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Eleanor Bishop
Gender: Female   Female
Status: Alive.
Portrayed by: Emily Wickersham
 First Appearance
  ●   NCIS: Gut Check (episode).
 Last Appearance
  ●   NCIS: n/a- series regular.
List of Appearances

Eleanor "Ellie" Bishop is an NCIS Probationary Agent who prior to joining NCIS on a permanent basis, previously served as a former analyst for the National Security Agency.

She is the successor of former Mossad Liaison Officer/NCIS Special Agent Ziva David and as such, Bishop is the fourth woman to become NCIS Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo's partner, both in the office and in the field, DiNozzo's previous partners having been Ziva and also former Secret Service agent/NCIS Special Agent Caitlin Todd as well as former FBI agent/NCIS Special Agent Vivian Blackadder.



Eleanor Bishop was born in Oklahoma, the youngest to an unnamed father and Barbara Bishop as well as three older brothers, George Bishop, John Bishop and Robert Bishop.

Most of Bishop's own background remains a mystery although at some point, she applied to join NCIS before joining the NSA instead.

When Bishop began her employment at the NSA, she was a deployed analyst assigned to the Middle East.

Her mission was preemptive terror analysis-- to predict and pinpoint who the up-and-coming players were. Bishop was the first analyst to recognize terrorist Benham Parsa as a potentially devastating threat.

She later spent six years hunting Parsa to the point of obsession and as such, Bishop's superiors forcibly removed her from the case.

During her time at the NSA, she also wrote a paper in which she theorized about how a high-profile government target could become an unwitting mole if given an inconspicuous item that had a bug in it.

NCIS Season 11


Bishop in the Season 11 episode, "Gut Check".

Bishop made her debut appearance in the Season 11 episode, Gut Check (episode) where she met the NCIS Major Case Response Team led by NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

He and his second-in-command, Anthony DiNozzo came to the NSA for help after Bishop's mole theory became a reality, with SECNAV Sarah Porter having been found to be carrying a bugged pen during a highly classified meeting in MTAC.

After the case was solved, Gibbs offered Bishop the opportunity to join his team in a joint duty assignment which she accepted.

Bishop proved to be a huge help to the team in the Season 11 episode, Devil's Triad (episode). She saved Tobias Fornell's young teenage daughter Emily Fornell who had been kidnapped.

In Monsters and Men (episode), Bishop led the search for elusive terrorist Benham Parsa. It was later revealed that she was to be Parsa's final victim before he committed suicide. However, Gibbs got into the room just in time and shot Parsa dead, saving Bishop's life.

After the case had been closed, Bishop was granted the right to become an NCIS Special Agent and thus became the new "Probie" of the team while also officially and permanently replacing Ziva David.

In the episode Bulletproof (episode), Bishop was shot during a gunfight against the main suspect but ultimately survived thanks to her working NCIS bulletproof vest although she was later left in great pain from the impact of being shot.

In Dressed to Kill (episode), Bishop met Anthony DiNozzo Senior for the first time.

In Crescent City (episode) and Crescent City Part 2 (episode), Bishop along with Gibbs headed to New Orleans to meet the NCIS: New Orleans team led by Agent Dwayne Cassius Pride.

NCIS Season 12

NCIS Season 13


Prior to joining NCIS, Bishop worked as an analyst for the NSA- National Security Agency although when she first began working at NSA remains unknown.

She later joined NCIS, first as an liaison officer to NCIS via NSA before being promoted to NCIS Probationary Agent, a position she holds to this day.



Bishop has shoulder-length light, blonde hair and brown eyes as well as fair skin.

In her first appearance in Gut Check (episode), Bishop wore a woolen jumper and slightly torn jeans with holes visible in them as well as brown boots.

Since joining NCIS first as a Liaison between NCIS and NSA and eventually as a full-time NCIS Special Agent, Bishop has continued wearing numerous clothing including jackets, jeans, trousers and boots.

Whenever she is out in the field, Bishop wears the traditional NCIS windbreaker or coat while also donning the NCIS cap. She also ties her hair up and like her predecessors, places her own hair which is often tied up into a bun directly under the cap itself so that it sticks out at the end of the cap.

Like her colleagues, Bishop wears a holster containing her SIG-Sauer and similarly to Gibbs and Tony, Bishop also wears the holster and her NCIS badge on her right hip.

Similarly to Agent Timothy McGee, former NCIS Director Jennifer Shepard, and OSP Technical Analyst Nell Jones, Bishop wears her watch on her right wrist and like Shepard and Jones, Bishop is right-handed while McGee is left-handed.

When she first joined the team, Bishop was seen wearing her wedding ring which traditionally rests on the index finger of the wearer's left hand but she has stopped wearing it in recent months due to the fact that she and her husband, Jake Molloy have separated.


As an NSA analyst, Bishop was originally trained to determine possible threats and also break any possibly encrypted information.

Now an NCIS Special Agent, Bishop has undergone training, enabling her to use her NSA skills in conjunction with the skills associated with an NCIS agent including processing crime scenes as well as arresting and interrogating any and all possible suspects.


Originally an NSA analyst, Bishop is highly skilled in thoroughly examining any and all potential information that NCIS come across.


As an NCIS Special Agent, Bishop is also trained in the use of firearms and is capable of firing a single shot capable of either incapacitating or killing someone who may be threatening her and the lives of her colleagues.


Leroy Jethro Gibbs

Anthony DiNozzo

Timothy McGee

Donald Mallard


  • Is the fourth main female MCRT member, her predecessors having been Vivian Blackadder, Caitlin Todd and Ziva David.
  • Is the only member of the MCRT to be currently married with her husband's name revealed to be Jake Malloy. In Twenty Klicks (episode), Jake is revealed to be an NSA agent with Jake making his debut appearance in the Season 12 episode, Grounded (episode) .
  • Unlike her fellow NCIS colleagues who use the SIG-Sauer P228 as their sidearms, Bishop has a SIG-Sauer P239 as her personal sidearm.
  • Like Kate and Ziva, Bishop also regularly calls Gibbs "Gibbs" although she called him "Boss" in Bulletproof (episode).

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