Core Values

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 7
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Core Values is the 12th episode of NCIS: Los Angeles Season 7 as well as the 156th episode of the entire NCIS: Los Angeles series.


OSP investigate when a Marine who was hospitalized after collapsing at a training range is discovered to have radiation poisoning with the team investigating a supposedly decommissioned nuclear plant the Marine was moonlighting at as a security guard.


Series RegularsEdit

Name Portrayed by Role
G. Callen Chris O'Donnell NCIS Special Agent and the leader of the Office of Special Projects field team.
Sam Hanna LL Cool J A former Navy SEAL-turned-NCIS Special Agent with the Office of Special Projects.
Henrietta Lange Linda Hunt Operations Manager with the Office of Special Projects.
Marty Deeks Eric Christian Olsen A Detective with the Los Angeles Police Department and also the LAPD/NCIS liaison.
Kensi Blye Daniela Ruah NCIS Special Agent with the Office of Special Projects.
Eric Beale Barrett Foa Tech Operator with the Office of Special Projects.
Nell Jones Renée Felice Smith Tech Analyst for the Office of Special Projects.
Owen Granger Miguel Ferrer NCIS Assistant Director.

Other CastEdit

Name Portrayed by Role
Leo Chadmont Raphael Sbarge
Damon Westphal Michael B. Silver
Oaks John Lacy Security Chief.
Hugh Patterson Emerson Brooks Gunnery Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps.
Nitya Agarwal Poorna Jagannathan A Doctor.
Ezekiel Taft Bobby Neely Captain.
Jamie Patterson Pisay Pao Gunnery Sergeant Hugh Patterson's wife.
Olivia Flores Anny Rosario Sergeant.
Rashad Nader Ludwig Manukian
Drill Instructor Matt Sigloch Uncredited role.