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Ilan Bodnar
D     E     C     E     A     S     E     D
Gender: Male   Male
Died: 2013
Status: Deceased- died after being thrown off a ship by Ziva David.
Portrayed by: Oded Fehr
 First Appearance
  ●   NCIS: Shiva (episode).
 Last Appearance
  ●   NCIS: Revenge (episode)
List of Appearances

Ilan Bodnar was the Deputy Director of Mossad and also the person responsible for ordering the hit on Eli David that was carried out in Shabbat Shalom (episode).

He planned on killing Ziva afterward, but for as-of-yet unknown reasons, he never made it to their arranged meeting. His middle name means "virtue" in Hebrew, which helped the NCIS team discover that he was planning on becoming the director of Mossad by killing Eli and Ziva.

Bodnar's long-term agenda was implied to be so that he could instigate a war with Iran, as he acted as though the director of Iranian Intelligence, Arash Kazmi, was responsible for Eli David's death. It is also implied that he had Kazmi's car bombed.

He made a brief appearance in Seek (episode), where Ziva was browsing through images of him from the database before talking with Director Vance. The image indicated that he had gone to Dulles International Airport at 8:34 on January 12, 2013.

This was later confirmed in Chasing Ghosts (episode), where Ziva and McGee were revealed to be tracking Bodnar down via contacts of Ziva's from all over the world, and their research managed to narrow down their search to within Western Europe, with his likeliest location being in Rome, Italy.

However, they later deduced he was most likely in Berlin, Germany after a spike in diamonds being sold there (Ziva's father had used diamond dealers to ensure intelligence does not find him). It was later revealed that Bodnar had never actually left the country, and that the "Bodnar" who had departed for Europe was actually his brother.

In addition, Bodnar then proceeded to ram DiNozzo's car after he and Ziva returned to the States, taking the diamond patch with him.

In Revenge (episode), Bodnar later video contacted Ziva, and informed her that he killed Eli because he believed that Eli was selling out Israel to Iran. He also admitted that, although he did hated and distrusted Karsmi, he was not responsible for his death.

This was eventually revealed to be true: the CIA killed him. They eventually deduced that Bodnar was in New York City, although it was later revealed that he had matted himself into pre-existing footage of Central Park to give the illusion that he was in New York City.

After Timothy McGee uncovered information that Bodnar was planning to leave for South Africa on board a ship named the Ocean Voyager which was docked at Port 19 in Baltimore, Ziva left the NCIS office and traveled to Baltimore.

She later arrived at the dock and confronted Bodnar with Bodnar stating that he was not willing to stand trial in either the United States or Israel for his crimes.

As such, the two engaged each other in a vicious fight, using only hand-to-hand combat.


Bodnar lies on the crate of boxes, dead. From the Season 10 episode, "Revenge".

After a brutal fight, Ziva emerged as the victor and claiming her revenge against Bodnar which she achieved by throwing him down onto a crate of boxes just as McGee, DiNozzo and Gibbs arrived.

The NCIS official report stated that Bodnar slipped and that Ziva had apparently tried to stop him.


  • Ziva David- (rammed DiNozzo's car while she was alive; survived; attempted to strangle with a chain; survived, died at her hands seconds later).
  • Anthony DiNozzo- (rammed his car; survived).

Proxy victims

  • Eli David- (shot by Roland Ames; intended).
  • Jackie Vance- (shot by Roland Ames; possible collateral damage).

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