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Clayton Jarvis
D     E     C     E     A     S     E     D
Gender: Male   Male
Died: September 24th 2013, Washington D.C.
Status: Deceased- died in a hotel bombing.
Portrayed by: Matt Craven
 First Appearance
  ●   NCIS: Pyramid (episode).
 Last Appearance
  ●   NCIS: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (episode).
List of Appearances

Clayton "Clay" Jarvis was a politician and the former Secretary of the Navy, a position he held for three or four years up until his death in the Season 11 premiere episode, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (episode).



Born in a state in America, Jarvis began his career in retail in Columbo, Ohio before graduating to state and local politics.

NCIS Season 8


Jarvis in his debut appearance in the Season 8 finale episode, "Pyramid".

Following SecNav Phillip Davenport who had resigned in the aftermath of the fallout from the disastrous Operation Frankenstein which occurred in May 2011, Jarvis became the new SECNAV in the Season 8 finale episode, Pyramid (episode) and during a talk with his friend Leon Vance, the NCIS Director, Jarvis told Vance that upon being offered the SECNAV position by the President, Jarvis had originally assumed that it was a trick.

Jarvis's first order of business within mere minutes of being appointed as SECNAV was to have the NCIS Major Case Response Team's second-in-command, Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo track a mole within NCIS with Jarvis also ordering DiNozzo not to inform his team-mates of what he was doing.

NCIS Season 9

In the Season 9 premiere episode, Nature of the Beast (episode), it was revealed that the supposed mole was NCIS Special Agent Simon Cade although it was revealed that Cade had actually been framed which meant that while Jarvis believed he was acting for the greater good, his friend Sean Latham and Latham's second-in-command, Jonathan Cole had both manipulated Jarvis into believing that Cade was guilty to presumably draw attention away from themselves.


Jarvis in the Season 9 episode, "Safe Harbor".

Jarvis then appeared in Safe Harbor (episode) where he dealt with issues concerning a family from Lebanon who were seeking political asylum.


Jarvis in the Season 9 episode, "Engaged Part 1".

Jarvis again appeared in Engaged Part 1 (episode) where he visited NCIS to get information as well as confirmation of the three Marines who had died in a plane crash while bringing remains of their fellow Marines back from Afghanistan.

Jarvis was later present when the Commandment of the Marine Corps, Charles T. Ellison told NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, the leader of the NCIS Major Case Response team to prepare a rescue mission for a missing marine who was originally thought to have died in the airplane crash but was later discovered to have been kidnapped by terrorists.

Jarvis reappeared in Engaged Part 2 (episode) where he was in MTAC for a conference call with Gibbs who had traveled to Afghanistan to find save First Lieutenant Flores while DiNozzo and Timothy McGee updated Gibbs on what they had found in regards to the terrorists,

Jarvis was also in MTAC for the rescue operation and witnessed the operation turn into a gunfight after Captain Craig Quincy was left fatally wounded after being shot in the neck.

Jarvis returned again in the Season 9 episode, Housekeeping (episode) when EJ Barret's whereabouts became known and was left stunned when Leroy Jethro Gibbs revealed that Jarvis's friend, Latham and Jonathan Cole were the ones who had directly manipulated Jarvis while Cole was revealed to be the person responsible for killing Cade and injuring EJ and DiNozzo.

Jarvis later aided the Major Case Response Team in helping them capture Cole by feeding false information to Latham who Cole later murdered to protect the mission and as a result, Cole was later found and finally arrested.

In the Season 9 episode, The Tell (episode), Jarvis faked an assassination attempt in order to solve some embezzlement issues with a naval steel company.

NCIS Season 10

Jarvis returned in the Season 10 premiere episode, Extreme Prejudice (episode) where he arrived on scene to the ruins of the Navy Yard mere hours after the bombing had occurred and later informed Gibbs, Vance and FBI Agent Tobias Fornell that all agencies were to locate Dearing and proceed with extreme prejudice which hints President Barack Obama had given them strict orders to kill Dearing.

Jarvis again appeared in the Season 10 episode, Shiva (episode) where he was in Vance's office, berating Leroy Jethro Gibbs for not telling him that Eli David, Agent Ziva David's father had arrived in the U.S. He later attempted to offer some comfort to Vance who had just lost his wife in a drive-by shooting. He later gave NCIS Deputy Director Jerome Craig powers or rather orders to become the Acting Director of NCIS, replacing Vance who was put on administrative leave after angrily confronting a suspect during the investigation and thus nearly exposed prematurely that Eli David was killed (NCIS had earlier been ordered to keep the events of Eli's death under wraps within 48 hours by President Barack Obama in order to prevent a full-scale war occurring between Israel and Iran).

NCIS Season 11

Jarvis's final appearance came in the Season 11 premiere episode, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (episode) where it was revealed that he was the single fatality in a hotel bomb at a function with his death leaving Vance, Gibbs and the entire NCIS agency stunned while Vance took Jarvis's death pretty hard due to the fact that Vance and Jarvis had been friends.

In the aftermath of the blast, Jarvis's remains were taken to NCIS where Medical Examiner, Dr. Donald Mallard personally performed the autopsy on Jarvis.

It's presumed that after the autopsy was ended, Jarvis was burial, presumably with full honors.

A newspaper report that McGee was seen reading documented that Jarvis had been married with a daughter.

Following Jarvis's murder, politician Sarah Porter became the new SECNAV, making her the first woman to ever hold the position of SECNAV.


Jarvis was a man who seemed to believe that he was number one in everyone's eyes regardless of what they thought of him.

He was also a politician who preferred doing the political side of things.

Unsurprisingly, Jarvis had little or no patience for Gibbs and even ignored his concerns about DiNozzo although in the Season 9 episode, Housekeeping (episode), when Gibbs confronted him with the damning evidence about Sean Latham and Jonathan Cole along with the news that the two men were part of Phantom Eight, Jarvis seemed stunned and taken aback by the revelation.

Jarvis also displayed a compassionate side during "Shiva" when he attempted to offer some comfort to Vance.






  • Jarvis was seen wearing a wedding ring in Extreme Prejudice (episode) which confirms that he is married and in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (episode), it was confirmed that he had children although it is not known how many.
  • Jarvis is played by Matt Craven, a Canadian actor who also originally worked alongside Rocky Carroll (Leon Vance) in the movie, "Crimson Tide". In addition, Craven is also the first-ever Canadian actor to play the SECNAV role in NCIS.
  • Jarvis is also the first SECNAV in the entire NCIS series to have been killed in the line of duty as all his fellow predecessors presumably either retired or subsequently resigned from their position as SECNAV.

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