Jack McBurney
Gender: Male   Male
Status: Unknown.
Portrayed by: Michael Muhney
 First Appearance
  ●   JAG: Meltdown (episode).
 Last Appearance
  ●   JAG: Meltdown (episode).
List of Appearances
"Nice lab you got here. Interesting Martha-Stewart-on-LSD touches around the place too."
—McBurney commenting on Abby's forensics lab.

Jack McBurney is a Major in the United States Marine Corps who was tasked with prosecuting Commander Harmon Rabb during the trial into the murder of Lieutenant Loren Singer.



JAG Season 8Edit

McBurney's first only and appearance in the entire JAG series came in the JAG Season 8/NCIS backdoor pilot episode, Meltdown (episode) where he was first seen at a shooting range, testing his skills with a gun. He also met NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs with the two men discussing how long the case could go on for.

During the case, McBurney also developed a strong friendship with NCIS Forensic Scientist Abigail Sciuto but once Abby had finished her latest presentation, Gibbs who had disapproved of McBurney's interference with the case or rather McBurney's influence on Abby from the beginning after thanking her soon told Abby to start calling him the next time instead of calling a lawyer.

It's presumed that this dressing-down that Abby received from Gibbs in regards to the Singer case and Abby's own interactions with McBurney was possibly how Abby started calling Gibbs with regards to her findings during the various future cases that the team are usually seen working on or investigating during the various NCIS episodes.

McBurney's fate after "Meltdown" is unknown although it's possible that he may have been promoted further up the ranks of the Marines or that he may have retired from the Marines altogether.



McBurney is a tall man in his early thirties with light brown hair.

He also wears the uniform associated with that of a Major in the United States Marine Corps.


Hand to Hand Combat Edit

Intelligence Edit


Abigail SciutoEdit

McBurney and Abby had a strong friendship with Abby presumably giving McBurney her phone number and informing him in advance of her findings in regards to the Singer case much to Gibbs's obvious disapproval.

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