ari that she admitted to Gibbs that Ari was her half-brother, her father's son by an Arab doctor which left Gibbs stunned during Kill Ari Part 2 (episode)

In order to spare Ziva, the report that they submitted on what happened in Gibbs's basement stated that Gibbs was the one who shot Ari which Ziva later thanked him for which was revealed during Silver War (episode).

After returning Ari's body to Israel, Ziva returned to NCIS to take up a position as the agency's liaison with Mossad, and also to fill the empty spot on Gibbs's team left by Kate's death. Gibbs and the others were initially reluctant to allow her to do so, given her complete lack of experience in crime scene investigation, but Jenny Shepard insisted that Gibbs give her a chance.

Ziva learned quickly and grew closer to Gibbs as a result, even earning the team's respect when she saved herself and Ducky from rogue doctor Elaine Burns who had attempted to kill the two, earning Gibbs and the team's trust and approval.

Roughly a year after she joined the team, during Hiatus Part 2 (episode), she was instrumental in helping Gibbs recover his memory after he had been stricken with amnesia. She slipped into his hospital room late at night and began to speak of how they met, how it had been Ari who had killed Kate. Her method worked, though it left her in tears, proving that she was still very much mourning her half-brother. When Gibbs resigned from NCIS a short time later, he stated that he owed her and she promised to collect one day.

It was four months later in the episode, Shalom (episode), that Ziva did collect on the debt Gibbs felt he owed her. After she was framed for espionage and murder, Abby was able to give Ziva the number to reach Gibbs in Mexico, and she was able to ask him for help. Gibbs reluctantly returned to Washington D.C. and ultimately helped prove Ziva's innocence.

Two years later, Gibbs and Ziva's relationship faced its greatest test which was triggered in the aftermath of the death of Michael Rivkin, Ziva's fellow Mossad officer, partner and lover which occured when Tony was forced to shoot Rivkin in self-defense after attempting to arrest the Israeli agent for murdering the head of a terrorist cell located in Los Angeles and also an ICE agent.

Although most authorities in the U.S., particularly the Secretary of the Navy, still believed that Gibbs was the one who killed Ari Haswari as revealed during Semper Fidelis (episode), Leon Vance finally revealed that he was aware that it was actually Ziva who had pulled the trigger during a talk with Gibbs during Aliyah (episode). Vance even revealed to Gibbs that Ziva and Ari's father, Director of Mossad Eli David, had actually known that his son was out of control and sent Ziva to kill him, thereby eliminating the threat Ari posed and gaining Gibbs's trust at the same time.

Some time later, Gibbs and NCIS received word that Ziva had been killed by a terrorist in Somalia. Subsequently, Gibbs led a team to destroy the terrorist's training camp and to avenge Ziva's death during Truth or Consequences (episode). It turned out that Ziva was still alive, however, and while Gibbs was the one to snipe the terrorist that was interrogating her, McGee, and Tony, the two younger agents were able to get Ziva out of the camp. They then brought her back to Washington D.C. to help her recover from her ordeal.

In Reunion (episode), Gibbs finally confronted Ziva about what really happened when she first came to the U.S., during Ari's rampage. He confronted her with what Vance had told him, and she said that while her father had sent her to kill Ari, she had come to Washington with the intent of getting her brother out of the country. It was not until she listened to Ari's confession of killing Kate Todd and his desire to kill Gibbs that she decided to follow the directive Eli David had given her. She said to Gibbs, "I was not following orders, when I pulled the trigger." She also stated that Gibbs had become more of a father to her than her own biological father.

Some weeks later, during The Inside Man (episode), Ziva chose to resign from Mossad and seek to become an NCIS agent although Gibbs expressed doubt over that happening.

Not long after, in Good Cop, Bad Cop (episode), Ziva's father sent another Mossad officer to frame Ziva for the murder of a Marine officer while on the mission to Somalia in hopes of forcing her to return to Israel for good. But with Vance's help, Gibbs proved that Ziva did not kill the Marine, and he ordered the Mossad officer to tell Eli David that Ziva was "off-limits." And after that, Ziva was finally granted the right to become a NCIS Special Agent much to her joy.

Several months later, Ziva gained U.S. citizenship. However, in Rule Fifty-One (episode), due to Gibbs's past coming back to haunt him, he missed the ceremony, which troubled Ziva greatly.

In recent years, Gibbs has given Ziva the nickname, "Ziver" which is an affectionate play on Ziva's name, hinting how just far their father-daughter relationship has come.

In the Season 11 episode, Past, Present and Future (episode), Gibbs received a phone call from Ziva who had opted to stay behind in Israel after resigning from the NCIS team a few months previously.

Leon Vance


Gibbs and Vance in the Season 9 episode, "The Tell".

Gibbs's relations with Leon Vance are strained at best, and antagonistic at worst although it has grown much better in recent years.

Vance assisted the FBI in investigating NCIS over the murder of René Benoit, much to Gibbs's irritation as seen in Internal Affairs (episode).

A few months later, Vance took up the Directorship of NCIS in the aftermath of Jenny Shepard's murder, and immediately after her funeral, Vance reassigned McGee, Tony, and Ziva elsewhere, thereby incurring Gibbs' resentment.

Several months passed before Vance revealed that he reassigned them because he was looking for a traitor within NCIS, and so Gibbs spent months perceiving Vance as a mere bureaucrat with no understanding of the qualities that make up a good field agent during the Season 6 premiere episode, Last Man Standing (episode).

Working together to find the leak in NCIS allowed Gibbs and Vance to gain a greater understanding of one another, but while they developed a mutual respect for one another, they still maintained a sense of wariness. When Vance commandeered Gibbs's team to investigate the death of a friend from Chicago, Gibbs warned him of exceeding his authority, stating that Vance's predecessor had used NCIS to further her personal agenda as seen in the Season 6 episode, Knockout (episode).

Vance and Gibbs continued to work together despite their differences, and trust continued to grow between them. In "Rule Fifty-One", Gibbs was blackmailed into bringing a package to Washington for the Reynosa drug cartel, the tension that had been building between them for months finally hit a climax.

In the office, after exchanging insults, Vance yelled at Gibbs calling him an "egotistical son of a bitch" when he refused to tell Vance what was going on, unaware at first that he was under duress.

But Vance shortly realized what was going on and secretly followed Gibbs to his meeting place with Alejandro. Using a tape-recorder he had given Gibbs, Vance was then able to record a conversation between Gibbs and Alejandro Rivera that proved that Rivera was involved with the cartel during Rule Fifty-One (episode).

After the attempt on Jackson Gibbs's life, Vance made it his priority to find Paloma Reynosa before she could kill the Gibbses and ordered for Alejandro Rivera to be moved from the building before he got hurt, not only by the team but also by Vance himself.

The trust and respect between Gibbs and Vance was once again shown in Enemies Domestic (episode) when Vance appointed Gibbs as Acting Director of NCIS while he was recovering from the assassination attempt against him. Gibbs's growing respect for Vance was shown while Vance was in the hospital. Gibbs gave him his knife to protect himself and later when NCIS Special Agent McCallister tried to kill Vance by injecting a lethal amount of morphine into his system, Gibbs managed to stop the morphine from getting into his blood, effectively saving his life.

Although some tension erupted between Gibbs and Vance over the next few episodes, Gibbs still retained enormous respect for Vance which he showed by knocking on his door to "try and stay on his good side" and, when during One Last Score (episode), DiNozzo told him that he would have made a great Director, Gibbs looked up at Vance who was passing by and said: "We already have one of those."

Eleanor Bishop

Other Agents


Gibbs wearing his NCIS cap backwards.

Gibbs is notorious for being difficult to work with, but he does maintain a good working relationship with many other agents, both in and outside of NCIS. Stan Burley, for example, viewed Gibbs as a mentor, father figure, and friend. Burley had been a Senator's aide until Gibbs recruited him to NCIS. The two worked together for some time until Burley left the Washington office and eventually ended up taking an Agent Afloat assignment. He utilized the skills that Gibbs taught him, but had no problem admitting when he needed help with a case. Gibbs, in turn viewed Burley as a friend and prized protègè, expressing his pride in the younger man so much that Tony DiNozzo became jealous.

Burley, however, pointed out to Tony the differences in their relationship -- it took Gibbs years before he would look him in the eye and even get his name right, while Tony had accomplished all of that within just two years of working with Gibbs which was revealed in the Season 1 episode, High Seas (episode).

Similarly, Gibbs appeared to have a good working relationship and even a friendship with NCIS Agent Christopher Pacci, so well that Pacci asked for Gibbs's assistance on a cold case during UnSEALeD (episode). Unfortunately, Gibbs was currently working on a case of his own at the time and thus was unable to render assistance at the time, which would later come back to haunt him.

Shortly after Pacci asked for Gibbs's help on the case, he was murdered in the episode, Dead Man Talking (episode). Gibbs exhibited considerable guilt over Pacci's death, and worked fiercely to find his killer. When he and his team did find the murderer, Gibbs informed the killer that Pacci had been a friend of his just before Gibbs was forced to pull the trigger on him. Gibbs was also invited to speak at Pacci's funeral, indicating that their friendship was common knowledge, but he declined. Gibbs was also able to avenge Pacci by murdering the person who had killed Pacci.

Another agent that Gibbs had frequent interactions with was NCIS Agent Erica Jane Barrett, who was reassigned to Washington, D.C. along with her MCRT in pursuit of a serial killer, Jonas Cobb. Gibbs was hostile to Barrett, stating flatly that "I don't trust you." He was also irritated that she, whom he perceived as a rookie, outranked him, having been promoted to Special Agent in Charge of the case, over him, and that she and Tony DiNozzo had begun dating, breaking one of his cardinal rules: "Never date a co-worker." However, despite his antagonistic feelings towards her, E.J. gradually earned Gibbs' respect over the course of the case, and they parted on good terms. Later, he would willingly help her when an unknown assassin was trying to kill her, and again, when she returned after a year of living off the grid in an attempt to evade the assassin. Eventually, after two years of being chased by killers, E.J. returned home, parting on good terms with Gibbs.

More complicated was Gibbs's relationship with Special Agent Lara Macy. Gibbs and Macy met in 1991, shortly after Gibbs killed Pedro Hernandez. At the time, Macy was a lieutenant with the military police, and she investigated Gibbs as a suspect in Hernandez's death. She gathered all of the evidence in the case, evidence that pointed to Gibbs as the killer, but buried everything because she considered the kill justified, in light of the fact that Hernandez had murdered Shannon and Kelly Gibbs. Gibbs did not learn until years later that Macy spent nearly two decades protecting him. They met again in 2009 during the NCIS Season 6/NCIS: Los Angeles backdoor pilot episodes, Legend Part 1 (episode) and Legend Part 2 (episode) when Macy was now the head of the Los Angeles Office of Special Projects team and Gibbs had come to Los Angeles to work a case with her and her team, resulting in the two teams forming a temporary partnership. There was a good deal of animosity between them, and Gibbs was almost dismissive of her abilities.

It was not until the case itself had ended that OSP Psychologist Nate Getz indirectly informed Gibbs of what Macy had done for him years ago that the two of them came to a better understanding of one another.

A year later, in Patriot Down (episode), Gibbs was left visibly devastated when tests on a badly burnt corpse revealed that the victim was none other than Macy herself. Macy's death had a profound impact on Gibbs, to the point that he revealed to M. Allison Hart, "People are dying around me, people I care about.

Of the Los Angeles team, Gibbs was also close to G. Callen. The two met on assignment, and Gibbs saved Callen's life in Serbia. Gibbs also asserted that he saved Callen in Russia as well, but Callen denied it. Callen also had intimiate knowledge of Gibbs's past, being aware of Gibbs's boat-building hobby as well as his three failed marriages. He did not know that Gibbs had been married four times, however, until Gibbs admitted to it in 2009 when Gibbs came to Los Angeles. By his own admission, Callen considered Gibbs family.

In the following episode, Semper Fidelis (episode), Gibbs was also noticeably shaken by the attack on his friend soon after he left Los Angeles.


Fornell and Gibbs in the Season 9 episode, "Devil's Triangle".

Gibbs also worked frequently with agents outside of NCIS, one such example is Gibbs's friendship with FBI agent Tobias Fornell. Originally antagonistic in Season 1, the two had later become good friends by NCIS Season 2 which became clear in the episode, The Bone Yard (episode) where Gibbs helped Fornell fake his death when he had been framed for being a mole for the mafia, allowing Gibbs time to work the case and find the real mole.

In addition to their personal connection which is the fact that they both married the same woman: Diane , Gibbs and Fornell are "get it done" type of men and eschewed politics, departmental or otherwise.

Fornell and Gibbs were also known for their antagonistic and sarcastic manner toward one another, though it was not as fierce as it appeared. On one occasion, the two began a shouting match and stormed into the NCIS elevator, where they then dropped all pretense of anger and agreed to help each other to get the job done, with no regard for who would get the credit. After coming to a conclusion on how to resolve the issue, Fornell said, "And people call us bastards!" which happened during the Season 3 episode, Under Covers (episode).

Gibbs also worked frequently with Trent Kort, but there was little trust between them. Gibbs did not trust him when Kort took credit for killing René Benoit which happened during Internal Affairs (episode) or even when Gibbs later discovered that Jenny Shepard had been the one who really killed Benoit which Gibbs finally discovered during the Season 5 finale, Judgment Day Part 1 (episode).

Several months after Shepard's death, Kort said, "Trust is elusive at best," to which Gibbs responded, "Not Between us -- it's impossible" which happened when the two worked together during the Season 6 episode, Dead Reckoning (episode).

Kort also gave Gibbs Vance's CIA profile, though Gibbs never read it and returned it to the Secretary of the Navy which Gibbs did during Semper Fidelis (episode).

Gibbs also disliked Kort for his actions against Tony due to the fact Kort may have blown up Tony's car because he and Jennifer Shepard were interfering with Kort's plans and jeopardizing Operation Lodestone. It has not been proven. In addition, another theory is that one of René Benoit's enemies did it, targeting his daughter which happened during the episode, Bury Your Dead (episode). Despite these issues, though, Kort and Gibbs appear to have a wary mutual respect for one another, even if it does not reach a level of admiration.

Another outside agency member is Agent Abigail Borin from CGIS. Gibbs and Borin seem like good friends as they joke about things like how often they meet in Ships in the Night.

They both are very similar in many ways: both run their own team and head slap their teammates, are only children, have their own rules, served as Marines, joined an Investigative Service agency, are coffee lovers, have gut feelings about anything, don't believe in coincidences, and are called "Boss" by their teammates.


  • Both Vivian Blackadder and Caitlin Todd are presumably the only NCIS team members of the main NCIS team not to know about Gibbs's first wife or his daughter as Viv left NCIS after Meltdown (episode) while Kate died in the Season 2 finale episode, Twilight (episode).
  • Carries a SIG-Sauer P228 as his main weapon while a Smith & Wesson Model 37 serves as his back-up weapon.
  • Gibbs was presumably born on November 10 1958.
  • Was called "Probie" or "Gunny" by Franks with other members of the Navy and Marine Corps calling him "sir" despite Gibbs stating that he doesn't like being called "sir". Tony and McGee call him "Boss" while Kate, Abby and Ducky as well as Bishop refer to him as "Gibbs". Is called "Jethro" by Jackson Gibbs, Jethro Moore, Jenny Shepard, Ducky, Fornell, Diane Sterling and Stephanie Flynn and is also called "Jay" by Rebecca Chase.

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