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Gender: Male   Male
Portrayed by: James MacDonald
 First Appearance
  ●   NCIS: Hung Out to Dry (episode).
 Last Appearance
  ●   NCIS: Hung Out to Dry (episode).
List of Appearances

Faul is a Captain in the United States Marine who is in charge of the Marine night-time jumping group at Quantico that included victim Marine Lance Corporal Larry Fuentes.

At first, Faul was unwilling to help NCIS in their investigation of the death of Fuentes and told NCIS Special Agents Leroy Jethro Gibbs and Caitlin Todd that they didn't stop for any casualty in training and that they were due to go out on another jump but Gibbs threatened to call his boss, Faul grudgingly gave in, cancelling the exercise and also giving the team permission to interview his men.

Fual later fell under suspicion for Funetes's murder but was later found innocent as it was later revealed that someone else was responsible for killing Fuentes.

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