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Gerald Jackson
Gender: Male   Male
Status: Unknown.
Portrayed by: Pancho Demmings
 First Appearance
  ●   NCIS: Yankee White (episode).
 Last Appearance
  ●   NCIS: Kill Ari Part 2 (episode).
List of Appearances

Gerald Jackson was the Medical Examiner Assistant working for NCIS Medical Examiner, Dr. Donald Malloar

young man who worked for NCIS as the Medical Examiner assistant to NCIS Medical Examiner Dr. Donald Mallard before resigning from the agency in September 2005 in the aftermath of being taken hostage a second time by terrorist Ari Haswari.



Most of Gerald's past is shrouded in mystery although his grandfather was revealed to have once owned a funeral home and that the two spent a lot of quality time bonding over the embalming table.

At some point, presumably between Meltdown (episode) and Yankee White (episode), Gerald joined NCIS, becoming Ducky's assistant.

NCIS Season 1Edit


Gerald in the NCIS Season 1 debut episode, "Yankee White".

Gerald made his debut appearance in the Season 1 premiere episode, Yankee White (episode) where he helped Ducky with the autopsy of a Naval Commander who had died after having lunch with the President on Air Force One.

He even brought the dead Commander's uniform up to Forensic Scientist Abigail Sciuto so that she could test it for poisons.

In Hung Out to Dry (episode), Gerald assisted Ducky with the on-sight examination of a Marine who at first was thought to have died due to a faulty parachute but further investigation later determined that the accidental death was actually murder.

In Seadog (episode), Gerald listened to Ducky rant on about a police Sergeant who had unknowingly contaminated a crime scene.

Gerald then helped Anthony DiNozzo with the first ruined scene before he and DiNozzo joined Ducky and Leroy Jethro Gibbs at the second uninterrupted crime scene.

During the episode, it was also shown that at times, Gerald found Ducky's ramblings along with everything else boring or annoying and as such, preferred to listen to music on his MP3 while working.

After being absent for two episodes, Gerald returned in High Seas (episode) where he helped Ducky perform an autopsy on Petty Officer First Class Bobby Wilkes who had died of a suspected overdose. Gerald then aided Ducky in a demonstration showing how Wilkes died.

In Sub Rosa (episode), Gerald aided Ducky in determining the cause of death of a young submariner whose almost unrecognizable remains were discovered in a barrel of acid in the Norfolk Naval Base.

In Minimum Security (episode), Gerald also uncovered emeralds concealed inside the remains of a Petty Officer who had recently returned from Gitmo which led to the NCIS team setting off for Gitmo.

In Marine Down (episode), Gerald once assisted Ducky in autopsying Major Jim Kidwell where during the talk, Gerald revealed that his grandfather had owned a funeral home and that Gerald and his grandfather had spent a lot of quality time over the embalming table. It was also shown that Ducky strongly disapproved of Gerald's habit of listening to his MP3 while working.

In Left for Dead (episode), Gerald was witness to watching Ducky have a slagging match with the local Medical Examiner, Dr. Diggar Aldridge who later turned over the remains of Walter Richter to NCIS as the victim was connected to a possible bomb on a Navy ship and also a Jane Doe who claimed to have knowledge of the attack.

In Eye Spy (episode), Gerald helped take notes when it became clear that the team's current scene was in danger of being contaminated by the rising tide.

During that episode, it was also shown that Gerald was left-handed like NCIS Special Agent Timothy McGee.

In One Shot, One Kill (episode), Gerald managed to get on Ducky's good side by anticipating what his boss wanted in terms of the crime scene despite Ducky ranting and raving about how Gerald was part of the so-called Internet generation due to Gerald constantly using his MP3 while working.

Gerald also helped the team tackle a serial killing case in The Good Samaritan (episode) and a case concerning Gibbs's former C.O..

In Bête Noire (episode), both Gerald and Ducky ended up being taken hostage by an unidentified gunman who sought the remains of an associate as well as the belongings Qassam had. Agent Caitlin Todd who was unknowingly brought into the fray later became the third and final hostage with things taking a turn for the worse when Gerald was shot in the left shoulder by the unnamed terrorist with the terrorist later escaping but before the terrorist managed to shoot Gibbs as well.

In the aftermath of the trauma he suffered and unable to cope, Gerald temporarily resigned from his position as Assistant Medical Examiner and spent the few months in rehab, recovering while his original position which was left vacant by his departure was taken over by numerous people before medical student James Palmer was brought in albeit temporarily.

NCIS Season 3Edit

Gerald made a re-appearance during the last few seconds of the Season 3 premiere episode, Kill Ari Part 1 (episode) when he was seen buying pills for his shoulder. Ari broke into his car and took him hostage again, intending to force Ducky into a meet as he hoped to explain to Ducky that he had not killed Caitlin Todd despite the fact that he had pulled the trigger that had ended her life.

Ducky later agreed to the exchange without Gibbs's knowledge and attended the meeting, replacing Gerald while forcing Gibbs on a chase across the city to search for Ducky and Gerald.

Upon being released during Kill Ari Part 2 (episode), Gerald fled to NCIS HQ and notified the team of the situation. It was also revealed that he still maintained a good, strong friendship with the team although Abby admitted that she had nearly forgotten about him altogether.

Presumably, following his abduction, Gerald, unable to cope resigned from NCIS for good with Palmer who had once held the role on a temporary basis later permanently replacing Gerald as Medical Examiner Assistant in both the morgue and the field.

As such, Gerald's current whereabouts and status are unknown although it's presumed that he has either returned to rehab or has moved elsewhere.


Laid-back and good-natured, Gerald was extremely devoted to his job yet had no interest of any kind to listen to Ducky's stories or any of Ducky's ramblings with Gerald often spending as much time as possible on his MP3 Player or just working in general which often greatly annoyed Ducky to no end.

Despite that unsavory trait, Gerald worked to the best of his ability and helped out as well.

He had a good friendship with the rest of the team but he very rarely spoke on other cases, presumably preferring to stay in the background and work.


Gerald was a tall African-American in his thirties with short black hair and brown eyes.


As the NCIS Medical Examiner Assistant, Gerald was responsible for assisting Ducky with various autopsies while in the NCIS morgue.

In the field, Gerald also cataloged various items of evidence and even photographed a body at an active crime scene.


Donald MallardEdit



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