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NCIS season six
Spoiler Warning
This page contains spoilers in relation to Season 6. Read on at your own risk.

B Team, was a derogatory epithet used by Doctor Donald Mallard to describe a Major Case Response Team he felt lacked the experience and training to properly conduct field operations


The term B-Term originated within the Specal Forces of the Unted States Army, and was used to refer to the Operational Detachment Bravo who were tasked with providing the members of the fild operations team, Operational Detachment Alpha "A-Team" with intelligence and logistical support. In popular culture the term has acquired a meaning that implies substandard training or skill.

Use in the SeriesEdit

Doctor Mallard employed the term in a derogatory manner to refer to the Major Case Response Team led by Leroy Jethro Gibbs comprised of Special Agents Brent Langer, Michelle Lee, and Daniel Keating. He used the term to differentiate this inferior team, from the previous team that included Special Agents Anthony DiNozzo, Timothy McGee, and Mossad Officer Ziva David. Ducky felt that the team consisting of DiNozzo, McGee, and David constituted a superior or "A team" in light of their superior in intellect, skills, experience, and training.

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