David Runion
D     E     C     E     A     S     E     D
Gender: Male   Male
Died: February 2005.
Status: Deceased.
Portrayed by: Tim DeZam- (credited as Tim De Zarn).
 First Appearance
  ●   NCIS: Caught on Tape (episode).
 Last Appearance
  ●   NCIS: Caught on Tape (episode).
List of Appearances

David Runion was a man who was also later revealed to be responsible for the death of Marine Sergeant William Moore.



NCIS Season 2Edit


  • Sergeant William Moore- (killed by hitting him with a baseball bat before pushing his body off a cliff).
  • Leroy Jethro Gibbs- (attempted to kill, failed).
  • Tony DiNozzo- (attempted to kill, failed).
  • Kate Todd- (attempted to kill, failed).