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Abigail Sciuto   Tattoos    

Two of Abby's tattoos from the Season 3 episode, "Jeopardy.

Abby has at least twelve visible tattoos:

  • A spiderweb on her neck which in real life is actually a fake. Clean towel is placed on shoulder near neck. The neck area is then cleaned with rubbing alcohol. The application is placed on the neck area. A small bottle of water is heated in a microwave oven so as to make application easier. The water bottle, with a sponge top is then pressed against the application on her neck. After a few seconds, the paper back of the application is removed showing the finished look on her neck. Some sun screen is applied to protect neck area. - As shown on NCIS DVD.
  • A smiley face on her right middle finger.
  • A "P" on the inside of her right wrist.
  • Three triangles on the inside of her left wrist.
  • An infinity symbol on her right inner forearm.
  • The letters "R.I.P." on her left inner forearm, a few inches above the three triangle tattos.
  • two stick figure angels on either shoulder blade
  • A flower on her upper back which was shown in the last few seconds of "Truth or Consequences" and can be seen when she hugs Ziva after Gibbs, Tony and McGee have returned from Northern Africa. It could be presumed that this is a replacement for the cross that was originally seen on Abby's back. Since being shown, it has made various appearances during Season 8 and was even seen in public, confirming that it was a real, genuine tattoo, not a fake.
  • A large cross on her lower back which like the spiderweb is also a fake. It can be seen during "Silver War" and in "Witch Hunt" while Abby is in her Marilyn Monroe costume. Due to Perette getting a flower on her back, the cross has stopped being used altogether.
  • A smiley face on her left inner ankle.
  • And 3 dots on her right outer ankle.
  • There is also a heart on her left ring finger as seen during "High Seas" and which is visible for a few seconds during "Sub Rosa" and also the Season 7 episode, "Borderland".
  • Tattoo Artist "Seven" from California Tattoo on Hollywood Blvd has done most of her tattoos.
  • binary Code on left inner forearm (101010) between R.I.P and Bio-hazard symbol
  • 666 symbol on left inner forearm between binary code and triangles
  • 6 "stitch" lines between infinity symbol and P on inner right forearm
  • LET IT GOD (located at bottom of "P") on Right inner wrist
  • Simple Cross tattoo on back (outside) of Right Ankle

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