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Anthony DiNozzo Senior   Business Contacts    
Anthony DiNozzo Senior
Alias: Senior
Gender: Male   Male
Portrayed by: Robert Wagner
 First Appearance
  ●   NCIS: Flesh and Blood (episode).
 Last Appearance
  ●   NCIS: n/a- recurring character
List of Appearances

Anthony D. DiNozzo, Sr. is a businessman and also the estranged father of NCIS Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo.



Mr. DiNozzo is described often as a 'con man', although it was later revealed that he was actually an entrepreneur with some shady dealings. He gets free airline tickets or free stays at hotels, amongst other things, by befriending rich and famous people. He also used to have a family signet ring but it disappeared. He claimed it was stolen, although his son, NCIS Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo, suspected that he actually pawned it off for some quick cash. DiNozzo later sent his son to a military academy, apparently due to some things his son did.

NCIS Season 7Edit

DiNozzo Senior appeared in the Season 7 episode, Flesh and Blood (episode), reuniting with his estranged son. Tony paid his hotel bill after secretly discovering that he was bankrupt, and let Mr. DiNozzo believe Al paid for it.

NCIS Season 8Edit

In Broken Arrow, when Mr. DiNozzo got involved in a murder investigation involving a lost nuclear bomb, Gibbs used him to get into a summit. NCIS paid for his hotel room as a result which he took advantage of by racking up a $9,000 tab.

NCIS Season 9Edit

In Sins of the Father, Mr. DiNozzo, was framed for the murder of his boss, Dean Massey, with all evidence pointing towards Mr. DiNozzo. However, a urine sample cleared his name just as the FBI was to take him into custody, revealing that he had actually been drugged at the time (Gibbs ordered for a urine test earlier after a comment made by DiNozzo about his usually "holding his liquor" caused him to suspect what really happened).

NCIS Season 10Edit

He later arrived in Washington DC for Christmas in You Better Watch Out to spend time with his son, to make up for the bad times they had. His son reluctantly allowed it, mostly due to pressure from his fellow partners. DiNozzo Senior then slept on the bed, and also prepared a DiNozzo Christmas dinner. However, he was eventually kicked out by his son after he ended up sleeping with a next-door neighbor on his son's bed and his son walked in on him after returning from a case. They eventually patched things up, with DiNozzo Senior also giving his son the family signet ring (which he had either retrieved or otherwise bought back).

At some point, he met a friend of the family, DiNozzo's godmother, and decided to marry her. However, he was reluctant to go through with it, both due to not wishing to betray his deceased wife, and because he feared that Tony would mistake it for his having an affair while his wife was still alive.

NCIS Season 11Edit

He eventually decided to reveal his plans to DiNozzo and met with him outside of a hotel to give him the news in Dressed to Kill, although he was delayed from telling him when Tony ended up pursuing a mysterious man impersonating a Navy Commander and eventually shooting him, causing his father to be shocked at the kind of danger his son puts himself into on the line of duty. Because of this shock as well as his advanced age preventing him from remembering things as well as he should, he was unable to remember who drew the gun first, and unintentionally implied that his son may have drawn first when questioned about the incident. He also was spotted by Tim McGee and new NCIS agent Eleanor Bishop while they were investigating the hotel that the impersonator, later revealed to be Nick Bodeen, had exited from and discovered him with a much younger and extremely pregnant woman (later revealed to be DiNozzo's godmother's daughter). This, alongside his later admission of getting married and their later telling him this when they reacted suspiciously, led to a severe breaking point in the father-son relationship due to the implication of a May-December Romance that resulted in a pregnancy, although it was patched up when Tony learned the truth and gave his blessing. He later had his son work out the plans for the wedding, despite the latter's attempt to politely refuse.

NCIS Season 12Edit

During Thanksgiving season of 2014, DiNozzo Senior, during a layover in Turkey, had intended to return to the States to celebrate Thanksgiving with his son. However, he ended up missing the flight. Anthony DiNozzo was unaware of this development and waited at the Dulles airport during a blizzard and eventually texted his dad to remain on the plane when it became apparent that an assassination attempt was due to occur at the flight DiNozzo Senior was supposedly on, only learning of this when he returned to the NCIS compound after foiling the assassin when DiNozzo Senior texted him back.

Unfortunately for DiNozzo Senior, his fiancee ended up leaving him for an architect with fancy glasses and plane tickets to Apocapulco, thus forcing him to call off the marriage. As such, he was so depressed from this that he unexpectedly arrived at his son's apartment (thus forcing the latter to put off a date with Zoe for making bread on his first instance of leaving work early after having to work late relating to paperwork) and stayed in his pajamas. His son, when learning this, initially thought that his godmother broke off the relationship due to learning about his shady background. He later ended up having a hardware store employee fix the tub at his son's "advice" (trying a tactic of trying to keep him busy), and paid a visit to the NCIS office. He then learned about a stolen painting, and decided to aid them in their case, using his prior knowledge in the art underground. He then gave a briefing on how it was to be done (which his son missed due to trying to prepare a cab for Gibbs relating to the case). He then had Tim McGee pose as both his son and a catalogue model as a cover for their investigation (although they had a brief slip-up when they forgot to switch the evidence bag, thus having McGee act like he bought it online to get back at his girlfriend), due to the shady nature of the art dealer. However, upon returning to the apartment, McGee accidentally let slip of his son's view of him (specifically, his claim that DiNozzo Senior was a con man). He later ended up sweet talked by Gloria Hernendez, an art thief responsible for the theft and also the murderer of Pine, into attending an auction after he learned there was a lead. He then proceeded to call his son (who thought he had been kidnapped) and informed him of his location at the Adam's House. He also was skeptical about her being a murderer until he briefly noticed a pistol in her purse, and gave his location. He then proceeded to have Gibbs pose as his accountant as part of a sting operation to nab both Gloria Hernendez as well as a terrorist who bugged the painting. During this time, Gibbs also, in the leadup to using the codeword, mentioned the time about DiNozzo supplying his father with the tab to the hotel. DiNozzo Senior then proceeded to leave for Europe for another excursion, although not before telling DiNozzo that, although he had a shady past, he was actually an entrepreneur and not a con man, explaining the difference between them.

Afterwards, he made a surprise return, seeking to live with Tony for his retirement (having discovered that most of his old contacts have either died or retired). However, this also caused some falling out when he accidentally ruined the dinner during what was supposed to be Tony and Zoe's date night, which also resulted in him living with Gibbs, at least for the time being. In addition, Anthony's attempts at giving her his blessing ended up creeping her out later on. However, they then agreed that Anthony should move to a retirement home around the block.

NCIS Season 13Edit

He later was brought in by his son to watch over his apartment when the latter at the time was about to depart for Israel in the hopes of trying to help rescue Ziva and confirm her status after her farmhouse was destroyed in a mortar strike, although he then learned alongside his son from Timothy McGee and Abby the bad news that Ziva had been killed in the strike. He also attempted to comfort his son and also suggest he take time off alongside Gibbs due to Tony's grief being such it was clouding his judgment. He also helped raise DiNozzo's newly discovered daughter, Talia David-DiNozzo, and also learned from DiNozzo some Hebrew phrases for parents, as well as learning that Talia did indeed know that Tony DiNozzo was her father.


Special Agent Ziva David Edit

Mr. DiNozzo's relationship with Ziva David is very flirtatious, much to the annoyance of his son, who is Ziva's co-worker. He later teasingly encourages his son to finally "sweep this gorgeous creature (Ziva) off her feet" (9.10 'Sins of the Father'). When he learned about Ziva's death, he was just as devastated as his son.

Special Agent Anthony DiNozzoEdit

Mr. DiNozzo's relationship with his son is obscure. He put young Tony into boarding schools and rarely spent quality father and son time with him. When Tony was very young his father took him to "American civil war reenactments" where he had to carry a bucket so the 'soldiers' could take a dump in it, nicknaming him "their little poo-boy". In addition, his son had a low enough opinion about him that he had inferred once that DiNozzo Senior was a con man instead of an entrepreneur. In addition, he also sent him to several private schools, including a military academy. Both DiNozzos had not talked for quite some time before meeting in Flesh and Blood. When Tony's bank account was getting confused with his father's, Mr. DiNozzo came to DC to straighten out the confusion and to make a confession to his son about his financial situation. He stopped when he realized that an old friend of his, Prince Omar, was coming to DC because of an NCIS case. He hoped to could get some money out of Omar. Tony and Mr. DiNozzo finally sat down and talked honestly in Broken Arrow and had a true heartfelt reunion, unlike the one they'd had earlier in the year.

Despite their rocky relationship, Tony ended up being the only one of the MCRT to be certain of his father's innocence when he was framed for murdering Massey, even conducting his own investigation into the matter against NCIS protocols.

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