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Harmon Rabb
Gender: Male   Male
Portrayed by: David James Elliot
 First Appearance
  ●   NCIS: Ice Queen (episode).
 Last Appearance
  ●   NCIS: Meltdown (episode).
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Harmon Rabb Junior was a long-time JAG officer and a Navy Commander who defended and prosecuted various Marine and Naval officers accused of committing any kind of crimes from drug smuggling to murder.



The son of naval aviator Lieutenant Harmon Rabb, Sr. USN and Patricia Reed, Harmon Rabb, Jr. was born on October 25, 1963 in La Jolla, California.

Harm's grandfather was killed flying off the USS Hornet in 1942 during the Second World War.

On Christmas Eve 1969, Harm Sr was shot down over North Vietnam and was considered MIA- missing in action. Harm's mother went on to happily remarry Frank Burnett, a senior VP of Chrysler Corporation.

At the age of sixteen, Harm went to Laos to look for his father together with Colonel Francis Stryker.

Harm graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1985, alongside his friends Jack Keeter, Luke Pendry, Diane Schonke, and Sturgis Turner. His service number is #989548301.

During his early naval career, Harm was a naval aviator flying F-14 Tomcats.

After an accident during a night landing on an aircraft carrier, in which his RIO (Radar Intercept Officer) died, it was revealed Harm suffered from night blindness (although in later seasons this was proved to be a misdiagnosis), he recovered on his grandmother's farm in Pennsylvania, before returning to naval service.

After graduating from law school at Georgetown University Law Center and passing his bar exam, he transferred to JAG, where he became one of their finest attorneys (and officers).

Some years later, Harm was able to finally uncover the truth: his father was dead, having been originally kidnapped by the Russians after being shot. Harm Sr later died protecting the woman from Russian soldiers attempting to rape her in 1980 and as a result of this, Harm has a half-brother, Sergei Zhukov.

In addition, Harm is also friends with one of his father's former squadron buddies Rear Admiral Thomas Boon.

JAG Season 8

Like the rest of his JAG colleagues, Harm was left shocked and appalled in Ice Queen after learning that badly decayed remains which were later revealed to be those of Lieutenant Loren Singer had been discovered in a park.

Harm was later interrogated and eventually brought into custody after NCIS determined that the evidence they had against Harm was strong enough him to hold on the charge of murder.

As such, Harm was arrested and placed into NCIS custody.

In Meltdown (episode), Harm went on trial for Singer's murder with Commander Faith Coleman defending Harm and after a long trial which saw Harm's colleagues testifying, Harm was presumably found not guilty after NCIS managed to arrest the true killer.



Harm is a tall man in his mid/late forties with fair skin and short brown hair and brown eyes.

While on active duty, Harm also wears the uniform associated with a Lieutenant Commander/Commander of the United States Navy.


One of JAG's highly-skilled lawyers, Harm is capable of defending and prosecuting anyone associated with the Marine Corps or Navy.

He is also a trained pilot, often capable of using a plane's weapons system to disable or stop any threats.


As a JAG lawyer, Harm is often assigned to cases concerning personnel associated with the United States Marine Corps and Navy.

He usually defends or prosecutes the suspect in question with his skills being legendary among the JAG staff themselves.

Even NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs admitted to fellow Agnet Vivian Blackadder that Harm was the best lawyer that JAG had at their disposal, suggesting that Harm's skills are far greater than that of his fellow JAG colleagues, Marine Colonel Sarah MacKenzie and Harm's friend, Lieutenant Bud Roberts Jr.


Harm is capable of wielding or using any gun that comes into his possession. He is often seen wielding an AK-47 with incredible skill.

Hand to Hand Combat

Although not occasionally seen, Harm is capable of holding his own should he ever get into a fight and can easily subdue someone else if need be.


Harm is a intelligence man who can easily and quickly put together what really happened after having gotten a few facts.


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