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Anthony DiNozzo
Tony DiNozzo started during that last episodes of Season One to make comparisons between the cases he's working on and situations he and the team find themselves in with movies or TV shows. From something as little as a single quote to a detailed plot, DiNozzo has seen them all and will quote them no matter how inappropriate or frustrating for his coworkers. This knowledge was later used as a cover while he pretended to be Anthony DiNardo, a university teacher of film history.

Movie References by Season

Season 1

Yankee White (1x01)

  • Air Force One - Gibbs keeps bringing up plot details from "the Harrison Ford movie".

The Curse (1x05)

  • Bounce - Kate compares the start of the relationship between Randy Wiles and Mary Schilz with the one between Buddy Amaral (Ben Affleck) and Abby Janello (Gwyneth Paltrow).

Eye Spy (1x11)

Eye Spy (1x11)

Enigma (1x15)

Season 3

Bait (3x18)

Bloodbath (3x21)

Jeopardy (3x22)

Hiatus Part 1 (3x23)

Season 4

Shalom (4x01)

Escaped (4x02)

Singled Out (4x03)

The above four movies are mentioned by Ducky as part of him profiling a victim, he says they are what Tony would class as "Chick Flicks"

Dead and Unburied (4x05)

Suspicion (4x12)

  • Strangers in the night - while DiNozzo mentioned that it starred Cary Grant, no film with this name actually existed

Dead Man Walking (4x16)

Grace Period (4x19)

Season 5

Leap of Faith (5x05)

Chimera (5x06)

Requiem (5x07)

Designated Target (5x08)

Lost and Found (5x09)

Corporal Punishment (5x10)

Tribes (5x11)

Recoil (5x16)

Season 6

Murder 2.0 (6x06)

Cloak (6x08)

  • WarGames - but DiNozzo said Matthew Broderick when he voiced Joshua when actually the WOPR voice was James Ackerman.

South by Southwest (6x17)

  • The episode's title is itself a reference to the well-known Hitchcock thriller North by Northwest.

Season 7

"Guilty Pleasure"

"The bad stuff is easier to believe." -From Pretty Woman

Season 8


Season 9


Season 10

Seek (10x18)

  • Director Vance finishes talking to a prospective nanny for his children (who is named Maria and has a British accent and refers to her possible position as 'governess') She leaves quite an impression on Dinozzo which causes Vance to ask Dinozzo, "Is there a problem?" Dinozzo responds, "Like Maria?". This is a reference to the film Sound of Music starring Julie Andrews.