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Jeanne Benoit
Gender: Female   Female
Status: Alive
Portrayed by: Scottie Thompson
 First Appearance
  ●   NCIS: Sandblast (episode).
 Last Appearance
  ●   NCIS: Internal Affairs (episode).
List of Appearances

Jeanne Benoit is a French American doctor who had a relationship with film professor Tony DiNardo who was actually NCIS Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo who had gone undercover on the orders of NCIS Director Jennifer Shepard who sought to capture Jeanne's father, arms dealer, René Benoit aka La Grenouille/The Frog.


Jeanne is the daughter of international arms dealer, René Benoit now deceased, and Doctor Helen Berkley. When she was young, Jeanne's parents divorced and have maintained something of an antagonistic relationship with each other which is shown in the Season 4 episode, Brothers in Arms (episode), Dr. Berkley states to her daughter, Speaking of intestinal parasites, how is your father?

The conflict between her parents forced Jeanne into the role of a mediatrix who attempts to keep the peace within her fractured family. She loved both her parents deeply.

Very little information is known about Jeanne's education and career. Indeed the only information given on the subject is the fact that Jeanne was on staff at Monroe University Hospital prior to accepting a fellowship to work in Gabon.

Relationship with DiNozzo

In Season 4 she was introduced as Tony's new girlfriend. Tony seemed genuinely interested in her and has even told her that he is quietly searching for the right woman.

In Twisted Sister (episode), it is revealed that he and Jeanne have not consummated their relationship, because he wants to take it slow out of fear of this relationship becoming like his earlier ones. He even visits Director Shepard for advice on his relationship. He once says, "I would've gone to Gibbs, but his track record with women sucks." Tony and Jeanne subsequently have sex in the episode Smoked (episode). He is really serious about this relationship and goes to great lengths, though with a lot of inspiration from film, to make it special.


John Carson and Jeanne in happier times.

In the episode Friends and Lovers (episode) DiNozzo shows how serious he is about the relationship when he confronts Jeanne about her previous boyfriend. Tony is suspicious of his constant calls and emails. Tony met this old boyfriend, who was in fact a Metro Police officer, though neither of them knew about the other's relationship with Jeanne. They bonded rather quickly through the fact that they were very similar in character, sharing many habits and traits, showing what taste Jeanne has in men and how serious this relationship could become. After Jeanne made it clear to him that their relationship was over, John sent an email saying goodbye and "thanks for the memories". By the time Jeanne read the email John had already died in Tony's arms, their mutual connections with John still unknown to both Tony and Jeanne.

In Iceman (episode), Tony and Jeanne go wall climbing. Jeanne makes a bet that the one that reaches the top first gets to say "I love you". Tony wins but fails to tell her. Jeanne later refuses to answer Tony's phone calls, which makes him worried. He goes to visit Jeanne, who is crying. She tells him that she loves him, but that he needs figure out if he feels the same way about her and what it is he wants for their relationship.

In Grace Period (episode), Tony is told by his earlier love interest, Paula Cassidy, who had just lost two of her agents and blamed herself for their deaths, that if he loves someone, he should tell them while he still can. Cassidy throws herself into the path of a suicide bomber to save Gibbs' team. Tony is left standing distraught. He realizes that life is too short not to tell Jeanne that he loves her. He later goes to see Jeanne and tells her he loves her. The last shot shows Tony embracing Jeanne and crying on her shoulder while REM's "Everybody Hurts" is heard playing in the background.

In In the Dark (episode), Jeanne gets evicted from her apartment. While Jeanne is having a melt down about finding a new place Tony suggests that they get an apartment together. He both avoids, because of commitment issues, and wants it.

In the last few seconds of the Season 4 finale episode, Angel of Death (episode) it is discovered that Jeanne's father is La Grenouille (also called Le Frog or The Frog).

During the course of events that were covered in "Angel of Death" and the fifth season premiere episode, Bury Your Dead (episode), Jeanne learned that Tony was part of an NCIS operation whose purpose was to neutralize La Grenouille. Jeanne was left devastated that Tony had lied to her and broke up with him but not before leaving him a letter stating that she wasn't coming back and that he had to choose between her and NCIS.

After the murder of René Benoit, Jeanne went to the FBI with her suspicions being that Tony had murdered her father, which resulted in the events chronicled in the Season 5 episode, Internal Affairs (episode).

After Tony was cleared of murder charges, Jeanne departed from the NCIS building, and on her way out she asked Tony if there was any truth to the feelings he expressed, to which, Tony responded "No." Jeanne left NCIS head quarters telling Tony that she wished she never met him. This marked the last interaction between Jeanne and Tony.

The Season 6 episode, Bounce (episode) marked the first mention of Jeanne Benoit since her departure. When one of the witnesses in one of Tony's old cases turned up dead. Ziva and McGee are speculating regarding potential suspects and Ziva mentioned Jeanne as a possible suspect and McGee replied that she was still abroad.

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