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Ashley Simmons
Gender: Female   Female
Portrayed by: Maria Delle Grazie- (credited as Marie Dellegrazie).
 First Appearance
  ●   NCIS: Red Cell (episode).
 Last Appearance
  ●   NCIS: Red Cell (episode).
List of Appearances

Ashley Simmons was a midshipman and like Joseph Turner and Finnegan Blake was a NROTC student who lived in the college dorms.

At some point, Gunnery Sergeant Leeka began raping her, leaving Simmons frightened and deeply traumatized. She went to Turner and Blake for help but when they both confronted Leeka, he killed them by using his training to snap their necks. After they had both died, Leeka left Turner's body on a down slope where a drunk college student left found it and buried Blake in a building site.

Simmons later got into trouble with Leeka for dying her hair purple which was against college regulations and even told him along with Gibbs and Kate who were talking to Leeka at the time that Blake had not reported to formation with Captain Lemay stating that no-one had seen Blake since Friday night, giving the hint that Blake had gone missing.

Despite Anthony DiNozzo, Leroy Jethro Gibbs and Caitlin Todd having strong doubts with the three even believing they were being played again, Special Agent Timothy McGee later discovered the body where back at NCIS, Donald Mallard concluded that Blake's cause of death was the same as Turner's. Both men had had their necks violently broken.

Eventually, Simon Frankel who was in the NROTC unit alongside Turner told Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo that Simmons was involved in something with Turner and Blake, prompting Gibbs to order Kate and McGee to find Simmons and bring him to her.

Gibbs returned to the campus to personally confront Leeka while Kate and Tony interviewed Simmons who broke down and told them the truth about Leeka being the murderer who had taken Turner and Blake's lives as well as the Gunnery Sergeant being the one who had raped her. This prompted Kate and Tony to rush into Leeka's office after realizing that Gibbs might be in grave danger but once they'd gotten into the office by breaking the door down, they found that Gibbs had gotten the better of Leeka.

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