DiNozzo and Rivkin's Fight In Ziva's Apartment was a fight that occurred in May 2009 in the apartment of NCIS/Mossad Liaison Officer Ziva David.

The fight pitted Ziva's partner, NCIS Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo against Ziva's fellow Mossad officer and boyfriend, Michael Rivkin as DiNozzo sought to arrest Rivkin for the deaths of ICE agent Thomas Sherman and terrorist cell leader, Abin Tabal with the battle between the two men eventually resulting in DiNozzo being left injured, suffering a broken left arm while Rivkin was left unconscious and bleeding internally after DiNozzo shot him three or four times in the chest in self-defense due to Rivkin attempting to stab DiNozzo with a piece of glass.


During the joint operation between the NCIS Major Case Response Team in Washington D.C. and the Office of Special Projects in Los Angeles which occurred during the Season 6 episodes, Legend Part 1 (episode) and Legend Part 2 (episode), DiNozzo grew suspicious of Ziva leaving the office and enlisted the help of NCIS Forensic Scientist Abigail Sciuto with Abby eventually discovering Rivkin's true identity.

When Rivkin was in D.C. with Ziva, DiNozzo took matters into his own hands and lured Ziva back to the NCIS office albeit under false circumstances before personally confronting Rivkin and telling him to leave the country with Rivkin refusing in the spite of the fact that Tony and Ziva's boss and the leader of the team, NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs had previously told Rivkin to do so when the two had met each other in an alleyway in Los Angeles.

The CrisisEdit

Following the death of ICE agent, Thomas Sherman which occurred at the residence of SECNAV Phillip Davenport, NCIS, ICE and FBI formed a joint investigation to determine what had happened.

They soon discovered that terrorist Abin Tabal was presumably responsible for the killing but when Gibbs and FBI agent Tobias Fornell and ICE agent Julia Foster-Yates arrived at Tabal's apartment, they discovered that Tabal was dead, the terrorist having apparently committed suicide with NCIS Medical Examiner Dr. Donald Mallard deeming the death to be a suicide.

DiNozzo, unconvinced of the ruling sought Abby's help with Abby discovering that Tabal's laptop had been connected to the Internet at Ziva's apartment.

Upon realizing that Ziva may be a traitor, DiNozzo headed to Ziva's apartment in the hope of talking to her but found Rivkin there instead.

After a few minutes of discussion, DiNozzo sought to arrest Rivkin, only for it to trigger a vicious and brutal fight between the two men that left both men stunned and shaken.

However, DiNozzo got the advantage by sending himself and Rivkin slamming into a glass table with Rivkin taking the full brunt of the hit.

Exhausted and his left arm useless, the left arm having been broken by Rivkin during their fight, DiNozzo sought to reason with Rivkin, to convince the Mossad operative to surrender without blood being spilled but when Rivkin attempted to attack DiNozzo with a piece of glass, DiNozzo was forced to shoot Rivkin three or four times in the chest, sending Rivkin to the ground while also ending the fight.

Seconds later, Ziva arrived in, her gun drawn as she and Tony aimed their weapons at each other, both engaging in a tense stand-off.


A few minutes or so after the fight, Ziva and Tony's stand-off against one another quickly ended as Ziva tended to Rivkin, performing CPR on him, presumably long enough for the ambulance and authorities to arrive.

DiNozzo and Rivkin were taken to a hospital and both were treated albeit separately for their respective injuries with DiNozzo being discharged, having suffered only received a few scratches and a broken left arm while Rivkin was not so lucky, eventually succumbing to his injuries and dying.

As one of their own had been involved in a fight with a foreign agent, NCIS sought to investigate the crime scene for themselves but the crime scene was ultimately destroyed by a gas leak, ruining any evidence. Despite that, NCIS continued on procressing the scene and found more evidence, the main example being a burnt laptop.

In the aftermath of Rivkin's death, Eli David, the Director of Mossad and Ziva's father contacted NCIS Director Leon Vance and demanded that Vance, DiNozzo, Ziva and Gibbs travel to Israel so that Mossad could get some answers as to what had happened while McGee, Abby, Ducky and James Palmer all stayed in the United States with McGee and Abby working on the damaged laptop retrieved from Ziva's apartment.

Eventually, McGee and Abby discovered that Ziva had been in contact with Rivkin which ultimately had Gibbs leaving Ziva behind in Israel as Gibbs, Tony and Vance all returned to the United States with Gibbs stating that he had done this to give Ziva time to think in the hope that she could remember that she could trust her former NCIS colleagues.

However, presumably no longer able to trust her NCIS colleagues and still angered at Tony over his personal involvement in Rivkin's death, Ziva opted to officially join Mossad, later embarking on a mission to Somalia that would later see her being captured and subsequently tortured by terrorist Saleem Ulman up until her eventual rescue which occurred thanks to the efforts of her former NCIS colleagues.

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