Project: Aquamarine was a United States Navy file that was kept by the electronics company EQUINOX and concerned ships that had a design flaw that would leave them vulnerable to arson-related attacks. The file also noted that the remaining third of the United States Navy warships hadn't had any faulty wiring system replaced and presumably the Phantom Eight were aware of this file.

At some point, businessman-turned-terrorist Harper Dearing found out about this file, due to gaining Gayne Levin's chip in an auction headed by Sean Latham and Jonathan Cole. He then hired arsonist-for-hire Bruce Johnson to retrieve the file from an EQUINOX warehouse, also killing EQUINOX employee and former Phantom Eight member Carter Plimpton after interrogating him for the location of the file, also setting his corpse on fire as the ignition point.

EQUINOX's CEO was reluctant to divulge the information contained in the file despite it being part of an NCIS investigation, causing him to become a suspect.

However, they eventually retrieved the file and learned of its contents, also deducing that whoever hired Johnson (who was killed in a car bomb by his employer) had terrorism as their motive.

Two of the non-updated ships attacked were the Landing Platform Dock U.S.S. Brewer and the Nuclear-Powered Supercarrier U.S.S. Benjamin Franklin, with the former partially succeeding in being bombed and the latter's bombing failing.

  • The list of ships needing wiring on the displayed list are:
    • USS Paxton FFG-68
    • USS Morgan S. Waltburne DD-221
    • USS Bordinay LPD-82
    • USS Trutfin LSD-34
    • USS Drakeway CG-91
    • USS Allistelle DD-178
    • USS Narrumson SSBN-844
    • USS Clarence P. Tallridge CG-85
    • USS Edward K. Jenloe LPD-63
    • USS Ronald S. Alliford DD-157
    • USS Roscommons SSN-45
    • USS Denridge CG-98
    • USS Howlfin LSD-11
    • USS Janderman SSBN-835
    • USS Kinkirk DD-176
    • USS Idlemark LPD-75
    • USS Jallisman CG-86
    • USS Conrad W. Ormansby FFG-72
    • USS Peter L. Sattersby FFG-80
    • USS Lilawood SSN-881
    • USS Bixby DD-34
    • USS Vallington LPD-71
    • USS Devongate CG-83
    • USS Irving SSBN-6[...]

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